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Basque Library

April 2015

Basque LP's Digitized

April 2015 by Shannon Sisco

The Knowledge Center library has launched a unique new collection of digitized LPs. They can be streamed by anyone with a UNR Net ID. Check it out!

Area 33 1/3

Currently, there are five albums that are Basque. You can either enter Basque in their search window or use the link we've included-

Basque LP's

lanzko zortzikoa jostaketa dantzak

March 2015

Painting Unpacked from Getchell

March 2015 by Shannon Sisco

Enrique Linaza Painting

by Enrique Linaza

He is a painter who has trained as an engraver, architect, painter and muralist. He has worked in different places and countries throughout his life, collaborating with architects and other artists, performing projects, murals and exhibitions both individual and collective. He has also made numerous sculptures, murals and taught courses restored mural painting in different national and foreign institutions. Presently living in Malaga, Spain, he is a member of the Association of Artists of Andalucía (IAA) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Malaga.Senor Linaza painted this trio of paintings when we were housed in Getchell Library. They were packed up for the move and we are happy to say now installed in the Basque Library and Center for Basque Studies shared space in the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center.

February 2015

New Exhibit Unveiled

February 2015 by Shannon Sisco

Amerikanuak Display

It's ready! Please stop by and give us your feedback on the new window exhibit. In addition to the static images, we are also playing a documentary the was made about Amerikanuak. It is in Basque, so you can hear this lovely language.

January 2015

Zonrionak eta urte berri on

January 2015 by Shannon Sisco

Sheepherder with boy and donkey in winter painting

Welcome back to the University after our winter break. We are lucky enough to still have the same group of students from the fall.

We are looking forward to installing a new exhibit in the big display. It's the 40th anniversary of the seminal work in the field and our reason for being here; Amerikanuak by William A. Douglass and Jon Bilbao.

If you want to stop by and take one last look at our gastronomic display, make plans to visit before the end of the month.

December 2014

2014 coming to a close

December 2014 by Shannon Sisco

As the year ends, we reflect on all the old friends who have visited and all the new friends we have made. It's been 5 years now in the new building and we are still unpacking materials. Every day is a treasure waiting to be cataloged so we can share all of our wonderful materials with the Basque community.

Year End Numbers-

Our Catalog Department added 187 titles to the general catalog.

Our department added 109 titles to our database.

We added 368 images to our Digital Collection and updated metadata on 3492 images. We show 220 individual image views, not including page browsing.

The staff and students identified an additional 1000 festival images to be included in the Digital Collection.

We photographed over 3000 posters to determine our holdings and which should be included in our digital poster collection in 2015.

554 emails were answered on a variety of topics.

Our Circulation Department identified 11573 check outs, 11568 check ins and 9219 renewals.

The Interlibrary Loan Department fulfilled the following requests-

2- Media Loans, 110-Book Loans to other Institutions, 25-Article requests from Basque Books or Journals, and 4 internal article requests.

Our Facebook Page had 1352 Likes at the end of 2014.

November 2014


November 2014 by Shannon Sisco

The month of November has been very busy with outreach to our Basque community both here and abroad.

We are happy to be host to Mitch Gariador and Marianna Etcheverria from Chino. Decades ago, they worked with William Douglass and had extensive census related materials and interviews of California Basques. Those materials were donated to the Basque Library and put into our archive. They visited to make copies to take back with them to the Chino Basque Community.

Lynne Ingram, a local historian in Aldridge Walsall England, had contacted us a couple of years ago about research into the Basque Children of 1937. These young Basque were sent around the world to protect them from the Spanish Civil War. Ms. Ingram was specifically interested in the Aldridge Lodge/Colony in her local area. We assisted her in pulling some information from the internet, supplemented with some information from books in our holdings and put her in touch with the English group- Basque Children of '37. She is now contacting us to report on her findings, included a 10 page summary of her investigations, and thanked us for our assistance.

We also hosted a Carson City group interested in our film holding entitled Obaba. It is based on the book written by Bernardo Atxaga titled Obaboak. Linda Bellegray is interested in including it as part of the Carson City Film Festival. If all permissions are obtained, we will have more information closer to the actual event.

These and many other outreach services are available to anyone in the community interested in Basque topics. Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us for help with your questions.

October 2014

New Student worker and Basque Video Access

October 2014 by Shannon Sisco

We've been a bit short handed this semester, but have added Gloria Jarvis as another student worker.


In addition, we would also like to promote our Films on Demand module available through the Knowledge Center's website. There are many Basque or Basque-related films and clips available through their service to the students of UNR. As some of our films are in the PAL(European) format, they do not display on regular American DVD players.

Films on Demand Link


September 2014

Returning and New Student Workers for the Basque Library

September 2014 by Shannon Sisco

Sabrina SimmonsJessica RamirezJoelle OurtiagueKaitlin Reggiardo

We have only one returning worker for the fall- Sabrina Simmons. (far left) Her years of service make her our 'go to' person to help our patrons.

