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Sociology: Remote Services (Citrix)

Connecting to Remote Services

UNR Remote Services providing reliable and secure access to valuable University resources.

From any on-line computer you can launch software applications hosted on the university’s Remote Services server. If you are using a Mac you will need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to Remote. Microsoft Windows users do not need to install a client/app. To connect simply go to https://remote.unr.eduand login with your NetID.

Software currently hosted on Remote:

All users:

  • ESRI – Arc Catalog, ArcGIS, ArcGlobe, ArcMap, and ArcScene
  • ChemDraw Prime
  • ENVI + IDL
  • Geometer’s Sketchpad
  • SPSS Statistics
  • Matlab
  • Minitab
  • SAS
  • Mathematica

Virtual ECC – Engineering Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • LabVIEW
  • Lego Mindstorms NXT
  • MatchCad Prime
  • Multisim
  • SolidWorks

Our Remote Server is located at:

Help Connecting to Remote Services

Using MS Windows?

Using a Mac?


When signing into the remote desktop service, the program will already have your username entered in correctly. However, sometimes when working off campus, you also need to type this in yourself. 

The proper format is UNR\NetID name. So, for example, UNR\johnsmith. You can also try adding "" to the end of your username.

Need Help with Remote Services?

Contact IT Help

Contact the @One Help Desk 

Visit the IT Website 

Video Tutorials

This video shows you how to connect to the remote desktop service for Windows computers. For Mac users, you will need to first download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app before using this method.

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