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General Library Research: @One Media Resources

Software @ DataWorks Lab

Dataworks Lab

(Knowledge Center 1st Floor)

DataWorks, an analysis & visualization lab was created specifically for students needing mathematic and science programs. Programs are available to aid advanced work in Mathematics, Engineering, Statistics, and Geographical Sciences. See the full list of programs below, please click on the Remote Desktop link. Remote access will require your net id and password.

  • ArcGIS 
  • Chem3D

  • ChemDraw 


  • Maple Release 10 

  • Mathcad 11.1 Enterprise Edition

  • Mathcad 13 

  • Mathematica 10

  • Matlab 7

  • Microsoft Access 

  • Minitab 15 


  • R - Statistical 

  • SAS 

  • SPSS 

  • STATA 

Poster Printing

large format poster printer

(Knowledge Center 1st Floor)

@One provides cheap, high quality printing for all members of the student body.  The printing equipment can print posters up to 60 inches in size at a very affordable price. See the Poster Printing Policy for the specific rules and obligations of students who wish to use our printing service 

Posters can be a great additional tool for presentations and school work. Remember that a Great Poster...

  • Summarizes your work.
  • Conveys a message visually.
  • Is readable from about 4 feet away.
  • Has a clearly discernible organization.

Audio & Video Equipment

digital camera

Consult this list of Multimedia Equipment Available for Check-Out to determine what kinds of equipment to use for your project. This list includes video, audio, still cameras, display, drives/storage, lighting, and portable computing, all of which are available for checkout in @One of the Knowledge Center.

Dynamic Media Lab


(Knowledge Center 1st Floor)

The Sierra Pacific Dynamic Media Lab provides software, hardware, and expert assistance to complete media projects including video and audio editing, DVD authoring, animation and graphics creation, Flash authoring, and digital still photography. Specialized software for the lab includes:

  • Adobe Master Collection - Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Soundbooth, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc.
  • Final Cut Production Bundle - Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Color, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Compressor
  • iLife Suite - GarageBand, iMovie, iDVD, iPhoto
  • Maxon Cinema 4D*


This page details all Digital Literacy resources that are available on Campus in the Mathweson-IGT Knowledge Center. Including the @One,  Teaching & Learning Technologies & the Computing Help Desk.

@One floor

Located on the ground floor of the library, @One houses Multimedia Services and a variety of technology for students, staff and faculty to transform their concepts and data into Knowledge. @One offers the chance to mold your knowledge into new, exciting forms through many different resources and platforms, including:

TLT Equipment Checkout

Dynamic Media Lab

Multimedia Center

DataWorks Lab

In addition to providing assistance on @One computers and software, @One assists with poster printing, laminating, scanning, and binding. Explore this page to see all the services available at the @One. If you’d like your work to be presented in any format, visit the @One Service Desk for a free consultation. 

Contact the @One Service Desk at 682-5696.