Our three new students are (L to R) Jessica Ramirez, Joelle Ourtiague and Kaitlin Reggiardo. While new, they are dedicated and helpful.

If you have any questions, these awesome women are here to assist you in finding what you're looking for.

August 2014

A beautiful tribute from the Center for Basque Studies.
In Memoriam, William H. Jacobsen, 1931-2014

Memoriam Card
Distinguished Basque linguist William H. Jacobsen, 82, died Aug. 18th, 2014 in Reno, NV. He was born to Cmdr. William H. Jacobsen, USN ret., and Julie Froatz Jacobsen in San Diego CA, November 15, 1931. Bill graduated from Point Loma High School, San Diego, in 1949. He graduated from Harvard University in 1953 and received his Doctoral Degree in 1964 from University of California, Berkeley. He was a professor emeritus of linguistics at University of Nevada, Reno, where he taught for thirty years, retiring in 1994. While he was fluent in many languages, including all the main Romance languages and Sanskrit, he was a specialist in Native American languages, including Washo, Makah, Salinan, Nez Perce, and Nootkan, and also worked extensively on Basque. His early fieldwork on Salinan and Washo was part of a Survey of California Indian Languages sponsored by UC Berkeley, where he received his PhD. At UC Berkeley he also worked on an early machine language translation project. Beginning with his time as an assistant professor at the University of Washington, he spent many summers in Neah Bay, WA, working with Makah elders to record their language. He wrote the definitive Grammar of the Washo Language, devised writing systems and created materials for teaching tribal members Washo and Makah, and published many papers in linguistics. He served as president of the Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the Americas, received the Outstanding Researcher Award from the University of Nevada and received the Nevada Humanities Award. In addition, he was an amateur magician, played the piano, attended classical concerts regularly, and loved to play miniature golf with his grandchildren. During the decades that he worked at UNR Professor Jacobsen was a familiar figure at the Center for Basque Studies, where he taught courses on Basque linguistics and sat on the doctoral committees of graduate students. Even after retirement he taught courses at the Center for Basque Studies. Among his many contributions to the study of the Basque language, his work on the Basque accent stands out; the foremost Basque linguist, Koldo Mitxelena, made extensive reference to this work in the last edition of his canonical “Fonética histórica vasca”. He was the model of a true scholar—studious, analytical, committed, open-minded. He combined an exceptionally sharp mind with a natural goodness and a generous disposition towards helping students and young researchers. He will be missed greatly.

July 2014

Reno Basque Festival

July 2014 by Shannon Sisco

2014 Basque Festival Flyer

The Zapiak Bat Basque Club of Reno has put together a video and poster for the festival this year. Amuma Says No will be the musical guests this year.

Here are some previous festival pictures from our archives. We look forward to seeing you there.

Past Festival Images


June 2014

Huarte Archive Digitization Begins

June 2014 by Shannon Sisco

Portrait of Jose Maria de Huarte y de Juaregui

Portrait of José María de Huarte y de Jauregui , 1937 Museum of Navarre. Oil on canvas, 215 x 155 cm.

The Basque Library has 40 archive boxes of the Spanish Civil War Archive compiled by Huarte. Over the summer we will be making digitization efforts to turn this archive into a digital archive like our La Baskonia project. As this covers thousands of pages ranging from fuel receipts, personnel lists, and photos of various sizes; it should take us a while to see this through. In the past, we've received multiple requests to make targeted copies of these records for various towns in the Basque Country for inclusion in their city museums. Due to the unique nature of the archive and the distances involved if a researcher wants to study these materials; we've undertaken this effort to showcase just one of the 81 collections on our archive collections list. Look for the first few boxes coming online by the end of the year.

MAY 2014

American debut of movie

May 2014 by Shannon Sisco

From Echevarria to Etxeberria poster

From Echevarria to Etxeberria Documentary

Ander Iriarte is the director of the documentary “From Echevarria to Etxeberria”. He visited the Basque Library during student finals week to show his film. It is focuses on the history of violence surrounding the Basque Nationalist Left Movement in Oiartzun. Through interviews with our own Joseba Zulaika and others, Ander puts a personal face on how the conflict has affected this town and the people. The documentary was also shown on Thursday, May 8th at 5:30pm at the Boise Basque Museum and Cultural Center and on Friday, May 9th at 7:30pm at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center. This tour was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the BEO, the CBS, the Boise Museum and NABO. Mr. Iriarte has also indicated that if more clubs are interested in seeing the film, he would be willing to return for another tour. Please email if you are interested.

Graduating Seniors

May 2014 by Shannon Sisco

The Basque Library is proud to announce that two of our student workers will graduate this May.

