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Geography 325: Research Methods: Special Collections

How best to use library resources to support research in Geography.

Library Resources

A Sanborn map

Local place assignment

Write a considered essay of not more than one-page length about WHAT sorts of historic materials you think should be incorporated into the examination of your “place” of interest.

Where would you find those resources (for this, you will actually want to investigate), and how do you think these materials should be incorporated into your research and thematic research?

How do you conduct research in a limited-access (closed-stack) historical archive?

A Sense of Place

Research Sources

Some sources are online, but others are only at a library. Special Collections in the University of Nevada, Reno Libraries houses a wealth of primary materials concerning the history of Nevada. Hours are 9-5 M-F. A staff member will help you identify the best sources for your topic, and retrieve those materials for you to use in the reading room.

The library of the Nevada Historical Society, at the north edge of campus, is also a rich repository of primary sources. It is located at 1650 North Virginia Street. Hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 12-4 .

An important tip: History research is time-consuming. Start early!

Primary Sources

Newspaper Archive Database

City Directories for Reno


To order digital copies of Special Collections photos, use the shopping cart within the online collection and/or our order form for not-yet-digital photos. In the "notes" section of the form, mention that you are using the photo(s) for Geography 325 and you will not be charged. Photos for personal use are $12 each.



Architectural Drawings


Secondary Sources

Books - UNR Library catalog - Classic

Online books


Online Nevada Encyclopedia

Reno Historical

Other research guides

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