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Basque Library

Huarte Jauregui Archive

Collection Title

Huarte Jauregui Archive

Accession No. 75
Collection Type Paper Collection
Call Number BSQAP 0199 - BSQAP 239
Start Year 1934

BSQAP 0199 Old call number : Series I: Republican Forces Box I

I/1: Letter from Francisco Largo Caballero to the General Commissioner General of the War Division
I/2: Disciplinary Law for the Soldiers
I/3: General Order given in the General Campament (Cuartel) on July 2, 1937
I/4: North Army, Order of Operations
I/5: General Order No. 21, Order of S.S. Jefe E.M (July 10, 1937)
I/6: General Order No. 23 (July 13, 1937)
I/7: General Order No. 1 of the "Commissariat del Cuerpo de Ejercito No. 1 (July 16, 1973)
I/8: General Order from the "Cuerpo del Ejercito" No. 1 (July 15, 1937)
I/9: General Order (July 16, 1937)
I/10: General Order No. 28 (July 18, 1937)
I/11: General Order No. 29 (July 19, 1937)
I/12: Letter from the Coronel Jefe del EMC by Order of the Minister to the Jefe of the North Army
I/13: General Order No. 30 Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 1 (July 20, 1937)
I/14: North Army
I/15: General Order No. 32, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 1 (July 22, 1937)
I/16: Commissariat General del Cuerpo de Ejercito No. 1 General Order No. 4 (July 23, 1937)
I/17: North Army, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 1 General Order No. 34 (July 24, 1937)
I/18: North Army, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 1 General Order 36 (July 26, 1937)
I/19: North Army, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 1 General Order 38 (July 27, 1937)
I/20: North Army, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 1 General Order 37 (July 28, 1937)
I/21: North Army, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 1 General Order 38 (July 29, 1937)
I/22: North Army, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 1 General Order 39 (July 30, 1937)
I/23: North Army, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 1 General Order 40 (July 31, 1937)
II/1: Northern Army, Army Corp. No. 1 General Order 41 (August 1, 1937)
II/2: Northern Army, Army Corp. No. 1 General Order 42 (August 2, 1937)
II/3: Northern Army, Army Corp. No. 1 General Order 43 (August 3, 1937)
II/4: Northern Army, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 1, General Order 45 (August 5, 1937)
II/5: Northern Army, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 1, General Order 49 (August 9, 1937)
II/6: General Commissariat of the Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 14, General Order No. 6 (August 10, 1937)
II/7: General Commissariat of the Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 14, General Order No. 7 (August 11, 1937)
II/8: General Commissariat of the Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 1, General Order No. 8 (August 11, 1937)
II/9: Northern Army, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 2, III Division Headquarter
II/10: Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 17 (August 27, 1937)
II/11: Northern Army, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 14, Army Corp No. 14, General Order No. 51 (August 11, 1937)
II/12: Northern Army, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 14, Army Corp No. 14, General Order No. 52 (August 13, 1937)
II/13: General Commissariat of the Cuerpo del Ejercito (Army's Corp) No. 14, Circular Order No. 9 (August 14, 1937)
II/14: Northern Army, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 14, Army Corp No. 14, General Order No. 53 (August 15, 1937)
II/15: General Commissariat of the Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 14, General Order No. 10 (August 17, 1937)
II/16: Northern Army, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 14, Army Corp. No. 14, General Order No. 54 (August 17, 1937)
II/17: Northern Army, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 14, Army Corp No. 14, General Order No. 55 (August 18, 1937)
II/18: 257th Infantry Battalion, 3rd of the 197th Brigade (August 27, 1937)
II/19: 257th Infantry Battalion, 3rd of the 197th Brigade (August 28, 1937)
III/1: General Order (September 1, 1937)
III/2: Brigade No. 1
III/3: General Order (September 2, 1937)
III/4: General Order (September 13, 1937)
III/5: General Order (September 14, 1937)
III/6: General Order (September 20, 1937)
III/7: General Order (October 1, 1937)
III/8: General Order (October 1, 1937)
III/9: Letter to 3rd Section Officer from 2nd Company of the 2nd Battalion (192nd Brigade)
IV/1: Letter to Captain of Compania de Ametralladoras ("Machine Gun Company") from Commander and Assistant Captain, El Caleyo, (May 20, 1937)
IV/2: Letter to the Captain of the 3rd Company, El Caleyo (May 21, 1937)
IV/3: Letter from Commander regarding Fixing a Trench, El Caleyo (May 24, 1937)
IV/4: Letter from Commander Castano to the Captain of the 4th Company, El Caleyo (August 6, 1937)
IV/5: Letter to 4th Company Captain from Chief Commander Castano, El Caleyo, (August 17, 1937)
IV/6: Order sent to "Accidental Captain" from Chief Commander Castano, San Sebastian, (August 25, 1937)
IV/7: Letter to 4th Company Captain from Major Chief Castano, El Caleyo, (August 28, 1937)
V/1: Pamphlets
V/2: Report in regards to Germans Attacking Republican Positions, (August 15, 1937)
V/3: "Republica - Diario del Pueblo", N. 51, Year 1, Santander, (August 18, 1937)
V/4: Telegram from Head of the Government to the General in Chief of the North Army, (August 19, 1937)
V/5: Account of Military Activity at "Los Altos de la Cruz del Maques" and "Sierra de Santa Marina" and Information on the Fascist Army and Aviation, August 19, 1937
V/6: No Dissension is Allowed, (August 20, 1937)
V/7: Congratulatory Letter from General Mariano Gamir Ulibarri to His Troops (August 20, 1937)
V/8: Message of Encouragement to General Mariano Gamir Ulibarri
V/9: Information on the Military Activity of the Previous Days, (August 20, 1937)
V/10: Popular Army and Republican Aviation, (August 21, 1937)
V/11: Republican Army Stopped Italian Troops, (August 22, 1937)
V/12: The Bombing of Torrelavega by the Germans, (August 23, 1937)
VI/1: Document Regarding Venereal Disease sent to the Government Delegation in Santander, General War Commissioner, the Chief of Military Health and Counselor of the Interprovincial Committee, (April 16, 1937)
VI/2: Order Regarding Doctors from Health Chief in Aviles, (March 4, 1937)
VI/3: Order send by Chief Commander of Health Regarding Ailments, (June 1, 1937)
VI/4: Report of December 9, 1937, 5th Expeditionary Division
VI/5: Instructions for the Use of the "Paineles", El Suco, (July 31, 1937)
VII/1: Map of Madrid
VII/2: Map Section of the 10th Brigade
VII/3: Map of the Section of the 10th Brigade
VIII/1: Position of the Brigades
VIII/2: Handwritten Documents About the Armament and a list of Names in the 6th Brigade
VIII/3: Distribution of Material for the Artillery, Artillery Park of Santander, (March 24, 1937)
VIII/4: State of the Forces and Materials in the Battalions, (August 4, 1937)
VIII/5: Numeration of the Brigades and of the Division
VIII/6: Positions Occupied by the Commands in the 52nd Division of the 15th Cuerpo del Ejercito, Pales, (August 28, 1937)
VIII/7: Personnel of the Sappers' Battalion
VIII/8: Personnel of the 8th "Bateria Ligera"
IX/1: Situation of the Cuerpo del Ejercito of Santander from the Military Defense Commissariat
IX/2: List of Commissioners from General War Commissariat
IX/3: Status of the 3rd Division from the Brigadier Political Commissioner, Reinosa, (August 4, 1937)
IX/4: Warning to the Political Commissioner to Ready the Troops, Reinosa, (May 15, 1937)
IX/5: List of Commissariat Members of the 14th Cuerpo del Ejercito
IX/6: Armament of the 3rd Division, (August 6, 1937)
IX/7: Organization of the Cuerpo de Ingenieros, Santander, (August 5, 1937)
X/1: Soldiers from other Battalions Arrived at 60th Division, Asturias, (October 2, 1937)
X/2: Document sent from a Captain to the Commander of the 263rd Battalion, (October 2, 1937)
X/3: Status of the 196th Brigade from the Chief Brigadier to the Chief of the 8th Division, Cargas de Onis, (October 3, 1937)
X/4: Status of the 2nd Company, San Pelayo, (March 5, 1937)
X/5: Five Letters sent by the 19th Brigade Chief to the 8th Division Chief and Status of Battalions, (October 1937)
X/6: Three Letters Written by Captain Pedro Franco in Regards to Armament and Status of Forces, (March 1937)
X/7: Daily Report of the Northern Army, 2nd Battalion, and 192nd Brigade Written by the Chief of the Battalion and Officer Alfredo Solis, (August 25, 1937)
X/8: War Committee Decree on Confinement of Troops
X/9: Document from Major Chief of the 3rd Battalion of the 192 Brigade, (October 10, 1937)
X/10: Letter Regarding the Transfer of Soldier Manuel Coto from Chief of Penal Brigade No. 1 at San Esteban de las Cruces, (August 24, 1937)
X/11: List of Hospitals in Asturias
XI/1: Northern Army Distribution and Organization
XI/2: Status of Forces of Army's Corp No. 1, (July 18, 1937)
XI/3: List of the Existing Battalions and Units, Santander, Military Defense Commissariat
XI/4: Organization of the Artillery of the 15th Cuerpo del Ejercito
XI/5: Organization and Status of Army's and Engineers' Corp
XI/6: Organization of the Engineer's Central Headquarter
XI/7: Organization of a Command of a Battalion
XII/1: Letter about the Conflict Between the PNV and the rest of the Popular Front
XII/2: Examination of Offensive Strategic Projects by Diverse Cuerpos del Ejercito, (July 16, 1937)
XII/3: Military Section Report
XII/4: Proposal to put all the Parties and Syndicates Under the Command of Gamir Ulibarri
XII/5: Report in Regards to the Technical Capacity of Colonel Lieutenant Jose Gallego Argues from General Chief to the National Defense Minister, (August 7, 1937)
XII/6: Report About the Air Forces

BSQAP 0200 Old call number : Series I: Republican Forces Box II

I: Thirteen Permission Requests sent to the Chief of the Navy from January to June 1937
II: Ten Reports from the Coast Searchlight "Punta Lucero" and "Punta Galea" Regarding the Arrival and Departure of Boats, (March 1937)
III: Reports from the Coast Searchlight of "Punta Galea" and Punta Lucero", (April 1937)
IV: Daily Reports from "Punta Galea" and "Punta Lucero", (May 1937)
V: Daily Reports from "Punta Galea" and "Punta Lucero", (June 1937)
VI: Supplying Notes of the Naval Forces of Cantabrico (Written in Bilbao)
VII/1: Document of the "Autonomy Statute of Euzkadi" (Estatuto de Autonomia de Euzkadi)
VII/2: Official Journal of the Basque Country (Diario Oficial del Pais Vasco), Basque Country's Official Gazette, (November 15, 1937)
VII/3: General Regulation of the Red Cross of the Basque Country, Official Journal of the Basque Country (1937)
VII/4: Official Journal of the Basque Country, Bilbao, (April 14, 1937)
VII/5: Document Refers to the Break in Negotiations with the Fascists about Exchanges of Prisoners, the Elderly, Sick People, Witness and Children. Expulsion of Children and Women from Gipuzkoa Through Fire Lines (includes photographs and personal experiences)
VII/6: Report Describing the Labor Made by the Social Assistance Department, Shows the Orphanages, Refugees, Services, etc. and Economical Administration, (October 21-December 31, 1937)
VII/7: Document Demanding a Basque Government, (November 30, 1918)
VII/8: Document of the Autonomy Statute project approved by the Assembly of the Councils of Alava, Gipuzkoa, and Bizkaia, (August 6, 1933)
VII/9: Speech by Jose Antonio Aguirre in "Radio Euskadi" (December 22, 1936)
VII/10: Letter in Response to Jose Antonio Aguirre to Cardinal Archbishop of Toledo Isidro Goma Tomas, (January 10, 1937)
VII/11: Comparative Research of the Basque Statute with the Spanish Parliament
VII/12: Conference Given by Julian Ruiz de Aguirre Referring to the Basque States' origin, incorporation into Castilla, Soberacy, and Development Until the 19th Century
VIII: Different Codes Used by the Republican Army
IX/1: List of the Battalions of the Cuerpo del Ejercito of Euzkadi
IX/2: Description of the Situation of the Battalions
X: Two Aerial Photographs and Two Maps from the Zone of Markine, Aulestia, and Gernika
XI: Report About the Fascist Army
XII: List of the Armaments of the Battalions and a List of the Fronts and Sections of the Republican Army, Bilbao (March 10, 1937)
XIII: Organization of the IV Division of Euzkadi's Army
XIV: Balance of the Bills Signed by Eduardo Earle, Bilbao (January 18, 1937)
XV/1: New Organization of the "Estado Mayor" of the War Ministry Including the Missions, Functions, Organs Signed by Largo Caballero, (November 30, 1936)
XV/2: Units in which the Militias are grouped
XVI: Letter from the Colonel Commander to The General of the 61st Division of Vitoria Mentioning that Documents which were Found within the Papers of the so-called Government of Euzkadi
XVII: Letter from the Deputies to "Cortes" from Gipuzkoa to the General Governor of the Basque Country Explaining their Administration in the Parliament which resulted with the Retreat of the Quarters of Loyola
XVIII/1: Request by the Chief of the Republican Aviation of Vizcaya for Improving the Organization of the Aeronautic Services, Bilbao, (August 16, 1936)
XVIII/2: Letter from Jose explaining his Performance in the Aviation Corp
XIX/1: Regulation for the use of Big Units, Northern Army, Cuerpo del Ejercito de Euzkadi
XIX/2: Photograph of the Incendiary bomb--"Euzko"
XIX/3: One Hundred Fifteen Documents Mentioning the Delivery of Arms in the Artillery Park of the Carlton and the Alhondiga in Bilbao
XIX/4: Statements of Tomas Fernandez de la Fuente, Bernabe Diza Santisteban, Lorenzo Tueron Fernandez, Manuel Vidal Blanco, and Antonio Martin Varela 