 Frank GonzalezMelissa Kelley

Melissa Kelley has been with us all four years of her time here. She is earning both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree. She is a triple threat with majors in neuroscience, international affairs, and English literature. She picked a book in the main library to have a book plate attached with her name. “Ecologies of the Moving Image: Cinema, Affect, Nature” by Adrian J. Ivakhiv. She will be applying to medical school over the summer.
Frank Gonzalez has been with us three years and is earning a Bachelors of Science degree in biology. He picked “Stress, Trauma and Wellbeing With the Legal System” by Monica K. Miller as his book plate title. Here is a partial list of his accomplishments.

  • Senior Scholar for College of Science
  • Westfall Scholar for Biology Department
  • La Promesa Recipient
  • Attending Harvard Medical School Class of 2018

April 2014

Home Is Nevada

April 2014 by Shannon Sisco

Neal Cobb films a Home Is Nevada series for our local ABC affiliate Channel 8. It runs on various Sundays. We do not have airing dates yet, but will include them when we learn of them. The filming occurred April 22nd here at the Basque Library. In addition to an interview between Dick Stoddard with Sandra Ott and Joseba Zulaika and Mr. Stoddard with Warren Lerude; Neal focused on some of our unique materials. We brought out from our archive a multitude of artifacts from the Laxalt sheep camp at Marlette Lake. We also showcased some of our other items like tree carvings, jai alai xistera, a scale model of the National Basque Sheepherder Monument, and many other items.

Selected materials from the library collection

March 2014

Basque Cultural Heritage Month as UNR

March 2014 by Shannon Sisco

In addition to the poster event sponsored by the Basque Library, the Center for Basque Studies will be holding a variety of events for the month of March. Here is a sampling of the various events. Here is a link to the conference program.

Basque Cultural Heritage Month

Saturday March 1
5 – 7pm: Basque Writing Award Presentation, Craft Wine and Beer, 22 Martin Street, Reno.
Monday March 3
1 – 2.15pm: Presentation on “The History of Euskara, the Basque Language”, by Basque Prof. Xabier Irujo, Ansari Building, Room 531.
Wednesday March 5
1 – 2.15pm – Documentary film “The Basques of Santazi” with Basque Prof. Sandy Ott, followed by Q&A, Ansari Building, Room 531.
2 – 3pm – Learn to play ‘Mus’, Basque card game, with Basque Prof. Joseba Zulaika, Rotonda, KNC.
Tuesday March 11
2.30 – 3.45pm Presentation of Basque Sheepherder and Boarding-House Cooking, with Marie-Louise and JB Lekumberri from JTs restaurant, Gardnerville. Basque library conference room.
Wednesday March 12
2 – 3pm – Learn to play ‘Mus’, Basque card game, with Basque Prof. Joseba Zulaika, Rotonda, KNC.
6 – 8pm – Learn Basque dancing with the Reno Basque Dance Club Zazpiak Bat, Front of the Joe Crowley Student Union.
Monday March 24
11.15am – Presentation of the new book on Basque Fiscal Systems, by Basque Prof. Joseba Aguirreazkuenaga. Basque Library.
Wednesday March 26
9am – 3pm – Conference on Fiscal Systems and the Crisis. Basque Library Conference Room. This event continues March 27 and 28.
Thursday March 27
9am – 3pm – Conference on Fiscal Systems and the Crisis. Basque Library Conference Room. This event continues March 28.
Friday March 28
9.45am – 3.45pm – Conference on Fiscal Systems and the Crisis. Basque Library Conference Room.
2.30 – 3.45pm – Presentation on The Basque Fiscal System by Basque Prof. Mikel Aranberri. Basque library.
4pm – Basque live music with txistu (flute) and atabala (single drum), with Basque Profs. Joseba Aguirreazkuenaga and Mikel Aranberri. Basque library.
- Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, Noon-2pm, stand of Basque books in the lobby of KNC.
- Every Tuesday, 11-12noon, Basque graduate student Tania Arriaga hosts 'Basque Roots', a radio show about anything and everything Basque, from music to live interviews, on WolfPack Radio.
- Exhibition of Basque posters, McNamara Gallery, Art department (Monday-Friday, approx 9am-5pm)
- Tours of the Basque library at any time during opening hours of Basque library (Monday-Friday, 9am – noon and 1-5pm)

February 2014

Basque picked for the month of March for UNR’s Cultural Diversity Month

February 2014 by Shannon Sisco

We are excited to announce that we will be participating in a variety of events in March to celebrate Basque culture. Zoe Bray and the Center for Student Cultural Diversity approached the Basque Library to organize a poster exhibit. These posters will showcase some of our unique materials. In addition we will be able to scan them to include them in our Poster Collection on the Digital Collections site.

Au Pays Basque Poster

January 2014

Basque Student Workers

A New Year - Urte Berri On

January 2014 by Shannon Sisco


In 2013, we were excited to have three of our students graduate!

Congratulations to Bryan, Melanie and Sabrina!

Melanie will be leaving us to take a position at a local hospital after getting her nursing degree. We will be fortunate to keep Bryan (BA Political Science and Government & Spanish) and Sabrina (MA Criminal Justice) at least through the Spring Semester.


