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Burning Inquiry: Burning Man at UNR: Researchers

Deborah Boehm

Deborah Boehm, Associate Professor, Anthropology and Women's Studies has just been awarded an ACLS fellowship grant for a project studying north-south migration and the deportation of Mexican nationals from the United States.

Deborah is also one of the leads on Archaeology and Ethnography of Burning Man project, and gave the inagaural Burning Inquiry lecture in 2012.

Paul Starrs

Paul Starrs is the Foundation Professor of Geography. He has authored many works on the cultural geography of Nevada, and on the depiction of the Black Rock desert, home of the Burning Man Festival. He co-authored Black Rock, with Peter Goin.

Peter Goin

Peter Goin is the Foundation Professor of Art, Photography/Videography.  He is the author of many books and videos, and is the founder of the Black Rock Institute. His 1993 documentary In Search of Ritual: The Burning Man was nominated for an Emmy award.

Carolyn White

Carolyn White is Associate Professor, Anthropology; Mamie Kleberg Chair in Historic Preservation. Among other interests, she studies the historical archaeology of the Black Rock Desert, and is a Principal Investigator on the Archaeology and Ethnography of Burning Man project.