BSQAP 0201 Old call number : Series I: Republican Forces Box III

I: Transportation Section of the Defense Department's Order for the Transfer of Soldiers and Militiament one Town to the Next (mostly Bizkaia around Bilbao)
II: Transportation Section of the Defense Department's Order for the Transfer of Soldiers and Militiament one Town to the Next (mostly Bizkaia around Bilbao)
III: Transportation Section of the Defense Department's Order for the Transfer of Soldiers and Militiament one Town to the Next (mostly Bizkaia around Bilbao)
IV: Transportation Section of the Defense Department's Order for the Transfer of Soldiers and Militiament one Town to the Next (mostly Bizkaia around Bilbao)
V: Transportation Section of the Defense Department's Order for the Transfer of Soldiers and Militiament one Town to the Next (mostly Bizkaia around Bilbao)
VI: Transportation Section of the Defense Department's Order for the Transfer of Soldiers and Militiament one Town to the Next (mostly Bizkaia around Bilbao)
VII: Archive of Munitions and Armaments
VII/1: List of Existing Armament and Munitions in Durango (October 24, 1936)
VII/2: List of Existing Armament and Munitions in Durango (October 24, 1936)
VII/3: List of Existing Armament and Munitions in Durango (October 24, 1936)
VII/4: List of Existing Armament and Munitions in Durango (October 24, 1936)
VII/5: List of Existing Armament and Munitions in Durango (October 24, 1936)
VII/6: Armament Proceeding from the San Telmo Park in San Sebastian
VII/7: List of Existing Armament and Munitions in Durango (October 24, 1936)
VII/8: List of Existing Armament and Munitions in Durango (October 24, 1936)
VII/9: List of Existing Armament and Munitions in Durango (October 24, 1936)
VII/10: List of Existing Armament and Munitions in Durango (October 24, 1936)
VIII: Colonel Lieutenant of the Infantry's Report about the Use of Tanks:
IX/1: Armament of Yurreta (Durango), Proceeding from the San Telmo Park in San Sebastian, (November 21, 1963)
IX/2: War Material in Bilbao (June 23, 1937)
X: Report about the "Ianzacargas" and Cargas de Profundidad Hidrostatica y De Paso de Agua
XI: Report about a Shooting from the Academia de Amputadores (Comerdencia Mixta de Artilleria)
XII/1: Juan Bicarrondo Beraza's Request to be Included in the Anti-Air Service
XII/2: Jesus Gabarain Camio's Request to be Included in the Anti-Air Service
XII/3: Miguel Rigabert y Fernandez's Letter Certifying that Jesus Gabarain Camio was an Inspector in the Telegraph Corp in San Sebastian
XII/4: Jose Aguirre Urrestarazu's Letter Certifying that Jesus Gabarain Camio Serviced in the Artillery Regiment No. 3 During 1915, 1916, and 1917
XII/5: Manuel Pardo's Request for a Job in the Anti-Air Service
XII/6: Pedro Zarroza y Narros' Request to be Included in the Anti-Air Services in the Topography Section
Plane I: Plane of the Front of the 1st Division, May 24, 1937 (Amorebieta-Galdacano Zone)
Plane II: A Plane
Plane III: A Plane
Plane IV: Plane of Bakio, Gorliz and Andra Maria de Menaca Zone]

BSQAP 0202 Old call number : Series I: Republican Forces Box IV

I/1: Promotion of Daniel Quinones Quires to Lieutenant in the Asturias Battalion No. 20 by the "Popular Front of the Provincial Committee (Comite Provincial del Frente Popular), Gijon, (March 30, 1937)
I/2: Commander of the Infantry Battalion No. 220's Request for the Presence of soldier Alfredo Lorenzo in his Majority
I/3: A Infantry Battalion No. 220 Letter informing Lieutenant Daniel Quinones Quiros of the new destination for Lieutenant Alfredo Rodriguez Velasco with the "Machine Gun Company" (Compania de Ametralladores), Puerto Pilos, (June 4, 1937)
I/4: Letter regarding the Contents in Daniel Quinones' house in Pola de Lena, September 11, 1937)
I/5: Council of Pola de Lena (War Delegation) Letter Certifying that Daniel Quinones Quiros is an Exemplary Militiaman, (November 6, 1936)
I/6: Eladio Rico Garcia's Letter Stating that Daniel Quinones Quiros is Attending a Course for Officers in the Military Academy of Asturias, (April 21, 1937)
I/7: Chief of the 1st Section of the Northern Army in Asturias' letter Stating that Daniel Quinones is Waiting for a New Destination, (September 4, 1937)
I/8: Daniel Quinones' January Salary (119, 60 pesetas)
I/9: Asturias Battalion No. 20 Letter Informing Daniel Quinones Quiros that he has to Follow Orders, Puerto Pinos, (June 3, 1937)
I/10: Daniel Quinones Quiros' Letter Explaining that he has not reached Pena as a result of bombing of the enemy, (May 27, 1937)
I/11: Manuel Zapatero Espada's Commission as Doctor of the Infantry Battalion No. 252, Gipon, (July 8, 1937)
I/12: Benjamin Mendez Gonzalez's Commission as Sergeant, Gipon, (April 14, 1937)
I/13: 10th Battalion of UGT Notification that Lieutenant Emilio Ribas Julias can be Transferred to the Sappers Battalion ("Batallon de Zapadores-Miradores")
I/14: El Caleyu, (June 17, 1937)
II: Information Service Organization Rules Written by Adolfo Prada, Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 14, (August 10, 1937)
III: Instructions for Reporter-Officers Written by J. Ambou, Gipon, (November 1936)
IV: Information Services Instructions
V: Status of 52nd Division, La Presilla, (August 15, 1937)
VI: Signals and Codes
VII: Signals and Codes
VIII/1: Mariano Gamir's Letter Criticizing the Conduct of Commissioner Larranga and Stating that the Commissioner does not Deserve His Position
VIII/2: General of the Northern Army's Telegram to the Minister of Defense Stating that a Corporal and Four Soldiers belonging to the Basque Extremist Lenago-il Battalion N. 33 have passed to the Enemy Position, Leaving 5 Hostages. The Captain who was aware of this will be arrested
VIII/3: Eugenio Subijara's Letter to Mariano Gamir Requesting that Santiago Subijara be moved to Valencia, to the Presidential Guard Battalion, Betera (Valencia), (July 19, 1937)
VIII/4: July Parra's Letter to Mariano Gamir Stating that he has Received his Letter
VIII/5: Chief Colonel of the "Estado Mayor de Tierra y Estado Mayor Civil" 's Letter to Mariano Gamir Informing that the Organization of an Expedition will send Munitions, Valencia, (August 13, 1937)
VIII/6: Letter sent to Alberto Vela Thanking him For the Material Sent, Santander, (August 21, 1937)
VIII/7: Letter from General Chief of the Northern Army to the National Defense Minister Stating that He Possesses the Boarding House "Placa de Hermengildo", (July 20, 1937)
VIII/8: National Defense Minister's Letter to the General Chief of the Northern Operation Army Regarding the letter that the Director of C.A.M.P.S.A sent to him about the Supplying of Fuel and Lubricants Transfer to the North of Spain, Valencia, (July 15, 1937)
VIII/9: Commissioner of the Administrative Corps of the Army No. 14's Letter Sent to the General Commissioner of the Army No. 14 ("Comisariado General del Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 14) Stating that Provisions were Abandoned Because of the Lack on Transport, Laredo, (August 18, 1937)
VIII/10: T. Echevarria's (General Director of the Lessee Company of the Petroleum Monopoly) Letter about the 8 Million Liters of Gas Bought in Lourdes, Valencia, (July 12, 1937)--4 copies
VIII/11: Letter to Indalucio Prieto saying that he remits a Report about the Situation of the Northern Army (no report included), Santander, (August 4, 1937)
VIII/12: National Defense Minister's Letter to the General Chief of the Northern Army Authorizing the Transfer to Abroad to Santiago Aznar, Pantalcon Leon, Antonio Aznar, and Emilio Santines, Valencia, (August 14, 1937)
VIII/12: General Chief of the Northern Army's Letter Informing the Defense Minister about the Injured
VIII/13: Letter Sent to the General Chief of the Northern Army Informing him that the British ship Arbon will leave London with 8 million Liters of Gas and 300 tons of Lubricant and Arrive in Gipuzkoa. In addition, the ship Great Britain, headed for Santander, will leave London with 3000 tons of fuel oil, 3000 tons of pen-oil, and 300 tons of lubricant, Madrid, (July 20, 1937)
IX/1: Document Certifying that Jose Fernandez Sustacha belongs to the Syndicate "Sociedad de Obreros J.A. Fraternidad" and to the Unified Youth Socialists National Federation "Federacion Nacional de Juventudes Socialista Unificadas". Sustacha is the Political Commissioner of the Battalion 129
IX/2: Chief Commander of the 157th Brigade's Letter to the Commander of the 2nd Battalion Informing him that the 3rd, 5th, and 6th Brigades will take a rest, Cilero, (August 21, 1937)
IX/3: Chief Commander of the 157th Brigade's Letter to the Commander of the 2nd Battalion Informing Him of the Status of his Forces to Move Without Orders, (August 22, 1937)
IX/4: Chief of the 157th Brigade's Letter Informing the Chief of the 48th Division about the Status of the 1st and 3rd Battalions, Corvera, (August 22, 1937)
IX/5: Letter from the Commander of the 157th Brigade Informs the Commander of Battalions I, II, and II that Forces are not able to Retreat Unless they have a Written order from the Commander of Captain, (August 22, 1937)
IX/6: Chief Commander of the 157th Brigade's Letter Informing the Commander of the Meabe Battalion that while the Forces of his Brigade are being Organized, His Battalion will depend on the Headquarter of the 157h Brigade
IX/7: Map of the Zone of Santander
IX/8: Chief Commander of the 157th Brigade's Letter asking the Commander of the 2nd Battalion if he has taken the Required Position
IX/9: Chief of the 48th Division's Letter Informing the Chief of the 157th Brigade that the Enemy has sent Four Tanks and Infantry to the Blasted Bridge, (August 22, 1937)
IX/10: Chief Commander of the 157th Brigade's Letter to the Commander of the 2nd Battalion Informing him that he has no Information about the Retreat of the 1st Battalion and Bakunin Battalion, San Roman, (August 23, 1937)
IX/11: 157th Brigade Letter to the Chief of the Munition Park ordering him to get the Munitions, (August 23, 1937)
IX/12: Letter from the Chief of the 157th Brigade to the Chief of the 48th Division stating that the Position in the 351st Cota and Pena laseda have been badly damaged and the status of Malatesta and his Brigade, San Roman (August 24, 1937)
IX/13: Letter from the Chief of the 157th Brigade to the Chief of the 48th Division stating that the Position in the 351st Cota and Pena laseda have been badly damaged and the status of Malatesta and his Brigade, San Roman (August 24, 1937)
IX/14: Letter from the Chief of the 157th Brigade to the Director of the Netle Factory Informing him that his Telephone Line is Taken for the War Services of the 157th Brigade, San Roman, (August 23, 1937)
IX/15: Decree About the Civic Militias ("Milicias Ciudadanoas") Militiamen, who are in the Army Service and can not work, that Stipulates they will be paid 10 pesetas daily, "Gaceta," (August 16, 1937)
IX/16: Credential Letter in favor of Pedro Lopez Aloso, worker of the Aviation Corps, Gipuzkoa, (August 28, 1937)
X/1: Letter from the Captain of the 4th Company to Lieutenant Vidal Vela Regarding his Commission as Captain of the 4th Company during the Captain's Convalescence, (September 18, 1937)
X/2: Pamphlet Encouraging the Organization Against Fascism
X/3: Letter from the Chief of the 2nd Battalion to the Chief of the 156th Brigade Explaining the Poor Situation of his Forces, (September 12, 1937)
X/4: Letter from the Major Chief to the Captain of the 238th Company Ordering the Captain's Company to be near the Antolin Cemetery, Posada, (September 17th, 1937)
X/5: Letter from the Major Chief to the Captains of the Companies Stating that the Enemy has been infiltrated by the Right and Awaits Orders
X/6: Greeting Letter from Luciano de Arteta to Gregorio Ocariz
X/7: Letter from Joaquin Mas y Blanco to the Subsecretary of the _____ and Air Minister Requesting to be included in the Aviation Service as a Pilot or Observer
X/8: Letter Describing the Poor Status of the 275th Battalion
X/9: Commander's Letter requesting that the Captains of the 1st and 3rd Companies send him the Present Personnel, a List of the Injured, and the Status of Munitions and Armaments, (September 10, 1937)
X/10: Colonel's Message to the General Chief of the 61st Division that has Sent Information about an Enemy Battalion Provided by an Escapee. However, the information is not included, Mere, (September 24, 1937)
X/11: Commission of Lieutenant Granted to Benjamin Menendez Gonzalez, Gipuzkoa, (September 1, 1937)
X/12: Note from the Commander of the 3rd Battalion to the Chief of the 157th Brigade Telling Him the Position of His Troops
X/13: Note to the Chief of the 157th Battalion
X/14: List of Existing Personnel of the Cuerpo del Ejercito No. 16, Cuartel de Nueva, (September 4, 1937)
X/15: Letter from the Chief Commander of Fortifications to the Military Commander of Llanes asking Permission to Requisition a Local for ______ it in a Recruitment Quarter of the Ingenieros Forces of the "Cuartel de Reclutamiento de las Fuerzas de Ingenieros del 14 Cuerpo del Ejercito"
X/16: List of Injured and Discharges, La Nueva, (September 14, 1937)
X/17: Voucher for Gasoline, Celorio, (September 2, 1937)
X/18: Ramon Echevarria's Motorcycle was set afire between Santander and Guipuzkoa, (Llanes, (September 4, 1937)
X/19: Food Service for Infantry Battalion No. 247, Celorio, (September 1, 1937)
X/20: Letter from the Military Commander to the Chief of Posada's Park Artillery Asking him to take Responsibility for Detailed War Material
X/21: Voucher for 10 Food Rations, Naves, (September 5, 1937)
X/22: Letter to the 3rd Company Captain stating the soldier Manuel Coto is Prohibited to Abandon the Quarter, Penal Brigade No., San Sebastian, (September 5, 1937)
X/23: Order for the 3rd Battalion of the 196th Brigade, Including Promotions for Major Gomez, Manuel Arredondo, and Fernando Caravera, Colloto, (September 7, 1937)
XI/1: A. Barcena's Letter to His Brother
XI/2: List of the Mixed Engineer Battalion No. 2 Crew
XI/3: Chief of the Battery's Letter to the Commander of Llanes to Imprison Sergeant Jose Alonso Nunez, (September 1937)
XI/4: Valentin Fernandez Fernandez's Letter Certifying the Death of Jeronimo Martinez Alonso of the 275th Battalion, Cangas de Onis, (October 3, 1937)
XI/5: List of the Members of Infantry Battalion 230's Machine Gun Company
XI/6: Chief of the 157th Brigade's Letter to the Chief of the 1st Division About the Status of the 1st and 3rd Battalions, Puente Viesgo, (August 20, 1937)
XI/7: Message from the Commander of Battalion No. 4 ("Bolibar") to the 157th Brigade Chief about the Forces of Battalion No. 4, Puente Viesgo, (August 20, 1937)
XI/8: Pedro Franco's letter to the 157th Brigade Chief about His Forces, Puente Viesgo, (August 20, 1937)
XII: Orders to Ready Buses to Transfer Soldiers
XII/1: Transport Section of the Defense Department (Euskadi) Order to Ready a Bus for 30 Soldiers for Transfer from Anurrio to Lekeitio
XII/2: Order to Transfer 100 Militiamen from Bilbao to Anurrio
XIII/1: Map of Roads of Bizkaia Containing Distance Between Towns
XIII/2: Handwritten Notes
XIII/3: Drawing of a Landscape (Farm and Mountain)
XIII/4: List of Vehicles
XIII/5: Number of Drivers in the Section of Military Transport
XIV: Troop Transfers on March 7th, 9th, and 11th, 1937, Bilbao, (March 14, 1937)
XV: Letter from Assistant Captain from the Transport Section (February 14, 1937)
XVI/1: Letter to the Chief of the Bus Convoy to transfer 250 Militiament of the Meebe Battalion to Algorta, Butron, (May 16, 1937)
XVI/2: 2nd Division's Chief of the Administrative Corps and Transport Requests Motorcyclist Services, Galdacano, (May 16, 1937)
XVI/3: 1st Division's Chief of the Administrative Corps Services and Transport Informs the Transport Delegate in the "Estado Mayor" about the Completed Services of Transferring Soldiers, Butron, (May 7, 1937)
XVI/4: Chief of the Administrative Corps' Services Informs the Transport's Delegate of the "Estado Mayor" about Vehicles, Lezana, (May 18, 1937)
XVI/5: Request to Transfer 400 Soldiers from Zamudio to Bilbao, (May 19, 1937)
XVI/6: Request from the Chief of Transport to the Transport's Chief of the Defense Department for the Names to Occupy Functions of the Transport Chief, (May 19, 1937)
XVI/7: Order to Transfer Lieutenant Felix Rodriguez Pascra from Bilbao to Gallarta, (May 19, 1937)
XVI/8: Order from the 3rd Division's Chief of the Administrative Corps' Services and Transports to Azcarreta to Transfer the 5th Company of Sappers from Zalla to Villaro, Yurre, (May 19, 1937)
XVI/9: Chief of Transports Request more Vehicles, (May 19, 1937)
XVI/10: Transferring of Soldiers and Substitution of Sergeants and Soldiers, (May and June 1937)
XVII/1: Plans of Bizkaia's Roads and Railways
XVII/2: Report about Bizkaian Bridges
XVIII: Telegrams
XVIII/1: Mariano Gamir Claims to have Received a copy of a Telegram sent to him by the Superior Council of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV). No Telegram included. Valencia, (July 2, 1937)
XVIII/2: National Defense Minister's Request to the General Chief of the Northern Army to Authorize the Transfer of Nicomedes Calvo Aguilar
XVIII/3: Five Telegrams from the National Defense Minister to the General Chief of the Northern Army
XIX: Telegrams
XIX/1: General Chief of the Northern Army Requests "Katiuskas" and a Destroyer, (July 22, 1937)
XIX/2: General Chief of the Northern Army Informs the National Defense Minister that a Spiny Wire was sent to Gipuzkoa
XIX/3: General Chief of the Northern Army Questions the General Chief of the Center Army About the Incorporation of Colonel Adolfo Prada
XIX/4: General Chief of the Northern Army Informs the Defense Minister that the Fascist Boats "Canarias" or "Baleares" are around
XIX/5: General Chief of the Northern Army Informs the National Defense Minister That the Preparation Finished and the First of Two Acts Begins, (July 27, 1937)
XIX/6: General Chief of the Northern Army Describes the Status of the Battle in Aguilar de Campo to the National Defense Minister, (June 30, 1937)
XIX/7: General Chief Informs the National Defense Minister that the Operation has bee Postponed for 24 Hours as a result of the Presence of the boats "Cervera" and Baleares", (July 30, 1937)
XX: Telegrams
XX/1: General Chief of the Northern Army Inform the National Defense Minister that Authorization is Required to Embark, Santander, (August 5, 1937)
XX/2: General Chief of the Northern Army Informs the National Defense Minister about his Visit to the Trubia Factory, Santander, (August 5, 1937)
XX/3: General Chief of the Northern Army Informs the National Defense Minister that he Needs Permission to Travel to France to Obtain Sanitary Material, Santander, (August 5, 1937)
XX/4: General Chief of the Northern Army Informs the National Defense Minister that Commander Ernesto LaFuente is not Ill, Santander, (August 7, 1937)
XX/5: General Chief of the Northern Army's Greeting to the Superior Commissioner of the War, Santander, (August 8, 1937)
XX/6: General Chief of the Northern Army Discusses with the National Defense Minister the Formation of the Carabineer Column, Santander, (August 8, 1937)
XX/7: General Chief of the Northern Army Writes to the National Defense Minister of his Admiration and Respect for Spain and the Republic, Santander, (August 8, 1937)
XX/8: General Chief of the Northern Army Requests 120 Rolls of 'Cianografico' Paper and Black Line from the Chief of the Estado Mayor Central, Santander, (August 9, 1937)
XX/9: General Chief of the Northern Army Informs the National Defense Minister that he Received Information on the Evacuation of Bilbao on July 18th, Santander, (August 10, 1937)
XX/10: General Chief of the Northern Army Informs the National Defense Minister of the War Boats "Ciscar," "Diez," "Cervera," and "Galerna" in Gipuzkoa, Santander, (August 11, 1937)
XX/11: General Chief of the Northern Army Informs the National Defense Minister About the Status of the "Cervera" and "Luis Diez" n Gipuzkoa' Harbor, Santander, (August 12, 1937)
XX/12: General Chief of the Northern Army Requests Authorization for the Industry Counselor Pantaleon Leon, the Secretary Antonio Aznar Mutino, and Auxiliary Emilio Sanchez, to go to England and France to Resolve the Mission Regarding the Merchant Fleet from the National Defense Minister, Santander, (August 12, 1937)
XX/13: General Chief of the Northern Army Requests Delimiting Attributions in the Destiny of the Commissioner of the Brigade from the General Commissioner, Santander, (August 12, 1937)
XX/14: General Chief of the Northern Army Informs the National Defense Minister of the Combat in Cueto and Valdecebollas and the Bombing Position in Echeandia, Santander, (August 14, 1937)
XX/15: General Chief of the Northern Army Informs the National Defense Minister of the Superiority of the Enemy's Aviation, Santander, (August 15, 1937)
XX/16: General Chief of the Northern Army Informs the National Defense Minister of the Lost Positions in Cueto, Valdecebollas, Sextil Pena, Astia Pena, Labra Cuesta, Labra Colladillo and Torrebreda and Enemy Attacks, Santander, (August 25, 1937)
XX/17: General Chief of the Northern Army Informs the National Defense Minister of the Combat Results in the Asturias Zone, Santander, (August 17, 1937)
XX/18: General Chief of the Northern Army Informs the National Defense Minister of the Status of the War Fronts, Santander, (August 19, 1937)
XX/19: General Chief of the Northern Army Inform the National Defense Minister of Enemy Occupation in Vega de Pas and Being Rejected in Ontaneda, Barcena, and Villacarriedo, Santander, (August 20, 1937)
XXI: Telegrams
XXI/1: National Defense Minister Responds to the General Chief of the Northern Army that he Received the Telegram about the Promotion of soldier Jesus Rocha Seoane, Valencia
XXI/2: National Defense Minister Authorizes the trip of Colonet Lieutenant Pineiro
XXI/3: National Defense Minister Informs the General Chief of the Northern Army that he is unable to send Aviation Arms, Valencia
XXI/4: National Defense Minister Informs the General Chief of the Northern Army about the Possibility of an Enemy Attack on Santander
XXI/5: National Defense Minister Informs the General Chief of the Northern Army that the Fascists Have 12 Airplanes and Waiting for Reinforcements to Attack from Villasana de Mean
XXI/6: National Defense Minister Questions the General Chief of the Northern Army if the Commander of the Ernesto de la Fuente has to be Transferred to the South or North for Health Reasons
XXI/7: National Defense Minister Requests from the General Chief of the Northern Army Facilities to Organize a Car binary Brigade
XXI/8: National Defense Minister Responds to the General Chief of the Northern Army Request for Information
XXI/9: National Defense Minister Informs the General Chief of the Northern Army that the Ambassador in Paris has stated that the Insurgents are Planning to Attack Santander
XXI/10: National Defense Minister Asks the General Chief of the Northern Army about the Commissioner Larranaga
XXI/11: National Defense Minister Informs the General Chief of the Northern Army that he has Authorized the trip of Santiago Aznar and his Functionaries to London to the Basque Counselor
XXI/12: National Defense Minister Informs the General Chief of the Northern Army of the Cessation of the Commissioner Larranaga
XXI/13: National Defense Minister Informs the General Chief of the Northern Army that if the North Railway Line is Free the Transportation of the Material from the Reinosa Industrial Installations Be Done in Santander
XXI/14: President of the Minister Council Congratulates the General Chief of Northern Army