Returning students Melissa, Frank, Benat and Erika will also be here to help any of our visitors in person or over the phone.


Basque Library a Collection of Year End Numbers

December 2013 by Shannon Sisco


FaceBook likes- 1212

Photos in our online photo collection- 3434 (With  1700 having been updated this year)

Emails answers on various topics- 750

New book titles cataloged- 101

Books total circulation- 1779 (we have 27503 unique titles, but 37177 total items representing multiple copies or volumes)

Music and videos total circulation- 104 (1414 unique titles)

Tours given- 47


Remember if you are in the area, we’d be happy to give you a tour of the library. You can also borrow books if you are not a student. A community borrower card is available.

We might be able to lend books to your local library, so don’t think you have to travel to Reno if you are not able to visit.

Borrowing Questions can be answered here.

New Book

Warren Lerude book on Robert Laxalt

November 2013 by Shannon Sisco

Warren Lerude

Warren Lerude is professor emeritus at the University’s Donald W. Reynolds School of Journalism. He was a friend of Robert Laxalt for more than 30 years. Laxalt is the author of Sweet Promised Land. A 1957 classic about Laxalt’s life growing up with his sheep ranching father and Robert’s mother who ran a  boardinghouse in Carson City. In writing this biography, Warren spent many hours in the Special Collections Department at the Library and they called on us to supply some supporting materials. It is also the start of a new book series offered by the Center for Basque Studies entitled Basque Originals.


Robert Laxalt: Story of a storyteller

Pete Cenarussa

The Basque Library was saddened to hear of the death of Pete Cenarussa. He died, Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013. He was 95.

October 2013 by Shannon Sisco

Pete CenarrussaHe was born in Carey, Idaho December 16, 1917 to Joe and Ramona Cenarrusa. They emigrated from the South Basque Country cities of Munitibar and Gernika. They developed a substantial range sheep business and became naturalized American citizens. Pete learned the Basque language at home prior to attending school. He held state office in Idaho uninterrupted for more than five decades. Cenarrusa was an activist for increased autonomy in the Basque Country. In the 1970s he worked with the Democratic U.S. Senator from Idaho, Frank Church, to end foreign aid to the Franco regime. Cenarrusa also appealed for clemency for Basque political prisoners in Spain. In 2003, Pete and Freda Cenarrusa organized the Cenarrusa Foundation for Basque Culture (originally the Cenarrusa Center for Basque Studies), which promotes the culture and history of the Basques by providing resources for performances, presentations and programs and to organizations throughout Idaho and Oregon. Cenarussa was also helpful in the founding of the Basque Studies Program at Boise State University in 2006.(AP Photo/Idaho Statesman, Darin Oswald, Feb. 4, 2010 file photo).

National Guard

Nevada National Guard Diversity and Inclusion Day

Nevada National Guard Diversity and Inclusion Day

September 2013 by Shannon Sisco

Nevada National Guard Diversity and Inclusion Day Tabling


When Jose D. Escobar, Jr. (TSgt USAF ANG 152 IS/CCQ) contacted us about helping with their National Guard Diversity and Inclusion Day we were thrilled. After looking through our archive of photos and physical artifacts, TSgt Escobar selected materials to use for his table at the event. Brigadier General William Burks issued a Certificate of Appreciation for our assistance.




Gastronomy Display

Basque Gastronomy Display

July 2013 by Shannon Sisco

Basque Gastronomy: Traditional CookingOur next display is now installed in the large window and ready for visitors. Focused on Basque Gastronomy, we've included some traditional foods, drinks, recipes, and a sampling of materials available through the library; books such as Chorizos in an Iron Skillet and Traditional Basque Cooking, along with videos. The Library has several hundred books in a variety of languages about the wonderful foods of Basque Culture. Come in and explore!

National History Day

National History Day Final Report

June 2013 by Shannon Sisco

Mendive Middle School Group

Facing stiff competition from across the nation, our Mendive group performers passed the first round of judging at the National History Day Contest held in Washington D.C. this month. Although called out for being an outstanding entry, they did not take home the top prize. We congratulate all of their hard work!

On their return to Reno, Professor Irujo has invited them to give an encore presentation of their performance for his Fall history class. Check back for updates on time and location.



April 2013 by Shannon Sisco

GernikaApril 26 will shortly be upon us and with it the 76th anniversary of the Bombing of Gernika. This ties in with many news items this month.

First, there is a petition to move the Picasso painting to Gernika.

Second, we were honored to have the Mendive Middle School group base their presentation on that event and the subsequent diaspora that occurred. After the bombing, many parents decided to send their children out of the Basque country.

Children of '37Third, we were contacted by a researcher in England about the Children of '37 at one of the "colonies" established in the UK to house 50 out of the more than 4,000 children sent there for their safety. As soon as Franco came to power and consolidated Spain, calls went out to have these children return. Many did, but others stayed in their new homelands.

