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UNR Library Services: Printing & Copying



Black and White Printing with WolfCard                

Black and White Printing Double Sided

Black and White Printing without WolfCard          
.10/page (No addition cost for duplex)

Color Printing with WolfCard                                .

Color Printing without WolfCard                                .


Color Copying                              

Faxing (Domestic)                      
 $1.00 for the first 5 pages
.25/page after the first 5 pages

Faxing (International)                  
$2.00 for the first 5 page
.50/page after the first 5 pages

Adding Money To Your WolfCard

WolfBucks can be used to pay for prints and copies. You can add money to your WolfCard using self service kiosks or by adding money online

Shelf Service Kiosk locations in University Libraries:

  • Mathewson IGT Knowledge Center (2)- @1 Computer Lab and 2nd Floor
  • DeLaMare Library - Mackay Mines Building, 1st Floor
  • Savitt Medical Library - UNR School of Medicine, Pennington Building 1st Floor

How to Use the Book Scanner

How to Use the Copier


copy and print sign

How to Print Video Tutorial

How to Print

Printing from a library computer is simple and can be done in the following easy steps:

Step One: Hit Print

Please be sure that your print job is formatted to 8 1/2" x 11" as the printers on the upper floors can only print to this size of paper. If you want to print to larger paper you can do so in the @One. 

Step Two: Select Printer

The default for printers are Black and White. If you wish to print in color or double sided you will have to select the color printer or duplex printing. 

Step Three: Go To Print Station 

Go to the printing station on your floor. All print stations on the floor that you are working on will have your print job. 

Step Four: Slide Your WolfCard 

Slide your WolfCard and select your print job from the touch screen.

Step Five: Retrieve Your Print Job

Prints can be retrieved in the printing cabinets. The printers are set in the cabinets. 

If you have any issues please see the trouble shooting box below or contact the Library Services desk at 682-5625.

Printing Trouble Shooting

I forgot my WolfCard, can I still print?

If you forgot your WolfCard you are still able to print. Instead of going to the print station after you hit print you will have to go to the Library Services Desk on the 2nd floor of the Knowledge Center. They will be able to release the print job for you from there. Printing without your WolfCard costs .10/page instead of the usual .06/page.

My print job is not appearing on the touch screen when I swipe my WolfCard.

Try sending your print job again making sure to click print on all prompts that appear. 

I paid for my prints but nothing has come out of the printer

Resend your job to the printer and then go to the Library Services Desk. Tell them that the printer did not print your job and they will be able to release the print job free of charge. 


The Knowledge Center offers scanning free of charge. Scanning does not produce a hard copy of the item that you are scanning but rather a digital copy. 

The Knowledge Center's copiers are all capable of scanning to email. The Knowledge Center also has a book scanner that allows a patron to scan a section of a book. (Due to copyright laws students may only copy up to 10% of any given book.)

If you need a hard copy of an item then copying is for you but if a digital copy is what you seek then its scanning all the way! 

How to Copy

Step One: Prep Your Document for Copying

Decide if you are going to use the flat bed of the copier or if you can use the document feeder. The document feeder is best to use when you have multiple pages of one document. When using the document feeder be sure to remove any staples. 

Step Two: Slide Your WolfCard

Next to the copy machine there is a black terminal where you can slide your WolfCard. 

Step Three: Copy Your Document

If you have multiple documents your copy session might time out. If this is the case, just slide your WolfCard again. 

If you have any questions or issues with copying please contact the Library Services Desk. 

Copying Trouble Shooting

Can I copy if I don't have my WolfCard?

Yes you can! If you don't have your WolfCard just go to the Library Services Desk and they will be happy to make copies for you.

The copier won't copy!?!?!

Make sure that your session has not timed out on the black card reader. If you still have a valid session and the copier is still not copying please contact the Library Services Desk. 

Mobile Printing

Where to Fax

Currently Faxing is only available at the Library Services Desk. 

Faxes can also be accepted at the Library Services Desk under the following number:  

(775) 327-2181


The cost to send or receive faxes is $1.00 for up to 5 pages, and $0.25 per page exceeding 5 pages.

Where To Print

Printers are located on every floor. If there are any errors in printing please contact the Library Services Desk at 682-5625. 

Where to Copy

Copy machines are found in the following locations:

2nd Floor South Printing Alcove

2nd Floor North Printing Alcove

@One Main Printing area

If you need assistance in copying please contact the Library Services Desk for help.