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Welcome to the Nevada Evolution Studies (EvoS) webpage. This is the home of a campus wide effort at UNR to create an undergraduate educational collaboration encouraging the application of evolution science to the full range of disciplines to which it may be relevant. Evolution science has an established potential to foster consilience among many if not most academic areas, but in the majority of majors students can graduate without contacting evolutionary theory in any serious way. The teaching of evolution is woefully weak in many middle schools and high schools -- if UNR students are not acquainted with evolution science, most will never explore the possible benefits of one of the great achievements of modern science.


The exact shape and extent of the educational effort remains to be determined by those who may be interested, but our rough guide is provided by the Evolution Studies programs at Universities around the country that are part of the Evolution Studies Consortium ( After meeting in late February 2013, about three dozen UNR faculty agreed to seek the development of a certificate program, involving an introductory course, a campus wide seminar series, and a selection of courses currently being taught on campus from an evolution science perspective. 

There are excellent disciplinary programs on campus explicitly focused on evolution – it is not our intention to interfere with them in any way. Rather our interest is in expanding an awareness of the relevance of evolution science to the full range of disciplines to which it has been applied.

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