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General Library Research Guide: Citing Sources & Compiling a Bibliography

The Two Parts of the Citation Process

Although there are different citation formatting styles (e.g., MLA, APA, Chicago), most require you to cite your work in two places in a research paper.

First part in the body of the paper: At the place in your paper where you refer to the information from another source, you will need to place a reference to the source. For MLA or APA, this may be a short parenthetical citation, so-called because you need to put brief information (such as the author's name and page number with MLA style) in parentheses. For some styles, you may need to place a reference to a footnote or endnote.

Second part at the end of the paper: At the end of your paper, you should place the full source information in a list of works that may be called the References, Works Cited, or Bibliography. For this list, follow the formatting guidelines of your specific style.

Example: Transferring Information from Research Sources to Your Paper (MLA Style)

graphic showing external sources used in paper translated to works cited page


Citation Managers

The UNR Libraries support three citation managers. For assistance in using these tools, please contact the designated person. Workshops are offered several times each year.

EndNote Web -- Amy Shannon

Zotero -- Connie Woxland

Mendeley  -- Ann Medaille

Citation Style Guides

Complete Style Guides and Tutorials

Annotated Bibliographies

An annotated bibliography is a special type of bibliography that includes a summary and evaluation of each source listed. 


The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University (OWL) is an online guide that explains proper citation for all sources. OWL covers the most recent APA, Chicago, and MLA styles.

Click here to access OWL