BSQAP 0203 Old call number : Series I: Republican Forces Box V

I/1: Permission for Jose Martins to be Transferred to Santander, Bilbao (March 13, 1937)
I/2: Permission Request from the boat 'Bizkaya' to Rest, (March 11, 1937)
I/3: Adeline Gonzalez's Letter to the Personnel Chief of Euzkadi's Navy Informing about the Lack of Cooks and Waitresses on the Boat 'Bizkaya'
I/4: Commander Alejo Bilbao's Letter Informing the Personnel Chief of Euzkadi's Navy that he has given Permission to Rest for two and a half days to Half the Crew, Portugalete, (March 13, 1937)
II/1: Juan de Dunabeitia y Moat's Letter to Government of Euzkadi Certifying that Tiburcio Eizaguirre has served as an Agent of the Provincial Corp of the Marine Police Since the Beginning of the Subversive Movement, Bilbao (May 1, 1937)
II/2: Juan de Dunabeitia y Moat's Letter to the Government of Euzkadi Proportioning a list of people who were Marine Policemen that may be included in His Headquarters, Bilbao, (June 2, 1937)
II/3: Juan de Dunabeitia y Moat's Recommendation of Francisco Uriarte to the Euzkadi Government Headquarters, Bilbao, (June 2, 1937)
II/4: Handwritten Note Authorizing Mariner Celedonio Elkano to go to Lekeitio, Bilbao, (April 2, 1937)
II/5: Authorization for a Mariner to Rest at Home, Portugalete, (April 1, 1937)
II/6: Jose Martinez's Letter from the Boat "Gipuzkoa" Noting Jose Bargain's Accident, (May 30, 1937)
II/7: Eugenio Martinez's Letter Asking for Equipment for the Mariner Gregorio Bilbao, El Abram, (June 5, 1937)
II/8: Letter Noting Jose Azure's Accident
III/1: Envelop from the Euzkadi Government's Defense Department Headquarter for the Navy sent to the Skipper of the "Nazareno No. 9"
III/2: Envelop from the Euzkadi Government's Defense Department Headquarter sent to the Skipper of the "Nazareno No. 9" Requesting he use Printed Paper to Inform of any Departure, Bilbao, (March 21, 1937)
III/3: Permission Request to go Home sent to Commander Eladio Cruz, (March 20, 1937)
III/4: Permission Request for Julio Irritable to go to Bermeo from the Steamer 'Euskal-Erria', Portugalete, (March 24, 1937)
III/5: Permission Request for Nicolas Australia to go to Bermeo, Portugalete, (March 31, 1937)
III/6: Permission Request, Portugalete, (February 29, 1937)
III/7: Permission Authorization from the Boat "Gure Izarra," Portugalete, (March 31, 1937)
III/8: Permission Request from the Boat "Gure Artizar," Portugalete, (February 15, 1937)
III/9: Permission Authorization for Mariners Francisco Valencia and Gregorio Itzurrieta, Portugalete, (March 16, 1937)
IV: Permission Requests from the 'Araba' for Mariners
V: Permission Requests from the 'Ipareko-Izara" for Mariners
VI: Permission Requests from the 'Domayo' for Mariners
VII: Permission Requests from the 'Nabarra; for Mariners
VIII: Recommendation Letters to Mr. Larrondo for People Wishing to Enter the Navy
IX/1: Letter of Denial for a Transfer
IX/2: Miguel Labia's Letter Requesting Clarification of the Destruction done to the Steamer 'Deafen', (May 25, 1937)
IX/3: Ambrosio Arostegui's Letter Informing the Chief of Euzkadi's Navy that Jose Bargain is having Surgery and will not be able to work temporarily, (May 30, 1937)
IX/4: Candido Bilbao Laguna's Letter Asking for an Answer to His Request to enter the Euzkadi Navy (Gordexola Battalion)
IX/5: Luis de Areola's Letter to Jose Antonio de Durañona asking to enter Miguel de Lopetegui y Urrutia in the Navy's Machinery Department, Baracaldo, (June 3, 1937)
IX/6: Felipe Gigue's Letter to Luciano de Arteta asking that Ricardo Bagiola Arrizabalaga be Incorporated into the Euzkadi Navy, Bilbao, (June 3, 1937)
X/1: Letter Proportioning a Artillerymen who know how to use the "Vickers" Canons
X/2: Recommendations for the Euzkadi Navy, Roof Villa and Sebastian Martinez, Bilbao, (June 7, 1937)
X/3: Recommendations for the Euzkadi Navy, Felipe Goitiz Arriaga and Anastasio Marquez Uraga, Bilbao, (June 7, 1937)
X/4: Recommendations for the Euzkadi Navy, Miguel Garcia undo and Jose Mendiazabal Gomez, Bilbao, (June 7, 1937)
X/5: Request for the Euzkadi Navy, Esteban Sustacha, Bilbao, (June 7, 1937)
X/6: Request for the Euzkadi Navy, Martin Lopez, Bilbao, (June 5, 1937)
X/7: Note Offering a Transfer of an Artilleryman and Carpenter to the Boat 'Infanta Isabel'
X/8: Cards from Leandro Ercoreca, Jose de Lecube, Victor de Lili y Galdames, and Bernadino Bilbao
X/9: Note from Burgaña to Larrondo Asking him to Incorporate Two People in the Volunteering
X/10: Recommendation, Pablo Bilbao, (May 24, 1937)
X/11: Request for the Euzkadi Navy, Francisco Barbarias y Laka, (June 4, 1937)
X/12: Requests for the Euzkadi Navy, Pablo Bagiola Bastida and Antonio Gabiola Beraluze, (June 3, 1937)
X/13: Recommendation, Modesto de Alcibar y Arreguia, Algorta, (June 4, 1937)
X/14: Recommendation, Fulgencio de Bilbao y Oquendo, Algoarta (June 3, 1937)
X/15: Recommendation, Norberto Lopez
X/16: Recommendations, Gregorio Goitia Meabe, Fabian Arteagabeitia Mendieta, Jacinto Goitia Zelaya, and Pedro Jose Goitiz Bastarrika
X/17: Recommendation, Bartolome Gabiola y Arrinida
X/18: Recommendation, Antonio Ibaceta Arruti, (May 1937)
X/19: Request, Victor Samtidrian, (June 5, 1937)
X/20: Request, Albino Palenque Bilbao, (June 7, 1937)
XI/1: Recommendation, Eusebio Aranzamendi y Gorostola
XI/2: Inscription Status of Juan Iramategui Etxaburu and Meliton Bedialauneta Egia
XI/3: Recommendation, Ignacio Ibaceta Arakistain
XI/4: Recommendation, Ramon Burgos Arrizabalaga
XI/5: Recommendation, Daniel Gellastegui Echaburu
XI/6: Recommendation, Inaki Arrizabalaga
XI/7: Recommendation, David Egurrola Arrizabalaga
XI/8: Recommendation, Francisco Betialde Chapelgain
XI/9: Recommendations, Jose Lazaro y Egia de Juan de Saria y Arigoriaga
XI/10: Recommendation, Manuel Lopez Arregui
XI/11: Request for Employment, Julian Ureta Elexpuru
XI/12: Letter Requesting a Favor for a Brother's Good Friend
XII/1: Recommendation, Jose ma. Aranberia Igotz, Bilbao, (June 3, 1937)
XII/2: Mr Navarro Agrees to Incorporate Francisco Baiales Elorza into the Marine Service, Bilbao, (June 5, 1937)
XII/3: Recommendations, Daniel Pascual Artetxe, Arcadio Otxoa San Martin, Daniel Luccia Fernandez, and Felipe Bravo Ariola, Bilbao, (June 4, 1937)
XII/4: Recommendation, Palcide Echevarria
XII/5: Recommendation, Pedro de Gorostola Iturriza
XII/6: Recommendation, Clemente Sierra San Vicente
XII/7: Gratitude Letter from Santiago Chausson to Eguia, Bilbao, (June 1, 1937)
XII/8: Recommendation, Miguel de Laida
XIII/1: Recommendation, Angel Urbano, Bilbao, (May 25, 1937)
XIII/2: Recommendation, Juan Antonio de Bilbao y Azkarate, Bilbao, (May 22, 1937)
XIII/3: Recommendation, Miguel de Laida y Osa
XIII/4: Recommendation, Pablo Irusquieta San Esteban
XIII/5: Jesus Ma. Navarro Anchustegui's Request for a Naval Job, Bilbao, (June 4, 1937)
XIV: Receipts for Food Supplies from the War Administrative Corps of Elgueta
XV: Receipts for Food Supplies from the War Administrative Corps of Elgueta
XVI/1: Checkbook of "Izquierda Republicana"
XVI/2: Supply Receipts, Elorrio, (October 6, 1936)
XVI/3: Militiaman Francisco Gueneche Aguirrebengoa Returned His Weapon, Amurrio, (January 13, 1937)
XVI/4: Jesus Echevarrieta Mendiguren Returned His Pistol, Urquiola, (January 14, 1937)
XVI/5: Food and Gas Receipts, Zarautz, (February 7, 1936)
XVI/6: Authorization for Felix Aranzadi to Visit the Arrested in the Balmer Palace, Dera, (August 20, 1936)
XVI/7: Congratulations and Gratitude Letter, Guetaria, (March 20, 1937)
XVII: Photographs of War Boats
XVIII: Cuff Links with Ikurrina Colors and Euskadi Buckler on a Piece of Metal
XIX/1: Request, Abelardo Diaz
XIX/2: Request, Asensio Legarreta, Artebacarra, (June 6, 1937)
XIX/3: Request, Jose Royo Sarguesa, Erandio, (June 7, 1937)
XIX/4: Request, Manuel Tobio Romani, Barakaldo, (June 8, 1937)
XX/1: Information on the Boats "Arriluce" and "Konstan" and the Behavior of Manuel Urrutia, Bilbao, (August 27, 1937)
XX/2: Merchant Marine Report
XX/3: Behavior of Solidaries, Bilbao, (August 27, 1936)
XX/4: List of the Spanish Naval Vessels
XX/5: Naval Strategy to Defeat Enemy Boats "Baleares" and "Cervera"

