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Music: Naxos for Mobile Devices

Guide to the best resources for musicians and music educators

Naxos for Mobile Devices

Available in iTunes and the Google Play store!

Use the Naxos app to listen to personal & course playlists on your phone or search the Naxos catalog for more tracks. To get started:

1) ON YOUR PHONE: Download the Naxos application from your phone's app store (iTunes Store & Google Play). Note that there are different apps for the classcial Naxos Music Library (NML) and the Naxos Music Library Jazz (NML Jazz).  

2) ON YOUR COMPUTER: Create a Naxos student/member playlist account login.

3) ON YOUR E-MAIL: Confirm the registration e-mail by clicking on the link sent by Naxos

4) ON YOUR PHONE: Open the app (not the website) and use the Naxos login you just created (not your UNR NetID)


  • Find your professor's playlists under "University Playlist"
  • Find your personal playlists under "Student Playlist"
  • Search the full catalog and browse new music using the icons on the bottom of the screen
  • LOG OUT WHEN FINISHED by clicking More -> Log out;  Missing this step means that folders will not update!