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Special Collections for History 418/618: Home

A guide to primary and secondary resources to support research projects in the U.S. American Indian Relations course.

Welcome to Special Collections

Special Collections is a rich source of material for research on Indians of Nevada and the Great Basin. We also have historical materials on Indians of the United States. Papers and photographs have been collected from tribal offices, Indian agents, anthropologists, attorneys, and writers. We welcome you to our reading room and our online collections. Most Special Collections materials are represented in the library's online catalog, and most of the manuscript and photograph collections have detailed guides, also available online. We encourage you to talk to us about your project so we can help you find the best sources. Our reading room is open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and you may contact us by email at your convenience.

Manuscript Collections

Manuscript collections consist of unpublished materials from businesses, organizations, local government, and individuals. Special Collections also has research materials that were gathered by writers in the course of their research, and Congressional papers from some of Nevada's Senators and Representatives. A manuscript collection might consist of one small box or dozens of large boxes. Most have guides.


Special Collections has over 200,000 historical photographs. Approximately 1% have been digitized and are available in online collections. The online collections continue to grow, but we encourage you to search our database for other images.

Subject Guide

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