National History Day

National History Day Part 2

March 2013 Shannon Sisco

Mendive Middle School National History Competitors

The Mendive group won in their category! They will be going on for the National competition set for June 9th in Washington D.C. They will be presenting it for Professor Irujo's class April 17th at 4 p.m., located in room 305 of the Knowledge Center. The presentation is open to the Library faculty and staff to attend.

Saturday March 30th at 8:00 in the morning, the UNR campus—and especially the Raggio Building—was bustling with people getting ready to present their projects for the Northern Nevada History Day Competition. Mimi Hoppe, Hannah Quick, Jacinda Tuttle and Tayler Gerhard from Mendive Middle School gave their presentation first that morning. I was lucky enough to see it in person.

Jacinda's portrayal of a modern interviewer and Mimi's as one of the Children of '37 set the scene. Interspersed with meetings between Hannah's Franco and Tayler's von Richtofen planning the Market Day bombing, it gave the audience in a 20 minute timeframe a glimpse into the horror that is modern warfare. Using a power point background with maps and pictures, supplemented by a soundtrack of airplanes with bombs dropping, the presentation transported the audience to that fateful morning in Gernika.

Mimi recreated how one of the Children of '37, as they are called, were sent from their homeland to escape the war. Thousands of children were sent all over the world. The Archbishop of Canterbury first coined the phrase "weapons of mass destruction" to indicate the tragedy that happened.

National History Day

National History Day

February 2013 Shannon Sisco

The Library is not just for college students and adult researchers. We were able to help a couple of groups of presenters for their National History Day presentations. One group consisted of four middle school students from Mendive. They won at their school level and moved on to District competition, which they have also won. The state competition will be here on the UNR campus on March 30th. Congratulations to Mimi Hoope's group.

For materials, one of the parents applied for a community borrow card so that she could check out necessary research books on their topic of Gernika. The group interviewed Shannon Sisco, Basque Library Technician, and Xabier Irujo, Center for Basque Studies Co-Director and Professor of Basque History. They will hopefully be performing their winning entry at the Basque Library. We will update with further details as the date becomes set.

Childrens books


Tours of the Basque Library

January 2013 Shannon Sisco

The start of the Spring 2013 semester is upon us and with it we are again giving tours to teachers and their classes to introduce them to the Basque Library. Mar Inestrillas, Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor, Spanish and Acting Director, Latino Research Center, brought her class to our conference classroom, and we were happy to show her students what materials we had to offer them for their continuing research. Our databases, archive materials, and more are all available for UNR students. We are also happy to work with community members and perform outreach to our extended worldwide Basque community and the Basque curious.

Finals Week Hours

Basque Library Open until 9pm December 10th, 11th, and 12th

December 2012 Shannon Sisco

In preparation for our Finals Test Week here at the University, the Basque Library will run an experiment on staying open late for the students during this time.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (10th, 11th, & 12th) we will stay open past our normal 5 p.m. close. We will be open until 9 p.m. to observe the student response and need for study space.

Since this is a break from our normal hours, it might also give community members a chance to come by and take a look at our space, since we are normally closed when people get off work.

Afterwards, we will return to our normal hours for the winter break: Monday through Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m., closed weekends and federal holidays.


Waterfront BuildingsTraditional BasqueAu Pays BasqueMarket in the city

Poster Exhibit Installed

November 2012 Shannon Sisco

The posters were scanned and enlarged so as to not destroy the originals. They were mounted on foam core and are on display in the Basque Library.


Coming Soon: New poster exhibit in the Basque Library

October 2012 Shannon Sisco

We bid a fond farewell to the Erick Holland painting exhibit that we extended—due to popular demand—through the summer. For October, we will be putting up reproductions of just a few of the many posters that we have in our archive.


Facebook 1000 Likes Milestone

September 2012 Shannon Sisco

September has been a very busy month, and the Basque Library achieved many milestones. We are in awe that in just seven short months, we've reached the 1000 Like mark on the Basque Library Facebook page.

In order to provide a glimpse into the wonderful world of Basque, we've uploaded recipes and photos, answered questions, and directed people to resources they might not have known were available. A great big "Thank You!" to everyone who liked the page or even just stopped to take a look at it.


CONTENTdm 3000th Photo Loaded

September 2012 Shannon Sisco

With the steady work and valuable contribution of time from our student workers, the Basque Library has reached an important milestone with our Basque Digital Collection: 3000+ photos! A portion of our rich collection of images is now available for researchers and students to view online.

3127 Items

We are working on making more available as time permits, and we are including more information as we acquire it. As an interesting byproduct of activity on the Basque Library Facebook page, we have occasionally been able to learn more about photos in our collection than was recorded on the back of the photos or in the donation notes.

 Basque Library Facebook Stats

Student Workers

Classes Resume for Fall Semester

August 2012 by Shannon Sisco

Fall 2012 Student Workers

Welcome back for Fall 2012 classes! This year we have several returning student workers and a couple of new faces. They will be at the front desk and will help you with anything you might need here in the library. All of them speak Spanish. We are very lucky to have Benat Etxebeste as one of them with his multiple languages: English, Spanish, Basque, French, and a bit of German.