BSQAP 0204 Old call number : Series I: Republican Forces Box VI

I/1: Food Supply Receipts, Military Administrative Corps (Eibar)
I/2: Safe-Conduct Forms, Military Administrative Corps (Eibar)
I/3: Letter Suggesting Training the Armorers to Problems with Positioning, Eibar, (January 18, 1937)
I/4: Ramon Amilibia's Letter Stating that the Booths are Installed, Eiber, (February 4, 1937)
I/5: Order stating the Chiefs and Officers of the Battalions can not Leave Positions Without Written Permission from the Militar Majority
I/6: Order Requiring the Chiefs to Leaving a Note Before Going into Service, Eibar, (December 27, 1936)
I/7: Letter to the Captain of the 'Azkatuta' Company
I/8: Order Requesting the Captain of the 'Azkatuta' Company to report how much armament his company has, (January 9, 1937)
I/9: Confirmation that the "vainas" of the muskets have been picked up, (January 28, 1937)
I/10: 'Azkatuta' Company will Deliver a paper to provide them Food and Tobacco, (January 2, 1937)
I/11: Notice Given that the "Aztatuta' Company will be Inspected the Next Day, (January 12, 1937)
I/12: Order Requiring the Captain of the 'Aztatuta' Company to name a Guard, (January 12, 1937)
I/13: Notice stating that Pedestrian Circulation is Prohibited between night fall and sunrise, (January 5, 1937)
I/14: Notice that Getting a Voucher for Food or Clothes Requires People in Sign-in, (November 1936)
I/15: Handwritten Notes about Armament and Supplies
II: Food Supply Receipts from the Militar Administrative Corps (Eibar)
III: Food Supply Receipts from the Militar Administrative Corps (Eibar)
IV: Vouchers for Gas and Car Maintenance (Popular Front in Zarautz, Gipuzkoa)
V/1: Vouchers for Utensils, Militar Administrative Corps (Eibar)
V/2: Vouchers for Meals, Militar Administrative Corps (Eibar)
VI: Campaign Diary of the Group "La Metalla"

BSQAP 0205 Old call number : Series I: Republican Forces Box VII

I: Bus Request for Soldiers to Move to Artatza Quarter, Lexona, (May 17, 1937)
II: Instruction Orders and Quotes (April and May 1937)
III: Instruction Orders and Quotes (April 1937)
IV: Report about the "Martiartu" Battalion, Elgeta, (March 15, 1937)
V: Instruction Orders and Quotes, "Largo Caballero" (March and April 1937)
VI: Instruction Orders and Quotes for Infantry Battalion No. 20 (April and May 1937)
VII: Instruction Orders, Battalion of Euzkadi's Mortars, (March 1937)
VIII: Letter About the School of Bitoritza, Brigade No. 17, Portugalete, (February 4, 1937)
XIV/1: Injury Report sent to Domingo de Letamendi, Portugalete, (February 4, 1937)
XIV/2: Transfer Order for Celestino Cardas y Negal to "Escolapios Quarter, (December 26, 1936)
XIV/3: Injured Report Letter, Eibar, (January 2, 1937)
XIV/4: Lists of Kitchen Tools and Other Objects and Materials
XIV/5: Designation of Jose Cristobal as Armorer for the 4th Company of Machine Guns ("Ariztimuno"), Bilbao, (January 12, 1937)
XIV/6: Request that Remaining Tobacco be Reserved for the Section ("Assistance to Injured and Sick")
XIV/7: Letter Requesting the 4th Company Sub-Officer to fill out Application Forms About those in his Company
XIV/8: Letter Requesting the 4th Company Captain to Inform about His Company's Personnel, Portugalete, (January 26, 1937)
XIV/9: Letter to the 4th Company "Azkatuta" Captain to Write an Everyday Report on the Status of his Forces
X: List of Existing Personnel in the Auxiliary Services Battalion
XI: Letter Requesting that the "M.A.I. Ariztinuto" Company Captain Inform the Chief of Ochandiano-Aranayona Sector about the Armament of his Company
XII: Instruction Orders and Quotes for the Battalion of Mountain Garellano No. 6 (March, May , June 1937)
XIII: Instruction Order for Battalion No. 1 (Engineers of the Euzkadi's Army)
XIV: Instruction Order fro Militiamen Battalion No. 31 (Zabalbide)
XV: Instruction Orders for the Socialist Militias and U.G.T. (Battalion No. 1: "Fulgencio Mateos")
XVI: Instruction Orders and Quotes for Battalion M.A.O.C. No. 1
XVII: Lieutenant Colonel Joaquin Vidal Informs the Counselor of Defense (Bilbao) about Infantry Captain Pablo Pozo Cantabrana, Ochandiano, (November 5, 1936)
XVIII/1: Telegrams from the Northern Army Chief General to the National Defense Minister
XVIII/2: Felicismo de Larrianaga's Basque Statue (El Estatuto Vascongado), 1931
XIX: Instruction Orders and Quotes from the Battalion C.N.T. No. 4
XX/1: Commander Chief's Letter Mentions His Battalion is in Elorrio, not Bilbao, (March 30, 1937)
XX/2: Brigade No. 6 Chief (2nd Division) Mentions His Located in the Quarter of Battalion No. 4 (School of Uribarri)
XXI: Photographs of Basque Nationalists
XXII/1: Identity Card of Student Teresa Iriarte y Larraneta
XXII/2: Postcard from Miguel de Unamuno
XXII/3: Postcard from Dolores Ibarruri ("Pasionaria")
XXII/4: Photograph of a Political Meeting
XXII/5: Photograph in Paris, (March 1935)
XXII/6: Photograph of the Communist Party of Euzkadi
XXII/7: Photograph of Josef Stalin's Face
XXII/8: Funny Postcards
XXIII: Postcards of Gernika and Madrid After the Bombing

BSQAP 0206 Old call number : Series I: Republican Forces Box VIII

I/1: Reorganization of the Socialist Children's Group in Eibar (Casa del Pueblo), (July 11, 1936)
I/2: List of Debtor Towns, San Sebastian, (June 30, 1936)
I/3: Debtors and Favorable Balance, San Sebastian , (July 1936)
I/4: Announcement of a Provincial Congress of the Workers General Union, San Sebastian, (July 1936)
II/1: Pamphlet Encouraging People to Vote the Left
II/2: Pamphlet Against the Revolution
II/3: Advertisement of the "Frente Nacional Contrarevolucionario de Union de Derechas"
II/4: Death Notes for Alejandro Velarde, Luis Zuazola Larranaga, Rafael Olazabal y Yhon, Dionisio Arana, and Pompeyo Perez, etc.
II/5: "Frente Popular" Pamphlet Announcing a Political Meeting
II/6: Report of the Basque Problem and Alternative
II/7: Accion Revisionista Espanola Pamphlet
II/8: Pedro Ruiz's Letter about a New Payment Method for Teachers through La Caja de Ahorros Municipal de Bilbao
III: List of Chiefs and Officers with Addresses and Corps)
IV: List of the Components of the Linking and Transmission Battalion
V/1: Letter about Francisco Guerrero Pereiera, Portugalete, (November 9, 1936)
V/2: Authorization for Baltasar Garcia and Isidoro Mateos to Establish the Bank, Bilbao (June 17, 1937)
V/3: Militar Majority Order About How to Promote 2nd Lieutenants and Brigades to Lieutenants, (December 21, 1936)
V/4: Authorizations for Displacement
V/5: Summary against Benito Rodriguez the Captain of the Battalion No. 3 4th Company, Bilbao, (June 11, 1937)
V/6: Material of Battalion No. 45, Bilbao, June 6, 1937)
V/7: General Topics
I: Information about Manuel Errazti Albizu, Bilbao, (December 16, 1936)
II: Bilbao, (November 20, 1936)
III: Bilbao, (December 7, 1936)
IV: Order Reserving the Auxiliary Services and Office Jobs for Older People or For Those People Incapable of Serving in Armed Units, Bilbao, (December 1, 1936)
V: Order of Informing About All Employees, etc, Bilbao, (January 29, 1936)
VI: Jose Conde Carballo and Antonio Cuevas Bilbao's Letter Asking to Exclude their Names from the Calling done to Sergeants and Sub-Officers
VII: Bilbao, (December 1, 1936)
VIII: List of the Office Material, Bilbao, (November 6, 1936)
IX: Bilbao, (November 5, 1936)
V/8: General Topics
I: Bilbao, (November 20, 1936)
II: Bilbao, (December 7, 1936)
III: Bilbao, (January 11, 1937)
IV: Bilbao, (November 12, 1936)
V/9: General Topics
I: Bilbao, (April 2, 1937)
II: Durango, (October 30, 1936)
III: Durango, (October 28, 1936)
IV: Durango, (October 27, 1936)
V: Durango, (October 26, 1936)
VI: Durango, (October 25, 1936)
VII: Durango, (October 24, 1936)
VIII: Durango, (November 15, 1936)
V/10: General Topics
I: Undisciplined Behavior of Julian Ortiz, Bilbao, (June 1, 1937)
II: Galdacano, (May 15, 1937)
III: Etxazo, (June 9, 1937)
VI: List of the Components of the Mixture First Battalion of Engineers
VII: List of People
VIII: List of the Components of the Sappers Battalion No. 5 (San Andres)
IX: Information on the Mixture Brigade and Infantry Battalion
X/1: List of the Engineers Battalion No. 4
X/2: Distribution of the UGT Battalions
X/3: Awarding of Quarters to the Units, Bilbao, (May 30. 1937)
X/4: List of Retired Chiefs, Officers and Sub-Officers and List of Components of the Bilbao's Operation Column in Giupuzcoa Sector of Marquina Administrative Corps
XI: List of the Components of the Engineers Battalion No. 4
XII: List of the Components of the Engineers Central Park of Miravalles
XIII: List of the Components of the Euzkadi's Mortars Battalion No. 72, Baracaldo, (June 9, 1937)
XIV: Photographs of Jose Antonio Aguirre, Sota and His Wife, and the President's Building
XV/1: Letter Stating that Officer Alfonso Elorduy Fay did not show up, Bilbao, (April 6, 1937)
XV/2: Julio Ochoa's New Address, Barrio de la Cruz 2o-3 izq -- Bilbao, Durango, (November 12, 1936)
XV/3: Letter about Artillery General Lieutenant Luis Solano's Illness
XV/4: Personnel and Chiefs, Santander, December 13, 1936
XV/5: Engineer Melchor Dueso Landaida's Letter About Himself, Bilbao, (October 27, 1936)
XV/6: Medical Certificates about Juan Ortiz Oleaga and of the "Colegio de Vizcaya"
XV/9: Letter with Information about Retired Infantry Lieutenant Mariano Lodoso Mayor, Amorebieta, (November 6, 1936)
XV/10: Letter stating that it is Necessary for once-retired Emilio Rodriguez de Arce to Continue In Military Service
XV/11: Note from Jose Barcaitegui y Garmendia to the President of the Defense Council of Euzkadi
XV/12: Order for all Retired Generals, Chiefs, and Officers to be Present, Guernica, (November 5, 1937)
XV/13: Letter noting that Retired Infantry Lieutenant has been Called back to Military Service, Amorebieta, (November 7, 1936)
XV/14: Francisco Garcia Requests a Continuance in the Military, Durango, (November 7, 1936)
XV/I: List of Division, Brigade, and Battalion Militar Chiefs
XV/II: Composition of the Commissariat
XV/III: List of the Militar Chiefs and Political Commissioners of Division, Brigade, and Battalion
XVII/1: Identification Card for Dr. Andres Crescencio Urruela
XVII/2: Rationing Card from Gernika
XVII/3: Alimentation and Rationing Card from Guecho
XVIII/1: Postcards
XVIII/2: A Book entitled The Chemical War: Instruction Against the Air Bombing by Augusto Ruiz Monzon (Chemical Engineer)
XIX/1: Regulations of the National Work Confederation
XIX/2: (Quotation) Estados de Cotizacion de los Anos 1937 y 1938
XIX/3: (Quotation) Spanish Medical Trade Union Federation (UGT)
XX: Two Pieces of Military Uniform
XXI: Postcards of the Children's Orphanage, (1936-1937)
XXII: Ikurrina
XXIII: Membership Cards from "Emakume Abertzale Batza"

