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General Science: Articles/Research Databases

Which Library?

Mathewson IGT Knowledge Center-  Life sciences, health sciences, psychology, environmental  and general science

 DeLaMare Library-  Physical sciences, geosciences, engineering, and computer science

 Savitt Medical Library-  Medicine

Interlibrary Loan

Learn about getting books and articles from other libraries through Document Delivery Services. Search the collections of other libraries by going to Link+ or WorldCat.

Finding Articles

The following links all lead to interdisciplinary databases. For a particular branch of science, choose a Subject Guide.

Need a Technical Report ?

Search the UNR Library Catalog

Search for books, journals (not articles,) films, and other UNR Library materials using our Classic Catalog.

What is a Scholarly or Peer-Reviewed Journal?

Essential characteristics of a scholarly journal versus a popular magazine.

Article Searching Basics

Most databases contain a mix of peer-reviewed/scholarly articles and popular articles. Most broad inquiries will net several hundred results, so keep these tips in mind when searching:

  • AND returns results containing all terms: sagebrush AND allelopathy
  • OR returns results with either term:  sagebrush OR artemisia
  • Quotation marks " " return results using that specific phrase: "life history"
  • Truncation * returns results with a root word and any ending: microbio* [finds microbiol, microbiology, microbiological, etc ...]