Reno Basque Festival 2012

July 2012 by Shannon Sisco

Lorenzo TrimbleLorenzo Trimble

Basque Library staff were on hand to take photos at the Reno Basque Festival held on July 21st. Lovely Wingfield Park was the location in downtown Reno by the Truckee River. Lorenzo Trimble acted as the master of ceremonies to introduce each group or event and conducted a Q&A session for the non-Basque in attendance.

Traditional foods like chorizo with beans and pallea were for sale along with kalimotxo drinks. There was a souvenir area with books, flags, jewelry and more. Basque folk dance by the Zazpiak Bat Basque Club of Reno featured adult and children dancing. This was followed by accordion music by Mercedes Mendive, improvisational poetry, weight carrying competition, wood chopping competition, weight lifting exhibition, war cry competition and a children bota bag drinking contest.


Thank you

June 2012 by Shannon Sisco


Shannon Sisco Accepts Classified Employee of the Year from President Marc Johnson

May and June have been a roller coaster! First, I'd like to thank Donnie Curtis for putting my name in for consideration and the SEC for choosing me as the UNR classified employee of the year. I'd like to share some of my thoughts that I mentioned at the SEC Luncheon.

Donnie had some lovely words in her speech and I was able to return the favor:

"Things that she mentioned in her nominating letter are characteristics or goals that we should all strive for; to be curious, helpful, flexible, and positive."

"My work is not done in a vacuum. I depend on Donnie, my Knowledge Center co-workers, the Center for Basque Studies and my student workers to make the Library so accessible."

My thanks to everyone!


Award and Recognition

May 2012 by Basque Library

Shannon Sisco

The most exciting news for May was that Shannon Sisco was nominated by her supervisor Donnie Curtis and was selected by the Staff Employee Council as the 2012 Distinguished Classified Employee. She will be honored several times over the course of the summer at the Honor The Best Ceremony May 16th, the SEC Luncheon on June 6th, the Honor Court Ceremony June 21st, and in the Summer edition of the Silver & Blue.

MARS Serials

Some Serials Moving to MARS

April 2012 Shannon Sisco

Moving Books

You might have seen the magazines and journals on the book trucks recently and wondered what was happening. With hitting the 6000 mark on the Basque Database, we need to make room for continued growth in that area. Older journals that we are no longer adding to the collection and/or also available on the internet have been scheduled to move to MARS.

Be reassured, you still have access to them. A request made in the catalog will have it available to pick up at the main circulation desk within minutes.


The Basque Library Joins Facebook

March 2012 Shannon Sisco

Basque Library Facebook Page

The Basque Library is now on Facebook!

The focus at this time is to post interesting pictures with Basque themes and to answer some of the frequently asked questions.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact Shannon Sisco.


Basque Database Important Milestone

February 2012 Shannon Sisco

Stacks in the Basque LIbrary

An important goal of the Basque Library is to provide access to materials about the Basque diaspora and general information about Basques worldwide to anyone who might be interested. The bulk of our materials are available to searching through the main Library catalog, but we recommend using the Basque Database search on our Library home page as is also includes more books not in the main catalog. We expect to reach 6,000 additional books in a couple of months.


Erik Holland Art Exhibit

February 2012 Shannon Sisco

Erik Holland Hangs his paintings

With the help of Zoe Bray, we are happy to display the art of Erick Holland. Mr. Holland is a local artist that has a large repertoire and has graciously agreed to show some of his paintings that have a Basque theme. Ranging from arborglyphs, hotels, bars, and the sheep grazing areas of the Sierra; his work has brought a lot of color to our walls. If you wish to stop by and admire this local artist, we are open 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

His contact information is available through his website.

Student Workers

New and returning student workers to the Basque Library

January 2012 Shannon Sisco

Spring 2012 Student workers

Wintermester is coming to a close and we'll soon start the Spring semester 2012. This year we have familiar student faces returning to the Basque Library. Frank Gonzalez, Melanie Warfield, Stephanie Duffy were with us in the Fall semester 2011. We had bid a sad farewell to Melissa Kelley for the Fall semester. She studied abroad with the USAC program in Prague. She has returned and we are very happy to have her back. Without their valuable assistance many of the projects would not have been possible. Serving as a first contact to our visitors, students and faculty; they have worked on circulation issues, scanning projects, and the general day-to-day operations of our wonderful Basque Library.


President of the Basque Country visits the Library

July 26 2010

Lehendakari, Francisco 'Patxi' López Álvarez walks the stacks of the Center for Basque Studies

The Center for Basque Studies and the Basque Library had a very important visitor this summer; the president of the autonomous Basque Government.