BSQAP 0207 Old call number : Series I: Republican Forces Box IX

I/1: Small Map of Euzkadi (Includes the 7 Provinces)
I/2: Songs
I/3: Advertisement of a Political Meeting in Legazpia
I/4: Advertisement of a Conference, Bergara, (December 1931)
I/5: Pamphlets Defending the Basque Candidature of Antonio Pildain Zapiain, Julio Urkijo Ibarra, Rafael Picavea Leguia, and Jesus M. Leizaola Sanchez
I/6: Pamphlet of the Nationalist Candidature for the Parliament
I/7: Songs
I/8: Advertisement for a Political Meeting in Estella
I/9: Report About the Foundation of the Association "Euskeraren Adiskideak" in Navarre and a Document by the Association
I/10: Book entitled Basis for a Basque Nationalist Government written by Ramon de Belausteguigoitia, Bilbao, (November 16, 1918)
I/11: Book entitled Regulation of the 'Basque Youth' of Bilbao, Bilbao, (March 29, 1912)
I/12: Pamphlet: "The Basque Problem: The Alternative" by Eusko Gaztedi
I/13: Political Program of the "Republican-Socialist-Basque Nationalist Action Coalition," Santander, June 23, 1931
I/14: Application Form to enter the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV)
I/15: Instructions (in Basque)
I/16: Invitation Card to the Conference of Regional Studies in the Basque Center in Gascon
I/17: Advertisement of Air France
I/18: Newsletter about the Basque University, Biarritz, (November 1948)
I/19: "Galicia Euzkadi Cataluna," A Critical Historical Review of the Spanish State and the Requests for Self Determination
I/20: Pamphlet about the Basque Race
I/21: Manifesto of the "Euzkadi Buru Batzarra" Regarding the Death of Jose Antonio de Agirre, (1960)
I/22: Pamphlet Informing Basque Nationalists of the Demise of the Francist Regime
I/23: "The Persecution to the Euzkera" (International Conference Paper) and Newsletter
I/24: 'Euzko Deya' Newsletter
I/25: Newsletter entitled "Gudari-Euzko Gaztedi del Interior" No. 6, (October 1961)
I/26: Newspaper, "Lunes-Hoja Oficial de Navarra:, Pamplona, (May 2, 1938)
I/27: Paper Addressed to the Basque Youth about Nationalism, Race, Language, and Territory
I/28: Translation of some Blas Alegria Lacunza's Songs of 1915 and 1916, (June 10, 1929)
I/29: List of the Components of the Patriotic Union of Pamplona
I/30: 'Euzkotarrak Irakurri!' Pamphlet Defends the Nationalist Idea of Sovereignty of Euzkadi
I/31: EKA Paper "Euskal Kulturaren Alde"
I/32: Newsletters: "Patria" (No. 39, Bilbao, April 3, 1904), "Alderdi" (1960s), "Democratie Moderne (No. 3), "ELA," Aurrera (No. 11, "Aberri Eguna:, April 18, 1965), and La Voix Du Pays Basque (No. 5, March 1973)
I/33: ETA's Manifesto to the Basque Country, (January 1, 1964)
I/34: Regulations of the Committee of the Spanish Political Refugees Unity in France Folder II:
II/1: Paper about the "Fueros" and the Spanish Law
II/2: Paper about the Spiritual Origins of the Basque Country (only one page, rest missing)
II/3: Inscription Paper for the Reception Honoring Basque Poet Jose Maria de Aguirre
II/4: Report about the Lactation of the Baby
II/5: Paper about the Basque Language (Euskera, only two pages available)
III/1: Affiliation Card of the "Partido Socialista Obrero"
III/2: Approved Resolution by the Central Committee of the Unified Socialist Party of Catalunya, (February 1, 1937)
III/3: Pamphlet About the Destitution of the Governor Mr. Andres
III/4: Pamphlet Against the Shutdown of the Free Schools of the Religious Orders
III/5: Pamphlet Advertising the Socialist Candidate
III/6: Cartel for the Murillo's Workers to Vote for the Republicans
III/7: Newsletter of the Spanish Socialist Labourer Party
III/8: Announcement an April 18th Strike Against the Assassination of Two People
III/9: Socialist Candidature for the Parliament
III/10: Bishop of Vitoria's Condemnation Text Criticizing the Pamphlet "Judaism, Nationalism and Communism"
III/11: Statutes/Regulations of the Guipuzkoa UGT (1934)
III/12: Pamphlet Against Clericalism in Spain
III/13: Republican Meeting Advertisement in Pamplona, (December 1931)
III/14: History of Spain and the Republic, San Sebastian, (April 1931)
IV/1: Doctor Astro's Advice for the Militiamen
IV/2: Pamphlets Encouraging the Defense of the Republican Side
IV/3: Provincial Committee of the Asturias Communist Party
V/1: Constitution of the Soviet Union (USSR)
V/2: Book Description of the Communist Party, Bilbao (1937)
V/3: Pamphlet of the Communist Party of Euzkadi
V/4: Pamphlet Directed to Navarre's Anti-Fascists by the "Socorro Rojo Internacional"
VI: Memory of the 3rd Provincial Conference of UGT Celebrated in San Sebastian, (September 11, 1934)
VII: List of the Battalions, Bilbao (June 9, 1934)
VIII: Euzkadi Army Corps Health Service Department
IX/1: Studies Circle for the Advertiser of the Basque Nationalist Party, (February 23, 1934)
IX/2: Regional Organization of the Basque Nationalist Party in Gipuzkoa
IX/3: Summary of the Basque Nationalist Party's Organization

BSQAP 0208 Old call number : Series I: Republican Forces Box X

Newspaper Clippings from Diario Vasco, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, News Chronicle, La Gaceta del Norte, Catholic Herald, La Petite Gironche, Evening Standard, Observer Sunday, Daily Express, Manchester Guardian, Daily Mail, Le Temps, Financial News, Telegraph and Morning Post, Le Journal, Catholic Times, Universe, Daily Sketch, and Le Sud-Quest

BSQAP 0209 Old call number : Series I: Republican Forces Box XI

Newspaper Clippings from Diario Vasco, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, News Chronicle, La Gaceta del Norte, Catholic Herald, La Petite Gironche, Evening Standard, Observer Sunday, Daily Express, Manchester Guardian, Daily Mail, Le Temps, Financial News, Telegraph and Morning Post, Le Journal, Catholic Times, Universe, Daily Sketch, and Le Sud-Quest

BSQAP 0210 Old call number : Series II: Nationalist Forces Box I. Military Majority in Zarautz

I: Letters to Zarautz Military Commander Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui
I/1: Letter from Petra Gorria and Gurruclaga's Wisdom Asking for help for Santiago Martin Virseda's Wife, Guetaria, (August 8, 1939)
I/2: Emiliano Alberdi Congratulates Huarte y de Jauregui for his Homage Celebration, Zarautz, March 5, 1938
I/3: Concerning the Payment of Reparations, (November 12, 1938)
I/4: Policarpo Gonzalez's Gratitude Letter, (November 12, 1938)
I/5: Angel Munarain's Condolence Letter on the First Anniversary of His Father's Death, Pamplona, (June 26, 1939)
I/6: Valladolid, (October 11, 1939)
I/7: Letter from Egana Industries Claiming Lack of Payment for Services, Motrico, (October 8, 1939)
I/8: Gratitude Letter For Material Sent to the "Nucleo Chirurgico Chiurco" Hospital (In Italian), Zumaya, (April 24, 1939)
I/9: Information on the Collection of 3,000 Kilograms of Dark Pyro in Zarautz, Valladolid, (January 8, 1939)
I/10: Rafael Perez's Condolence Letter for His Father's Death
I/11: Paz de Ciganda's Letter Against the Destruction of the San Pedro Bridge, Pamplona, (August 14, 1939)
I/12: Jose Maria Baigorri's Congratulations Letter for Becoming a Member of the Organizer Committee of the Patronage for the International Exposition of the Sacro Art in Vitoria, San Sebastian, (February 21, 1939)
I/13: Military Majority will Remain, Burgos, (September 14, 1937)
I/14: Friend's Letter Regarding Her Children, Santurce, (May 1, 1939)
I/15: Alfonso de Churruca's Gratitude Letter, (May 14, 1939)
I/16: Jose Aizpiri Atristain's Information about the Military Majority's Account Number
I/17: Paulino Goitia's Request for Monetary Assistance for His Library, Dera, (November 21, 1939)
I/18: Ignacio Ruiz de Galarreta's Request for Information about the Stamp of the Foundation and its "Book of Minutes, Pamplona, (October 16, 1939)
I/19: Jose Izco's Request for His Son's Transfer from Zamora to Pamplona, (August 8, 1939)
I/20: Jose de Churruca's Request for Assistance with his Heraldry Work in Navarre, Bilbao, (September 27, 1939)
I/21: Electrical Installation, Zarautz, (November 16, 1938)
I/22: Teresa de Amilibia's Request for Assistance in Maintaining Running Water at Home, Zarautz, (August 28, 1937)
I/23: Luis Valdes's Letter Regarding the Auditor Colonel's Presentation Letter, Burgos, (September 24, 1938)
I/24: Condolence Letter, San Sebastian, (June 29, 1938)
I/25: Handwritten Note
I/26: Manuel J. Roldan's Letter, San Ildefonso, (July 26, 1939)
I/27: Note Certifying that Maria Rosa de Arvizu y Despujol Worked in the Information and War S.O.S. Office in Navarre
I/28: Handwritten Note
I/29: Maria Lourdes del Sagrado Corazon's Letter Requesting Assistance for a Prisoner and Status of Supplies
I/30: Juan Zaraqueta's Letter Recommending Jose L. Goicoechea, San Sebastian, August 17, 1939)
I/31: Note about Andres Gazndara being under a Judge's Disposition
I/32: Pedrina Galor's Letter Requesting a Camera for Her School, Orio, (November 5, 1939)
I/33: Onofre Larumbe's Letter about His Illness, Pamplona, (May 25, 1939)
I/34: Pedro Sainz Rodriguez's Letter about Installing a Quarter of the "Guardia Civil" in Zumaya, Vitoria, (December 3, 1938)
I/35: Handwritten Note
I/36: Gratitude Letter, Vitoria, (July 5, 1939)
I/37: Carmenchu Mendizabal's Letter about the Status of Her Family and Gratitude for Assistance, Zumaya, (October 13, 1939)
I/38: Pictures, Marquina, (July 10, 1939)
I/39: Rosa Orve de Padilla's Letter, Madrid, (September 17, 1939)
I/40: Francisco Mendizabal's Letter about Finding Nothing Regarding the Marriage of Carlos Zumalakarregui and Carmen Mogano, Valladolis, (May 24, 1939)
I/41: Transfer of Arturo Carrion Villarroya to the Military Majority in Zarautz, Pamplona, (January 10, 1938)
I/42: Jose Maria Endaya's Invitation Letter to Celebrate the Anniversary of Jose Maria de Huarte's Commission as Military Commander of Zarautz, (March 5, 1938)
I/43: Jose D Epelde's Letter Asking for Assistance in the Installation of Room for the "Antonian Youth of Zarautz, (June 21, 1937)
I/44: Roberto Carbonell Blasco's Letter Stating More Chairwomen are not needed, San Sebastian, (September 9, 1939)
I/45: Letter from Santos Arrondo, Antonio Aldalur, Ignacio Zugasti, and J. Jose
I/46: Doctor Jose de Ajuria's Letter, Campino de Bricia, (July 20, 1937)
I/47: Letter from the Military Government of Guipuzkoa, San Sebastian, (February 13, 1937)
I/48: Carmen Cincunegui's Gratitude Letter, Zumaya, (May 3, 1938)
I/49: Dera Council's Invitation Letter, Dera, (August 13, 1939)
I/50: Marquina, (October 2, 1939)
I/51: Condolence Letter, Sevilla, (June 28, 1938)
I/52: Council of Zumaya Letter Expressing Dissatisfaction with the Candidates for the "Junta Local de la F.E.T.", (August 21, 1937)
I/53: Announcement that Jose Maria de Huarte has been Named Honorary President of the "Junta Local de Beneficiencia", Zarautz, (March 10, 1937)
I/54: Mercedes Amor de Guibert's Gratitude Letter, Pamplona, (July 11, 1939)
I/55: Provincial Employees Ordered to Reinstate Their Postings, Pamplona, (June 6, 1939)
I/56: M. Lopez Otero's Letters Announcing Meetings of the "Real Academy of Arts" in San Telmo's Palace in Zarautz, San Sebastian, (April 27, 1939)
I/57: M. Lopez Otero's Letter Requesting the Names of Academy of Arts People from Navarre, San Sebastian, (January 21, 1939)
I/58: Mr. Mayor's Gratitude Letter, Zumaya, (January 13, 1938)
I/59: Military Justice High Court Letter Requesting a Home for Carlos Hernandez in Zumaya, Valladolid, (May 27, 1938)
I/60: Military Government (Guipuzkoa) Letter Promoting Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui and Francisco Ruiz Tiravit to Lieutenant of the Complementary Artillery, San Sebastian, (March 30, 1939)
I/61: Ramon de Veriztain Zubiaga's Letter Discussing Plans to Visit in Motrico, (July 15, 1939)
I/62: Cristobal del Castillo's Letter, Paris, (July 15, 1939)
I/63: Emilio Ruiz del Arbol's Letter Stating he was not an Artillery Officer, Burgos, (October 27, 1938)
I/64: Gratitude Letter, Burgos, (December 31, 1936)
I/65: Luis Valdes' Letter, Burgos, (December 19, 1938)
I/66: Request to Transfer Estanislao Miztegui y Alberdi to Valencia, San Sebastian, (May 13, 1939)
I/67: Valladolid, (December 31, 1939)
I/68: J. Onofre Larumbe's Letter, (April 12, 1939)
I/69: San Sebastian, (January 13, 1939)
I/70: Franco Martin Moreno's Letter Regarding ID's, Burgos, (October 16, 1938)
I/71: Gabriel Garin Ruiz's Letter about an Accident Between Salvador Iraundegui Olaizola and Pedro Arrizabalaga, Zarautz, (May 14, 1939)
I/72: Promotion of Jose Maria de Huarte to Commander of the Military Majority in Zarautz, Vergara, (March 4, 1937)
I/73: Congratulation Letters Regarding the Huarte's Promotion
I/74: Authorization for Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui to Visit General Solchaga, Zarautz, (September 27, 1937)
I/75: Note Certifying Jose Maria de Huarte's Service for Six Months as Second Lieutenant
I/76: Carmen Polo de Franco's Gratitude Letter, Burgos, (February 7, 1939)
I/77: Gratitude letter for Jose Maria de Huarte's Book Donation
I/78: Letter Recognizing Jose Maria de Huarte's Appointment as a Member of the Royal Academy of History
I/79: Serafin Videchea's Letter Requesting a Meeting, (April 3, 1939)
I/80: Authorization Card for Jose Maria de Huarte to Enter the "Vergares" Casino
I/81: Infantry Colonel of the 7th Division General Quarter Javi Los Arcos's Letter, (January 5, 1939)
I/82: Information about Soldier Jose Manuel Carrion Aizpuru, Salamanca, (August 25, 1939)
I/83: Onofre Larumbe's Letter, (November 6, 1938)
I/84: Jose Maria Baigorri's Gratitude Letter for the novel Maria del Puy, San Sebastian, (November 9, 1937)
I/85: (September 10, 1939)
I/86: Tomas Briera's Letter, (January 19, 1939)
I/87: National Education Ministry's Letter Notification of the Incorporation of Navarre's Archive in the Archivist Corps, Madrid, (May 8, 1939)
I/88: Military Commander of Zarautz's Authorization for Jose Maria de Huarte to go to Burgos, Madrid, Sevilla, and Granada, Zarautz, (May 27, 1939)
I/89: Order Authorizing Jose Maria de Huarte's Journey from Burgos to Madrid to Sevilla to Granada, Zarautz, (march 39, 1939)
I/90: Letter Announcing the Meeting of the "Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando," Madrid, (October 24, 1939)
I/91: Manuel Estada's Letter Requesting an Evaluation of a Map of Aragon, San Sebastian, (August 16, 1939)
I/92: Six Bottles of Cider, San Sebastian, (April 23, 1939)
I/93: Note about Francisco Franco's Visit to Loyola, (July 4, 1939)
I/94: Letter from the Headquarter of the Arts National Service of the National Education Ministry, Vitoria, (May 4, 1939)
II: Jose Maria de Huerta y de Jauregui Letters
II/1: Gratitude Letter Sent to Lecera's Marchioness
II/2: Letter Informing Mr. Executive Agent José Larranaga Zulaica's Truck is Being Used
II/3: Order of Bank Accounts for the Children of the Orphanage "San Jose de el Auxilio de Suecia"
II/4: Information about one of the Official Service of the National Education Ministry's Automobiles, Zarautz, (October 1, 1939)
II/5: Assigned Munitions' Letter Sent to the Guipuzkoan Military Governor, Zarautz, (October 23, 1939)
II/6: Gratitude Letter sent to Valentin Manterola in Zumaya, Zarautz, (October 4, 1937)
II/7: Maria Teresa Olano and Maria Zubizarreta Sent Various Objects for the War Museum, Zarautz, (July 15, 1937)
II/8: Informed the Guipuzkoan Military Governor that Jose Luis Achega y Achega is under his Authority, Zarautz, (November 7, 1937)
II/9: Letter to the Guipuzkoan Military Governor in San Sebastian, Zarautz, (November 15, 1937)
II/10: Letter Regarding the Denouncement of Antonio Gurruchaga
II/11: Letter Requesting the Marine commander Juan de la Vega's Analysis of Cosme Iraundegui, Zarautz, (July 26, 1937)
II/12: Letter to Agustin Unamunzaga, President of "Gure Cabiya"
II/13: Letter Requesting Jose Gistau to send the Order to Commander Lisio
II/14: Gratitude letter to Jose Rosales, (April 17, 1939)
II/15: Letter to the Guipuzkoan Military Governor Discussing Marcelino Oliden, Zarautz, (December 11, 1937)
II/16: Letter to Ciadoncha's Marchioness
II/17: Gratitude Letter to Valentin Manterola
II/18: Gratitude Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Alberdi for 1000 Peseta Donation, Zarautz, (November 16, 1939)
II/19: Letter Requesting the General Chief of Navarre to Assume Control of the Material for use in the Construction of the War Museum in Pamplona, Zarautz, (July 5, 1939)
II/20: Letter to Colonel Jose los Arcos, Vergara, (November 23, 1936)
II/21: Handwritten Note, (August 11, 1939)
II/22: Gratitude Letter to General Luis Valdes Cavanillas
II/23: Information about a Trip to Bilbao, Zarautz, (August 11, 1938)
II/24: Letter to the Foral Aid Provincial Deputy of Navarre, Zarautz, (April 24, 1937)
II/25: Letter to the Secretary of San Fernando's Royal Academy of Arts About Members who live in Navarre, Zarautz, (January 31)
II/26: "Orden del Libertador" Award, Zarautz, (September 2, 1939)
II/27: Letter to Emilio Ruiz del Arbol, Zarautz, (November 5, 1938)
II/28: Note
II/29: Gratitude letter to Pedro Yaiez Rodriguez, (March 6, 1939)
II/30: Letter to the Count of the Union, (March 2, 1939)
II/31: Asks Yaiez Rodriguez to Defend Lopez Pinto and Martin Moreno against Cosme Iraundegui
II/32: Requests Information about the Airplane and Crew that Landed on the Zarautz Beach, Bilbao, (September 6, 1938)
III: Documents of the Military Majority of Zarautz
III/1: Announcement of the Shutdown of Guetaria's Majority
III/2: Announcement of the Shutdown of Orio
III/3: Announcement of the Shutdown of Saturraran
III/4: Announcement of the Shutdown of Zarautz
III/5: Announcement of the Shutdown of Dera
III/6: Announcement of the Shutdown of Motrico
III/7: Index of the Zarautz Military Majority's Archive
III/8: Index of the Material in Aizarnazabal, Mendaro, Saturraran and Iraeta
IV: Invitation Letters for Celebrations and Religious Events
V: Letters from the Council of Zarautz Signed by Tiburcio Legoburu
V/1: Condolence Letter for Jose Maria Amilibia y de Azpiazu's Death, Zarautz, (October 23, 1937)
V/2: Letters or the Military Commander in Zarautz
V/2/I: Announcement of the Celebration in the Commander's Honor, Zarautz, (May 5, 1938)
V/2/II: Invitation to the Mass for Alejandro Letamendi y Ormazabal, Zarautz, (May 12, 1939)
V/2/III: Invitation to the Mass for Jose Maria Arocena Mericoechea, Zarautz, (April 15, 1939)
V/2/IV: Invitation to the Mass for Jose Torregara y Agote, Zarautz, (September 16, 1939)
VI: Plane
VII: Receipts
VIII: Newspapers
VIII/1: Piece of "La Voz de Espana"
VIII/2: "Diario Vasco" No. 969, (March 1, 1938)
VIII/3: "El Correo de Andalucia," (June 13, 1939)
VIII/4: Piece of "Diario de Navarra," Pamplona, (May 20, 1938)
IX: Telegrams
X: Religious Stamped Pictures, Presentation Cards, and Photographs
XI: Letters to Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui about the International Exposition of the Sacro Art in Vitoria
XII/1: "Boletin Oficial del Estado" No. 59, (February 28, 1939)
XII/2: "Boletin Oficial del Estado" No. 48, (February 1939)
XIII: Letters
XIII/1: Valentine Zuloaga's Condolence Letter
XIII/2: Letter to Commander Sanchez de Ocana, (September 12, 1937)
XIII/3: Maria Santos Suarez's Letter About the Her Wounded Son and Son-in-Law, San Sebastian, (July 20, 1939)
XIII/4: Maria Josefa Serrano's Gratitude Letter, (October 14, 1939)
XIII/5: Luis Valdes's Letter to Jose Casado Garcia, Burgos, (September 14, 1938)
XIII/6: Francisca Tersol de Gandara's Letter about her Prisoner of War Husband, San Sebastian, (May 6, 1939)
XIII/7: Carmelo Basauri's Letter to His Parents, Madrid, (July 22, 1939)
XIII/8: Letter to Valentin Manterola, Zarautz, (October 4, 1937)
XIII/9: Ricardo Lanbide's Letter to Ciadoncle's Marquess, Burgos, (November 13, 1937)
XIII/10: Note to Sanchez Lozano
XIII/11: Emilio Fernandez Perez's Letter to Pedro Sainz Rodriquez Regarding the Installation of a Quarter of the "Guardia Civil" in Zumaya, Valladolid, (November 26, 1938)
XIII/12: Casa Torre's Marquess Encourages Voting for the National Candidature, Madrid, (February 1, 1936)
XIII/13: Carmen Maria del Castillo's Gratitude
XIII/14: Gratitude Letter to Maximiliano Oroquieta Villar, Zarautz, (July 8, 1939)
XIII/15: Luis de Ayestaren's Letter Regarding the Renovation of the Municipal Justice, Zarautz, (May 14, 1938)
XIII/16: Governor President's letter to Leocadio Quijano Regarding Jose Maria de Huarte's Refusal to Deliver the Properties and Goods Belonging to the Expediented, San Sebastian, (January 12, 1938)
XIII/17: Marino Celafat de Pita de la Vega's Letter Requesting Jose de Eizaguirre Huarte to find a Boarder School for Her Smallest Children, San Sebastian, (May 12, 1939)
XIII/18: "Arriba Espana" Letter Requesting Jose Antonio Huarte to help Julian Fernandez, Pamplona, (September 24, 1939)
XIII/19: Manuel Gaston's Letter Requesting the "Morla" Back
XIII/20: Irurita's Letter Requesting Manuel Gaston's "Morla"
XIII/21: Letter to Manuel Miralles in Burgos
XIII/22: Manuel Los Arcos' Letter Announcing his Transfer, Vergara, (January 27, 1937)
XIII/23: San Miguel's Marchioness' Letter Request for Assistance with Her Home, Havana, Cuba, (November 24, 1938)
XIII/24: San Miguel Marchioness's Home, Lisboa, (November 7, 1938)
XIII/25: Rene Lienard's Letter about Mr. Gonzalo Gill giving Six Certificates to Mayolote's Count, San Sebastian, (1939)
XIII/26: Letter from the "Syndicalistic National Center of Navarra, Pamplona, (July 14, 1939)
XIII/27: Florencia's Admiration Letter about Francisco Franco,
XIII/28: National Ministry of Education's Letter to Onofre Larumbe about the Shield of Estella, Vitoria, (May 9, 1939)
XIII/29: Letter about the Purpose of Assassinating Ciano's Count, San Sebastian, (July 12, 1939)
XIII/30: Letter Certifying that Jose Maria de Huarte is a Good Tenant, Zarautz, (November 21, 1939)
XIII/31: Milagros Letter, San Sebastian, (December 2, 1937)
XIII/32: Letter to Pepe and Cecilia (Not Complete), (October 1, 1939)
XIII/33: Juan Echerte Zugaldia Requests a Promotion to Lieutenant
XV: Handwritten Notes
XVI/1: List of Armament and Material for Pamplona's Museum
XVI/2: Photographical material of the Military Majority in Zarautz
XVI/3: Monetary Balance of the San Jose School
XVI/4: Deposits and Expenses of the Military Majority of Zarautz (April 1st through June 30th and July 1st to November 27th, 1939)
XVI/5: Traffic Fines
XVI/6: Note About Chalet Toki, "Villa del Duque del Infantado: and "Villa Pedro A. Ribero"
XVII: Edicts

