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Spring 2015: Coyote Goes to Burning Man

Burning Inquiry

Burning Inquiry is a celebration of University of Nevada faculty’s interdisciplinary research and investigation into the phenomenon of Burning Man. Held every Labor Day weekend in the Black Rock Desert 100-some miles north of Reno, Burning Man is characterized by a variety of art, performances, happenings, and spontaneous celebrations. The creativity and radical self-expression inherent in the Burning Man experience provides fertile ground for scholarly inquiry across the breadth of academic disciplines.

Each Fall, after the playa dust is washed away, but while the memories still burn brightly, Burning Inquiry participates by holding a UNR faculty lecture and month-long art exhibition on complementary themes.

Burning Inquiry is also the community of scholars at UNR working in sociology, anthropology, criminal justice, economics, community health, archaeology, psychology, art, and other disciplines, at all levels. The UNR Libraries support these researchers with a comprehensive collection of published materials on the Burning Man Festival, including a growing collection of archival and artistic materials. The Libraries also support these researchers through forum, brown bags, and other research community development. 


What is Burning Man?

What is Burning Man? (official channel)