In addition to hosting many visiting scholars and students from as far away as Japan and the Philippines to South America and Europe, we were thrilled to receive the Lehendakari, Francisco 'Patxi' López Álvarez. He was here on behalf of the autonomous Basque Government to present the state of Nevada with the Lagun Onari prize. The award is given to non-Basque individuals or entities that have promoted the Basque Country. Previously, Emeritus Professor William Douglass was given this award for his work with the Basque.

Lehendakari López Álvarez and University President Milt Glick signed a convenio to encourage future collaboration between the Basque Government, the University and the Center for Basque Studies.

The extensive Basque library collection is available to all students and community members. The library is located on the third floor of the University's Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center.

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Basque Library greeted by 97 young people on the first day of summer

Summer Music Campers

Udaleku had come to Reno. It is a two week long music camp that was directed by Kate Camino. The 10 to 15 year olds and a few parents and staff came to visit the library. In addition to seeing the Laxalt sheep camp display in the lobby, they were able to view a dance dvd that the library has in our collection, wander through the compact shelving and see some of the art we have on display.


Basque Book Donation to Boise State

Books boxed for Idaho

This summer as a continuation of previous years' collaboration with other Basque programs and specifically the Basque Studies Program at Boise State University, Library Technician Shannon Sisco delivered 300 pounds of books to Albertsons Library.

These books and journals all represented duplicates of items already held in the Basque Library collection. To further enrich other Basque programs in the west and around the world, we are making these copies available to other institutions.

In addition it was a wonderful opportunity to network with other groups at the 2010 Jaialdi Games in Boise, Idaho.

Subject Specialist

New Basque Studies Subject Specialist

As most of you know, our former Basque Librarian Marimar Ubeda has returned to the Basque Country. Until we are able to hire another Basque Librarian, the subject specialist for Basque Studies will be Madeline Mundt. Madeline is a reference librarian in the main library in the Knowledge Center. She has been with UNR since August 2008 and works with Sociology, Social Work, and Ethnic Studies as well as Basque Studies. Madeline is studying Spanish at UNR in her spare time, and hopes to pursue a graduate degree in Spanish Language and Literature or Latin American Studies in the future. Her office is in Research Services on the second floor of the Knowledge Center (214B), so feel free to drop by and introduce yourself, or email her to suggest a book for purchase. She'll also be in and out of the Center for Basque Studies.

Donation of Books for Children and Youth

Packing books for donation
Throughout the year, the Basque Library has withdrawn books that are out of the scope of the library's collection policy. Most of these books are Basque translations of children's and young adult books, and are in excellent condition. Around 1,000 of these books were boxed and donated to Euskal Etxeak and other organizational members of the North American Basque Organizations (NABO), while others were sent to Basque groups in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Germany and Spain.

These donations were made possible by the participation of the Center for Basque Studies which paid for all shipping costs, and by the collaboration of, who advertised the books' availability. We hope to further develop and strengthen the new relationships we have made during this endeavor.


Etchart Family Album

Etchart family album cover

The Basque Library is honored to have received a donation of the Etchart family album, compiled by Gene Etchart (eldest son of John and Catherine Etchart). The album tells the story of John and Catherine who came to the United States in 1900, from the Basque Country, married, and made Montana their home.

The album includes photographs illustrating the story as well as a story about John and Catherine written by Monique Laxalt in 1980 for the Montana Historical Society, entitled "A Montana Love Story."


Basque Database

Basque Database Logo

An important goal of the Basque Library is to provide access to materials about the Basque diaspora and general information about Basques worldwide to anyone who might be interested. To help accomplish this goal, we have revived and redesigned the Basque Database, a multilingual bibliographic tool developed from 2003 to 2005 with a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. This specialized database, which formerly covered the period 1995-2005, now includes records for the entire collection of the Basque Library in all formats, for all years, and provides users with the complete text of books and articles for which we have obtained copyright permissions.

Basque Database:

Kitchen Sisters

The Sheepherder's Ball: Hidden Basque Kitchens

Cooking in Sheep Camp

A special edition of "The Kitchen Sisters" program on National Public Radio recently focused on Basque kitchens and culinary traditions. The program, which aired on May 29th, was broadcast on location from the annual Bakersfield Basque Festival.

The Basque Library helped with the research for this program, providing documentation and photographs related to the Basque American cuisine for the Kitchen Sisters website. The Basque Library thanks NPR and especially Kitchen Sisters staff for dedicating their program to Basque traditions.