BSQAP 0211 Old call number : Series II: Nationalist Forces Box IIA. Box 2: (Blue 2)

First Series
I: Benedicion de San Francisco de Asis"
II: Acto Religioso Patriotico en Cuero (Grado)
III: Fiesta de Exaltacion del Trabajo
IV: En La Fiesta de Los Martires de la Tradicion
V: Boletin de la Secretaria del Consejo Privado de S.A.R. el Conde de Barcelona
VI: Letter to Pedro Maria Gaviria
VII: "Tiempos Criticos" (July 18, 1943)
VIII: "Txapelgorri" (Carlist Newspaper) Defending the Traditionalism Ideals, (Jan 1974; Feb-March 1974; May 1974)
IX: Letters from "Joaquin Garcia de la Concha", (September 19, 1975)
X: Importancia de la Quinta "Carta Cristiana" del Cardenal Taracon, (July 4, 1978)
XI: Pedro Maria Gaviria's letter Regarding the Death and Memories of Aurelio Gonzales de Gregorio
XII: Carlist Ideals: Carlist Traditionalist Communion, (July 25, 1941)
XIII: Newspaper: "El Pensamiento Navarro, " (July 8, 1939)
XIV: Traditionalist Communion and the Social Affair, (1956)
XV: Celebration of the "Quintillo Act"
XVI: Reminder Letter about Future Events
XVII: Carlista!! Navarro!! Reunion at Montejurra
XVIII: "Manifesto del Rey Carlos VIII," Viareggio, (June 29, 1943)
XIX: Sr. Ricardo Iriondo's Letter, Baracaldo, (September 1977)
XX: Sr. Carlos Ibanez, Bilbao, (July 2, 1979)
XXI: Domingo Fal's Letter, (February 1979)
XXII: Dedication to the "Vizcainos Carlist", Youth People of 1934-1936
XXIII: Tribute to Lt. General Don Ricardo Uhagon, (November 4th)
XXIV: S. Ignacio de Loyola
XXV: Reasons Why Franco Lost the Basque Country
XXVI: Secessionism and Foralism
XXVII: Morir Bajo Mi Boina (Poem and Story about Navarra)
XXVIII: Juan Perez's Letter to Sr. D. Javier Astrain Baquedano, (November 10, 1963)
XXIX: Report Regarding the Immediate Formation and Minorities of the Spanish Carlists Youth
XXX: Carlist Traditionalist Congregation of Sevilla
XXXI: Telegraph from "Duquesa Osuna y Duques Gardia"
XXXII: Letter, "La Vascongada", Vitoria, (December 24, 1943)
XXXIII: Propaganda for a Donation at "Santa Monica"
XXXIV: Program at the University of Valladolid, Bilbao, (1956-1957)
XXXV: About the Surname "Murga"
XXXVI: Spanish Union Elections, (December 1960)
XXXVII: Biography of Don Matias Lumbreras
XXXVIII: Program of the University of Madrid, (October 16-17, 1971)
XXXIX: Books and Pamphlets Defending the Spanish Tradition
XL: Letter to the Commanders, Chiefs, Officers, and Volunteers of "Del Tercio de Nuestra Senora de Begona"
XLI: Propaganda about the Manuscript of "Carlos VII" and "Dona Margarita de Borbon-Parma"
XLII: Rules for the Carlist Traditionalist Congregation
XLIII: "Dia de los Martires," Carlos VIII's Speech
XLIV: Guillermo de Padura's Denial of "Via-Crucis" Celebration, Madrid, (April 27, 1978)
XLV: Jose Lacalle Lagarra's letter to Antonio Iturmendi Banales, Madrid, (November 28, 1967)
XLVI: Carlists and Franco, (July 18)
XLVII: Franco and the Monarchy
XLVIII: Reunion of the Basque Nationalists
XLIX: Steps to Follow to Resolve Dynastic Succession, Bilbao, (January 6, 1974)
L: Response to "ABC"
LI: Prince Christianism and Patriotic
LII: Navarra and Its History
LIII: Dr. Jose Aibinana's Ridiculing of Agrarian Peoples, Burgos, (February 1936)
LIV: Wants of the Catholic Monarchic Congregation
LV: Carlists from "Navarra"
LVI: Status of Carlism, "Postura del Carlismo en los Momentos Actuales"
LVII: Anniversary of "Villa's Liberation"
LVIII: Resolution Approved in the Assembly of Secretaries of the Propagandist National Catholic Association, Madrid, (May 1, June 1, June 2 of 1946)
LIX: "A Los Veintinueve de Amorebieta" Letter Thanking the Soldiers
LX: In Memory of San Ignacio de Loyola, (November 15, 1609)
LXI: Liberalism of "Vizcaya"
LXII: "Cueste Lo Que Cueste"
LXIII: Defense of Two Legitimacies, Don Alfonso Carlos' Mandate, and the Betrayal to the National Interests
LXIV: Letter from the President of the Provincial Audience, Villaro, (February 29, 1948)
LXV: La Farsa de Estoril, Y Las Piruetas de Don Juan "El Valeidoso," (January 1958)

Second Series
II/1: Commander-in-Chief Authorizes an Investigation into the doings of Ludwig Shimon and Otto Uhmel, Zarhus, (February 7, 1938)
II/2: Letters to "El Jefe Columnas Brigadas de Navarra" and "La Seccion de E.M. de las Brigadas de Navarra, Burgos, (march 13, 1937)
II/3: Contact People: Pedro Azpiazu Goya, Mayor of Elgueta
II/4: Map of Euzkadi with a Basque Doctrinal
II/5: Commander-in-Chief's Warrant Allowing Florentino Aguiriano and Arturo Carrion to Search the "Caserio Arzabal"
II/6: Jose Mugica Mugica's Letter Discussing "La Electra Oiquina", Zarautz, (June 3, 1938)
II/7: Thank You Letter to Sr. Marque's de Zurgena, Burgos, (July 22, 1937)
II/8: Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui
II/9: "Prevencion de la Plaza del Dia 2 de Julio de 1938), San Sebastian, (June 2, 1938)
II/10: Letter to D. Juan de Huarte, Burgos, (June 30, 1938)
II/11: Letter from "El Comandante Militar", Zarautz, (July 14, 1937)
II/12: Maria Luisa Tarinas' Letter about the Status of the Injured and the Prayer to "Santa Teresita del Nino Jesus"
II/13: List of Things Needed for the War
II/14: Banco Guipuzcoano's letter to the Commander in Chief, Zarautz, (January 13, 1938)
II/15: Letter to D. Jose Maria de Areilza. Bilbao, (May 21, 1938)
II/16: Information about Jose Maria Garrastazu Arruti
II/17: Letter about Cosme Iraundegui Aizpurua
II/18: List of Names
II/19: Letter to Luis Diego Ojeda, Burgos
II/20: Letter Regarding the Status of Guetaria, (September 30, 1936)
II/21: Letter to "Don Enrique Fernandez Arbos," San Sebastian, (March 14, 1939)
II/22: Letter and Telegram from Don Jose de Rujula y de Ochotorena, (January 13, 1938)
II/23: Announcement for Colonel Galarza about His Wife and Family
II/24: Card from "Carmen Pintado de Ga. Monge"
II/25: Drawing of a Bullfighter
II/26: Announcement for Paulino
II/27: Cards from "Dossola Cav Piero"
II/28: Note From Milagros

BSQAP 0212 Old call number : Series II: Nationalist Forces Box IIB

III/1: Letters to Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui
III/2: Letters to Sra. Dona Brigada Horcada, (October 10th)
III/3: Situation of the World in 1936
III/4: Personal and Business Cards
III/5: Letters to Santiago Beristain
III/6: Letters to Isabel from Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui
III/7: Jose Maria de Huarte's Letter to Mary Parshall
III/8: Letters to Sr. Duque de Medina de las Torres
III/9: Letters to Sra. Marques de Ciadoncha and Dr. Don Justo Martinicorena
III/10: Flag Picture with Measurements
III/11: Invitation to Tribute for Spanish and Italian Legionnaires who Fought, Zarautz, (December 10, 1937)
III/12: Phone Service of Guipuzcoa, (October 15, 1937)
III/13: Blas Alegria's Letter to Sr. Don Angel Huarte
III/14: Letter to Sr. Nuncio de S. Santidad, Pamplona, (February 10, 1939)
III/15: "El Jefe Provincial's" Letter to Juan Jose Cincunegui
III/16: "El Jefe Provincial" letter to Romualdo Arteche, San Sebastian, (August 18, 1937)
III/17: Daniel Arraija's Letter to "Comisario de Vigilancia de la Cruz de Tenerife, Pamplona, (November 8, 1937)
III/18: Jose Maria de Huarte's Letter to D. Luis Olaizola"
III/19: Jose Maria de Huarte's Letter to Sr. Governor of the Military of San Sebastian, (July 12, 1937)
III/20: Document Regarding the Promotion of Manuel Pardo Martinez
III/21: Message Allowing "Miguel Cairo" and "Pilar Frias Salazar" to Travel in the Liberated Territory
III/22: Mayor of Zumaya's City Council's Request of the "Honorary Lieutenants," Zarautz, (April 18, 1939)
III/23: Thank You Letter, Zarautz, (May 15, 1937)
III/24: Food Menu, Vergara
III/25: Seven Rules Regarding Automobile Transportation Through the Port
III/26: Material Given to Sr. Gabilondo, Zarautz, (February 29, 1936)
III/27: Jose Maria de Huarte's Letter about Lieutenant Jose Octavio Roca Marin, (October 14, 1936)
III/28: Don Jose Octavio Roca Martin is not a Member of the "Battalion de Montana," Pamplona, (September 22, 1936)
III/29: News Regarding Fines and a Phone Call
III/30: Newspaper (Official Communications), Pamplona, (December 14, 1936)
III/31: Information Regarding Josef Huarte Masaldua, Her Children and Husband, Murguia, (June 2, 1937)

BSQAP 0213 Old call number : Series II: Nationalist Forces Box III. Photographs During the Spanish Nationalist Occupation of the Basque Country

I/1: "Falange Espanola" Parade (Probably Pamplona)
I/2: Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui Giving a Speech (2 Photos)
I/3: Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui
I/4: Group of Kids on the Zarautz Beach
I/5: Zarautz Beach
I/6: "Alamenda de Madoz" Street in Zarautz
I/7: Group of People Gathered in Getaria's Pier
I/8: "Disembarkment of Elkano" Parade in Getaria
I/9: Military Authorities in the "Disembarkment of Elkano" in Getaria (Jose Maria de Huarte and others)
I/10: "Elkano's Disembarkment" Parade (Jose Maria de Huarte and others)
I/11: Jose Maria de Huarte and Wife at a Christening in Zarautz's Church
I/12: Group of People Gathering with the Baby
I/13: Military Authorities
I/14: Two Photos of Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui
I/15: Party with Jose Maria de Huarte y de Juaregui
I/16: Religious Procession (Jose Maria de Huarte, Two Photos)
I/17: Group of People Carrying a Coffin
I/18: Group of People (Jose Maria de Huarte, center)
I/19: Jose Maria de Huarte with Two Women, and a Baby
I/20: Militiawomen in a Parade
I/21: Religious Procession
I/22: Photographs of Kids
I/23: Celebration or Party (Jose Maria de Huarte)

BSQAP 0214 Old call number : Series II: Nationalist Forces Box IV. Photographs

I: Pictures of Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui
II: Pictures of Italy During Mussolini's Reign
III: Postcards of Francisco Franco
IV: Pictures of Nazi Germany
IV/1: Chief of Spanish Delegation of Police in Germany
IV/2: Funeral of Dr. Paul Nipkow in the University of Berlin
IV/3: Soldiers Marching in front of Mr. Serrano in Berlin
IV/4: Picture of Hitler Giving a Speech
IV/5: Hotel Ritz in Berlin
IV/6: 16th Anniversary of the foundation of "Milicia Fascista," Roma, (February 1, 1939)
IV/7: German Military Marching
IV/8: Marshal Goehring's Visit to the General Quarter of the Military Governor in the Netherlands
IV/9: Traditional German Youth Meeting in Berlin's Olympic Stadium with Fuehrer Giving a Speech
IV/10: Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui on Stage with the Three Kings of the Orient
IV/11: Bullfight in Vitoria in Beneficiencia of the Wounded
IV/12: Hitler Giving a Speech During the Reichstag Session, (May 4, 1941)
IV/13: Picture of Enrique Arques
IV/14: Hitler Giving a Speech to the Reichstag, (October 6, 1939)
IV/15: German Rationing Card
V/1: Two Photos of Kids Celebrating an Act (Fascist Salute)
V/2: Picture of a Man
V/3: Card of the "Falange Espanola Tradicionalista"
VI: Pictures of a Dam

BSQAP 0215 Old call number : Series II: Nationalist Forces Box V. Photographs

I: Pictures of Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui
II/1: Picture of a Truck of Escaped Prisoners from Algorta (Spanish Nationalists)
II/2: Picture of Soldiers in the Urquiola Combat Field
II/3: Soldiers in the Combat Field
II/4: Soldiers
II/5: African Soldiers
II/6: Femenin Falange in Berlin
III: Photographs of the Spanish Nationalist Military
IV/1: Spanish Nationalist War Report, 11th Brigade 1st Battalion, (July 21, 1937)
IV/2: Picture of Francisco Javier de Borbon
IV/3: Elena Herrera Nebel de Ribas's Card to Pilar de Solchaga, San Sebastian, (1938)
IV/4: Handwritten Note
IV/5: Note by Jose Luis Escario y n. del Pino
IV/6: Card from the Pharmacy, Madrid
IV/7: Note by Rafael Osacar
IV/8: Group of People
IV/9: Photograph of a Young Man
IV/10: Photograph of a Handwritten Note
IV/11: Photographs of Miguel Arruti and Jose Maria de Huarte
IV/12: Photograph of Two Boys (Two Copies)
IV/13: Photograph of Fermin Iribar Arzalluz, (August 18, 1937)
IV/14: Photograph of Mariano Beristain Caballero, (January 8, 1938)
V: Pictures of the Military Authorities (Spanish Nationalists)
VI/1: An Old Couple
VI/2: Refugees Coming Back to Santander
VI/3: Group of Children Eating
VI/4: Group of Children with Jose Maria de Huarte
VI/5: Huarte
VI/6: Young Boys Marching with Shotguns in Zarautz
VI/7: Troups Going to Santander
VI/8: Christmas Celebration with Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui
VI/9: Religious Parade
VI/10: Group of People Gathered Listening to a Speech
VI/11: Navy Soldiers with Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui
VI/12: Jose Maria de Huarte
VI/13: Picture of a Destroyed Church
VI/14: Soldiers in the Combat Fields
VI/15: Spanish Nationalist Military
VI/16: Kids Celebrating their First Communion in Zarautz
VI/17: Destroyed Car
VI/18: Orphan Boys with Shotguns in Getaria
VI/19: Postcard to Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui
VI/20: Photo of Julian de Garamendi, Zumaya, (March 19, 1937)
VI/21: Alberto Huarte with Students in Pamplona
VI/22: Picture of Mr. Uralde After Being Shot
VI/23: Picture of Arriaga Theatre in Bilbao
VII: Photos of Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui During Spanish Occupation
VIII/1: Envelope with Dry Leaves Sent to Jose Maria de Huarte
VIII/2: Parade in San Sebastian
VIII/3: Military Postcard
VIII/4: Picture of Jose Uria Mancisidor
VIII/5: Jose Maria Eizaguirre Orbegozo
IX: Pictures from Religious Parades During Holy Week

BSQAP 0216 - BSQAP 0217 Old call number : Series II: Nationalist Forces Box VIA - Box VIB

I: Stamps and Medals
II/1: Picture of Franco
II/2: Letters from Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui
II/3: Announcement of Dona Maria de las Nieves de Braganza de Borbon's Death
II/4: 8 Stamps
II/5: Declaration of Aptitude until October 19, 1939
II/6: Map of Madrid
II/7: Carlos VIII de Habsburgo
II/8: Telegram from Don Carlos Campos Fernandez
II/9: Cinco De Mayo Events at Montejurra
III: Reconquest of Spain
III/1: Del Soluble a Bilbao
III/2: Vida, Obra y Muerte, Biography of General "Don Emilio Mola Vidal"
III/3: Navarra se Incorpora
III/4: Guipuzcoa Por Espana
III/5: En Alava Hubo un Villareal
III/6: Conquista de Vizcaya
III/7: Jornadas Heroicas de Reinosa y Puerto del Escudo
III/8: Del Puerto del Escudo a Santander
IV/1: Javier Quiroga
IV/2: Pictures of the War
IV/3: Maps, "Azules" and "Rojos"
V/1: Invitation Card from the President of the Committee
V/2: Menu
V/3: Jose Calvo Sotelo
V/4: Fiestas de la Victoria, (1938)
V/5: Lunch Menu from the hotel Condestable, Burgos, (July 12, 1938)
V/6: National Movement Anniversary Event, Zarautz
V/7: Falange Espanola de Las J.O.N.S. Invitations
V/8: Phone Company Bill
V/9: Invitation Card from the Instituto de Espana, (September 21)
V/10: Jose Maria Pemam's Speech about the Civil War
V/11: National Movement Anniversary Program and Hymn, (July 19, 1937)
V/12: Identification Information for Accion Ciudadana Espanola de Zarautz
V/13: "It's Better to Die with Honor..." Pamphlet
V/14: Picture of Fr. de Borja de Arteaga and Note
V/15: Festival for Children at San Jose High School, Zarautz, (march 1938)
V/16: Postcard with a Picture of Jose Antonio
V/17: San Rogue Holiday to Honor the Soldiers
V/18: Propaganda for Dictatorships
V/19: Newspaper Stories
V/19/I: Defamation of the Reds
V/19/II: Instructions for an Alarm Case
V/19/III: Pope's Illness
V/19/IV: Hymns and Flags
V/19/V: Inmaculada, Patroness of Spain
V/19/VI: Marxists on Fascists
V/20: Wedding Announcement for Mikel Alberti and Miren Enaola, (1935)
VI: List of 130 Names and Descriptions
VII/1: Fighting Against Bolshevism
VII/2: Catholic Pamphlet About Things to Say or Not to Say and an Article on Divorce
VII/3: Announcement Regarding the Defense of Religious, Patriotic, and "Forales"
VII/4: List of People Going to Different Schools
VII/5: Pamphlets with Lessons
VII/6: "Esta Es la Libertad?" Pamphlet with Pictures
VII/7: Announcement Regarding the Education Provided by Free Religious Schools
VII/8: Announcement Against Monks
VII/9: Meet Announcement
VII/10: Announcement Encouraging People to Rea "Reaccion Catolica"
VII/11: Concepts Referring to the Political Movement and an Honest Declaration of Purposes
VII/12: Alfonso Carlos de Borbon's Letter, (October 12, 1931)
VII/13: Liga de Jovenes Navarros and Its Purpose
VII/14: Summary of Jose Gafo Muniz's Manifest "A Los Trabajadores de Navarra"
VII/15: Statue for don Claudio Moyano, Pamplona, (October 25, 1894)
VII/16: Goals of the "Sindicacion Catolico-Libre"
VII/17: Announcement to Vote for the "Partido Republicano Radical"
VII/18: Announcement Against Candidates, Garcilaso, P. Gafo and Rodezno
VII/19: Poem Dedicated to a Cardinal
VII/20: Status of the Charity Organizations, Junta Provincial de Beneficiencia de Navarra
VII/21: Momentos Actuales de Navarra
VII/22: Two Poems "Navarra-Brava Navarra" and "Guipuzcoa Es Mi Aliar"
VII/23: Declaration of D. Carlos I
VIII/1: List of Undesirable People from Onate
VIII/2: Jesus Carmona Lima
VIII/3: Letter Vilifying Leandro Arrazola Cura de Araoz
VIII/4: Letter Asking for Housing from Antonio Goya Paldros, Zarautz, (March 21, 1938)
VIII/5: Letter Regarding Two Nationalist Impostors, Vitoria, (April 1, 1937)
VIII/6: Biography of Manuel Abaitua y Ugalde
IX/1: Jose Maria Zulaica and Jesus Zugasti
IX/2: Descriptions of German Arin Y Embil, Tomas Aguirre Azurza, Lesmes Miralles Arregui, Julian Aramburu Zubiria, and Don Joe Antonio Esnal
IX/3: Testimony
IX/4: Description of the Members of the Church of San Pelayo
IX/5: Pedro Garcia Ansola and Antonio Trecu
X/1: Candido Arocena's Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte Asking for a Favor
X/2: Miguel Alegria's Letter to His Sons
X/3: Police Interview of Jose Malina Casanova and 34 Others
X/4: Basque Soldiers and Ramon Eizaguirre
X/5: Letter to Commander in Chief Regarding Weight of the "Jone-Miren" and "Plencia No.2" Ships
X/6: News Reports
XI/1: List of Names
XI/2: Julio Beobide Goiburu
XI/3: Letter Regarding the Meeting Place of Basque Nationalists and a Communist
XI/4: Don Rafael Morena
XI/5: Pedro Aguirrezabalaga Irigoyen
XI/6: References of Pedro Apestegui
XI/7: References of Antonio Arrizabalaga
XI/8: Carmelo Unanue
XI/9: Estanislao Arocena's Letter About Abandoning his Military Command Job
XI/10: Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte Regarding the Actions of some Nationalists
XII/1: Huidos, List of People With Connections to the Communists
XII/2: List of Basque Separatists and Marxists Living in Zumaya
XII/3: Cipriano Zubiria as a Basque Nationalist Propagandist
XII/4: Notas Sueltas: A list of different names.
XIII/1: Electoral Campaigns
XIII/2: Partido Republicano Radical Program
XIII/3: Anticlerical Politics and Ordenes Religiosas
XIII/4: Jesuits and Politics
XIII/5: Anti-Catholic Church Article
XIII/6: Juicios de Actualidad Sobre Los Jesuitas
XIII/7: Jose Gafo Muniz
XIII/8: Momentos Actuales de Navarra
XIII/9: Lies of the Press
XIII/10: World War II Events
XIII/11: Main Portion of Hitler's Speech at the Cloister of the Labor Congress of Nuremberg
XIII/12: Communist Cruelties in Spain as Written by Roland E. Strunk
XIII/13: Estella Meeting Announcement
XIII/14: Article Claiming the Catholic Church and Its Followers are Worthless
XIII/15: Juan Anguita's Hymn of the Artillerymen
XIII/16: Newspapers Articles Regarding Tyranny, Liberty, God, Voting, Catholicism and Elections
XIII/17: Discussion of a Basque Nationalist Party Article
XIV/1: Four Letters to Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui
XIV/2: Hidden Nationalists in Arzabal and in the German-Basque Factory
XIV/3: Letter to Alfonso Velarde Regarding Strange Occurrences
XIV/4: Marcelino Garnacho Panadero
XV/1: Military Strategy Map and Instruction Book
XV/2: Jose Maria Garrastazu