The Basque Library's website launches the description of its slide collection

Sheepherder's Trailer Home

After three months of work, the Basque Library has finally finished labeling a selection of its slide collection. This collection, which begins in 1967 to conclude in 2000, includes slides provided by different photographers; among them are Richard Lane and Stephen Kelley, who used to collaborate with the Center for Basque Studies. Both Lane and Kelley spent time with the Basque sheepherders who were working in the American West, in Nevada, Idaho, and Oregon mostly, in order to capture the daily life of these people. They also attended several Basque festivals organized in the West. In the late 1970s, Lane travelled to the Basque Country, and on this trip he took photographs of the main Basque cities. The slide collection includes images of carvings, provided by Joxe Mallea, who is a specialist in this subject, as well as the material used by Dr. William A. Douglass in his Basque Culture classes. The images document both the Basque Country and in the American West, providing an interesting view of the Basque culture and its customs.

special collections exhibit

May 2007. Special Collections' Exhibit of the 50th Anniversary of "Sweet Promised Land"
Robert Laxalt: Sweet Promised Land

Special Collections at the University Library was proud to host a reception and open house in honor of the 50th anniversary of Robert Laxalt's "Sweet Promised Land". The event was held on June 5 and was well received by the community, the University of Nevada Press and Friends of the Library. The Special Collections exhibit of the Robert Laxalt Papers traces the writing process of "Sweet Promised Land" from Laxalt’s initial concept for the book to the final galley proofs. The exhibit will continue throughout 2007 to celebrate this literary accomplishment.

The Sheepherder's Ball: Hidden Basque Kitchens

The Sheepherder's Ball: Hidden Basque Kitchens

Cooking in Sheep Camp

Due to the annual Bakersfield Basque Cultural Festival, a program on National Public Radio, "The Kitchen Sisters" aired on May 29th on the subject of Basque kitchens and Basque culinary traditions. It was a special edition of the program, was broadcast from the location on the festival.


The Basque Library collaborated with this program, providing documentation and photographs related to the Basque American cuisine.

The Basque Library thanks NPR and especially "Kitchen Sisters" staff for dedicating their program to make Basque traditions. more information about the program...

Boise State University Library Donation

August 2007. The Basque Library donates a collection of duplicate books and videos to Boise State University library.

Items boxed for Boise

The Basque Library has donated a collection of approximately 760 duplicate books and 170 duplicate Videos and DVDs to Boise State University. These materials are related to different areas of Basque Studies such as anthropology, history, politics, culture and Basque Diaspora. Boise State University has a Basque Studies program so these books and videos will be helpful for student and faculty research. The Basque Library thanks Boise State University for accepting this donation.


Bombing of Gernika Poster

April 30, 2007. In the News

04/30/2007. Euskosare. A window into Basque World by Veronica Riglick (en)

April 26, 2007. 70th Anniversary of the Bombing of Gernika

As a continuation of the "Basque Studies since 1967" exhibit in Getchell Library, two additional panels commemorate the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Gernika. The panels feature photographs and text describing the Second World War's first air raid that targeted this civilian village. They provide a somber reminder to the horrors of 20th century warfare as well as a commemorative tribute to the lives lost at Gernika.

April 16,2007. In the News

04/16/2007. El Pais. The Gateway Toward Knowledge (eu)


40th Anniversary Poster

April 2, 2007 - May 31, 2007. "Building Basque Studies since 1967" Exhibit

The Basque Library, with the collaboration of the Center for Basque Studies, has organized an exhibit to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Basque studies at the University of Nevada, Reno. Starting April 2, 2007, "Building Basque Studies since 1967" will exhibit photographs and the history of the Basque Library and the Center for Basque Studies.


Miriam and MArio Salegi

December 8, 2006. Mario Salegi Ostolaza Archive

Mrs. Miriam Salegi has generously donated her late husband Mario Salegi's personal files to the University of Nevada, Reno's Basque Library. Mario Salegi has left the Basque diaspora a legacy of his writings, which include reflections about Basque ethnicity in the wake of the Franco dictatorship and human rights.


January, 2007. In the news
01/2007. Western Trek, OCLC. A Unique Library: An Extraordinary Collection (en)
November 11, 2006. In the news
11/11/2006. Gara. Mugalari. The Basque Library in America (eu)
October 30, 2006. In the news
10/30/2006. El País. Jewels among the papers (eu)
October 19, 2006. In the news
10/19/2006. Sustatu. Basque Diaspora´s Documental Heritage in Reno (eu)


Hilda Scutt, Inaki Goiogana, Nere Erkiaga, Michelle Rachal, Araby Greene R to L- Hilda Scutt, Inaki Goiogana, Nere Erkiaga, Michelle Rachal, Araby Greene

October 10, 2006. Organization of the Basque Archive

Iñaki Goiogana, the head of archive of Sabino Arana Fundazioa, came from the Basque Country to describe, organize and arrange the archival collections in the Basque Studies Library. His work was translated into English and transferred into a database. In addition of his work organizing the papers collections, Basque historical serials also were identified and arranged. The archive and serials will be searchable online in the future. (Photo: Basque Library)


Signing of the Basque Agreement

May 1, 2006. University renews agreement with Basque studies society

Basque Agreement Signed -- From left are Josemari Velez de Mendizabal Azkarraga, director of Eusko Ikaskuntza; Gloria Totoricagüena, director of the University's Center for Basque Studies; Steven Zink, Dean of Libraries; and Imanol Irizar, new head of the Basque Studies Library. (Photo by: Ted Cook)