BSQAP 0218 - 0220 Old call number : Series II: Nationalist Forces Box VIIA - Box VIIC

I/1: Eleven Different Plans
I/2: Engineering Contract Forms
I/3: Hormigones Samples of Concrete with Gravel and Sand
I/4: Several Plans of Perforations
I/5: Conditions for Painting the Pipelines in Syphones for Water Conduction in Ordunte
I/6: Report of the Reconstruction and Consolidation of the Dam from the Ordunte Pond
I/7: Juan Jose Aracil's Letter to Teodoro Uribarren
I/8: Letter to Teodoro Uribarren Regarding the Slowdown in Construction due to Weather Conditions
I/9: Instructions, Information, and Descriptions of a Dam, (October 21, 1939)
I/10: Map and Instructions for the Drainage Gates
I/11: Letter to Alejandro San Roman about the "Concrete Injections" and Status of the Project
I/12: Rules for Injection and Hydrolic Testing, Bilbao, (January 21, 1939)
I/13: Vicente's letter to Teodoro Uribarren about the Next Day's Construction, Ordunte, (April 1, 1939)
II/1: Summary of All Things Completed by the Electrical Team, Bilbao, (July 6, 1937)
II/2: Letters sent to Teodoro Uribarren
III/1: Instructions for the Installation of the Water Main, Zaragoza, (December 14, 1934)
III/2: Report and Appraisal for the Water Supply
III/3: Summary of the Construction for the Reparation of Ordunte's Pond, (October 21, 1938)
IV: Electrical Service for Navarra, Guipuzcoa, and Vizcaya and Plans for Power Lines
V/1: Manifest of King Carlos VIII, Viareggio, (June 29, 1943)
V/2: Antonio Maria Solis Garcia's Letter to Pedro Maria Gauiria and Other Letters
V/3: Center of Historical and Poiltical Studies Second Congress of Traditionalist Studies
V/4: Inauguration of the Circle of Studies Including a Program for the Day and an Invitation Letter
V/5: Francisco Elias de Tejada's Letter about Carlism and Separatism
V/6: Articles, The Democratic Board of Spain, and Characteristics of a Good "Requetes"
V/7: Naturalization for Spain
V/8: Jaime de Borbon's Thank You Letter to the Carlist People, (October 20, 1972)
V/9: Federic Sain-Laurent's Article About Princess Irene and Her Resignation
V/10: Article Announcing the Baptism of Carlos Hugo and Irene de Borbon Parma's Twins
V/11: Army Minister's Letter to Francisco Franco
V/12: Goals and Viewpoints of the "Requetes"
V/13: Mauricio Sivatte's Telegram to Pedro Gaviria, Also one from Iturmendi
V/14: Propaganda Against Oriol Paga
V/15: Articles Regarding the "Fueros," Private Property, University Rebellions, and Spanish Monarchy
V/16: Carlist Party Ideals, Montejurra, (1972)
V/17: Letters and Articles about Carlos VII, Democracy, Religion
V/18: Article about the Differences between an Ideological Congregation, Political Party and the Spanish Traditionalist Party
V/19: Articles about the Death of Don Javier de Borbon and the Positive Effects of Marxism on Elections
V/20: Discussion of Communism, Other Ideologies, Carlism, and the Funeral of Alfonos XIII
V/21: The Celebration "Quintillo"
V/22: Articles Regarding Religious Schism, "The Running of the Bulls," and Carlos VIII and Catholicism
V/23: Announcement for the Estella Meeting
V/24: Expulsion of Jose Maria Valiente Soriano from the Traditionalist Party and Reaction
V/25: Bad Aspects of Carlism Dealing with the "Dignity and Office of the Seniory of Vizcaya"
V/26: The Kings of Spain
V/27: Summary of the Ideals and Goals of the Carlist Socialism and an Article
V/28: Announcement to Join "El Requetes"
V/29: Traditionalist Party Request Sent to Javier de Borbon-Parma
V/30: Letters Addressed to Manuel Fal Conde and Calixto Gonzalez de Quevedo
V/31: Opinion Letter Sent to Marques de Casa Oriol
V/32: Letter to Felipe Jimenez de Sandobal about Calvo Sotelo
V/33: Angel Onrubia Rivas' Letter about the Carlist-Traditionalist Party
V/34: Newspaper with Articles about the Distribution of Drugs, Miguel Boyer, the Wedding of Mariola Martinez and Rafael Ardid, and the Punishment Given to Five Councillos Failing to Attend the Funerals for Carrero Blanco
VI/1: Applications for the Military
VI/2: Four Photographs and Negatives of Soldiers
VI/3: Military Well-Wishing Card for the Pasquas
VI/4: Letters Allowing Patricio Arregui, Eduardo Azcarate, and Urbano Lopez to drive Along the Occupied Territory, Vergara, (November 23, 1936)
VI/5: "San Roque" Holiday Schedule from August 14-20, 1939
VI/6: Invitation Card from the National Defense Department
VI/7: Agustin de Foxa's Story about Burgos
VI/8: Great Britain's Foreign Policy, August 14, 1937
VII/1: Galeazzo Ciano and Mussolini in World War II
VII/2: Pictures from Victor Manuel III's Resignation in Favor of His Son Humberto
VII/3: Announcement of Conde Ciano's Visit and Schedule
VII/4: Two Telephone Receipts
VII/5: Authorization for Jose Antonio Huarte de Jauregui to Move to San Sebastian with his son
VII/6: Lunch Menu, Pamplona, (October 30, 1937)
VII/7: Carlist Force of Navarra's Greeting Note to the People of Madrid
VII/8: Huarte's Possessions Including Letters, Personal Cards, Menus, Invitation Cards, and Pictures
VII/9: Little Package Including Letters, a Biography of Ferrer y Guardia, and Euzkadi Articles
VII/10: Don Emilio Mola Vidal's Announcement Regarding the Finding of Objects
VII/11: List of Thirteen Names and Their Characteristics, Palace of Narro
VII/13: Musical Program
VII/14: Jose Maria de Huarte's Thank You Letter to Marquesa Viuda de Narros
VII/15: Three Newspaper Article Regarding Independence
VII/16: Socialist Letter Found in the Palace of the "Marquesa Viuda de la Romana"
VII/17: Jose Maria de Huarte's Announcement that Those from Enemy Territory Should See Him
VII/18: Letter Regarding some Fake Rifles Given to Orphans to Practice Shooting
VII/19: Invitation Card to Memorialize the Italian and Spanish Legionnaires that Died in the Civil War
VII/20: Letter to Carmen Polo de Franco about Pedro Lopez's Gift to her Daughter
VII/21: Carmelo Unanue's Letter Asking Jose Maria de Huarte if Jesus Unanue Can be Moved Closer to the Basque County Instead of Staying Murcia
VII/22: Manuel Gaston's Letter Asking for Construction Materiel, Zarautz, (July 8, 1939)
VII/23: Soldiers' Letters
VIII/1: Newspaper Articles about "Lie of the Referendum," the Marshall Plan, and Franco's Commentary on Monarchical People
VIII/2: Bulletins Regarding the Workers, Princess Sofia, and Opinions of the Foreign Press, (1962)
VIII/3: Don Gervasio Oliden
IX/1: State of the 1st and 2nd Rank of Affiliats of the Spanish Falange of Zarautz (82 Names)
IX/2: Letter about Rogelio Fernandez, Juan Perico Azcuaga, Cipriano Zubiria, Francisco Apaolaza, Juan David, Quirino Pena Bartolome, and Pedro Echevarria
IX/3: Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte Regarding the Potential Threat on His Life
X/1: List of Thirty-Seven People and Their Characteristics
X/2: List of Thirty Names and Characteristics Sent to Jose Maria de Huarte
XI: Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte Regarding the Arrest of Nine People
XII/1: Candido Arocena's Letter Medicine Being Needed in Villa Florita
XII/2: Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte Regarding the Possible Participation of Julian Alonso and Maria Alberdi Iciar and Other Documents
XIII/1: Interview with Five Girls Talking Badly of the Glorious Spanish Movement
XIII/2: Information about Antonio Arrizabalaga, Pedro Apestegui, Cosme Iraundegui, Luis Olaizola, and Manolita de Quinones
XIII/3: List of Nazis, Communists, and Separatists Arrested
XIII/4: Reports of the Religious who had Different Political Preferences
XIII/5: People Blamed for the National Cause Not Having Sufficient Proselytes in the Motrico Village
XIII/6: Motrico Mayor's Letter Regarding a Carabineer of the Same Office
XIII/7: Jose Maria de Huarte's Letter to the Guipuzkoan Governor about Different Accusations
XIII/8: Three Letters to Jose Maria de Huarte about the Victory Celebration, Help on Different Issues, and another from Candido Arocena

BSQAP 0221 - BSQAP 0222 Old call number : Series II: Nationalist Forces Box VIIIA - Box VIIIB

I/1: José Maria de Huarte. All kind of information about J.M de Huarte. His service in the military. His biography and testimonies from different people about him. It also includes phone services.
I/2: Alcalde Presidente del Ayuntamiento de Zarauz. Information about territories, construction and expenses of those in Zarauz written by the president-major of Zarauz city-council.
I/3: Diputación de Guipuzcoa. An account of the events surrounding the expropriate of some pieces of land belonging to Jaime de Egaña, by the Diputación of Guipuzcoa.
I/4: Monumento. A picture of a monument, and a plan for the construction of that same monument.
I/5: Letters written for J.M de Huarte
I/6: Letters addressed to Marques de Ciadoncha.
I/7: En las casas. Rules for to baby-sit some kids, and thing to do with them.
I/8: Filiacion. Fill-out for asking for personal, political, professional and economical information.
I/9: Personal cards. José Maria Lacoume and Julio Soler Trinchería.
I/10: Censura. Note for the censorship of the mail sent by Clio de Rafaela Orbegozo to Bernardidi Donbernet (Zarauz, Jan 21th).
I/11: Loyola it’s a letter about José Francisco Loyola.
I/12: Carlos Irigoyen letter addressed to Carlos Irigoyen, written by the bank of San Sebastian, asking him for more information of some manner. (July 30th, 1938).
I/13: Consuelos Del Corazón de Jesús. A pamphlet consoling all those people that are suffering the consequences of the war.
I/14: Como supo morir por Dios y por la patria. Biography of last few years that Carlos Osuna Fajardo served in the military before he died.
I/15: Intercambio de productos y bienestar de los pueblos.The situation of Germany after WW II.
I/16: Bolchevismo. Article about how horrible the bolshevism is.
II/1: Letters written for J. María de Huarte.
II/2: Maps. Maps of the city of Vergara in Dec 1936.
II/3: Monument. Picture of a monument.
II/4: Letters written by J.M de Huarte.
II/5: Personal Cards.
II/6: Felicitaciones. New Year cards, coming from J.M de Huarte. It include a poem. (Zarauz, Jan 17th 1937, III AT).
II/7: Servicio De Información. Fill-out form from the military command of the División of Zarauz.
II/8: Varios. Scratch paper with some kind of notes written on them of less importance.
II/9: Cecilio Adoris. Personal letter written by Bernite Bernarda, for Cecilio Aduris (Arrona, Guipuzcoa) (24, 9, 39).
II/10: 3 Personas. A List of 3 people with the year they were substitute the age of the person, and an addressed.
II/11: Receipts. Several different receipts, for different things.
II/12: Warning Letter. From Ignacio Luso Iribarren to announce to the people of the village, that if they have any possessions of belonging to absent families of that village, they should return it to the military command.
II/13: Note. A note with information about Aurora G.Aguado, María Teresa Alonso Vega and Ambrosio Olarcia.
II/14: Schedule. A personal schedule for things to do for a baptism.
II/15: Hospital. List of a people that were at the military hospital.
II/16: Diferentes notas. A variety of notes written by hand, without any specific meaning.
II/17: Acción Ciudadana Española. A fill-out form personal information with some kind of notes, on the back about several difference cities.
II/18: Juan Esteban personal information about Juan Esteban.
II/19: Names a list of 16 different names, with some kind of information about them.
II/20: Alberto Huarte. A personal letter written by A. Schifoger for Alberto Huarte (Paris).
II/21: Letter addressed to Francisca Tresol de Gangara. ( San Sebastian ,29 de Nov 1939)
II/22: SR. Javier Menarguez. A letter addressed to Javier Menarguez, related to Dolores Castela Fuentes (Zarauz, Nov 29th, 1939)
II/23: Emilo Mola Vidal. Announcement of the death of Emilio Mola Vidal together with some quotes from the bible.
II/24: Gobierno Militar De Alava. Two different military orders .June 21st, 1937, June 23rd 1937, June 24th, 1937.
II/25: Novedades en el Cuerpo de Ingenieros. Changes in the engineering division forces (Santander, Aug 12, 1937).
III/1: La vida en las Cárceles De Euzkadi. This book, written by Juan Acebo, is about his experience in jail, when he was arrested for being nationalist, by the communists in Euskadi.
III/2: Mi segunda vuelta. A book.
IV/1: Rueda De Información. News, about how good the battles are going in different regions.
IV/2: Marinos De España. It’s about how good the Spanish navy is and the big role that they play in the war (2 copies, one taped and the other by hand).
IV/3: La España Nacional. A speech about the Spain after the war.
IV/4: Bilbainos. A note sent to the people of Bilbaho from France, telling them to surrender if they don’t want the nacional army to destroy their region.
IV/5: Los Navarros fuera de Navarra. Article about the relationship of Spain with Argentina it include a little biography of “Amado Alonso”.
V/1: Telegrams. Different telegrams about the situation of Euskadi, and some other Spanish cities, because of the war.
VI/1: Información Secreta. Confidential information that is know about the enemy in the war.
VI/2: Coronel Ungría. Notes about the Colonel Ungría at Burgos.
VI/3: (Letter written by José Maria de Huarte) folder II.
VI/4: Juanito Iturrain Larranegui. Letter about different embarkations in Bayona.
VI/5: Calixto Basterrechea. A declaration of Calixto Basterrechea for the delegate of the commander-in-chief.
VII/1: Map. A map including 3 regions of the Basque Country: Araba, Guipuzcoa and Vizcaya.
VII/2: Comandacias Militares. Different commands from the military government of Guipuzcoa: Renteria, Lasarte, de la Costa, Tolosa, Beasain, Azpeitia and Vergara.
VII/3: Decreto. Includes 4 different orders, for the Basque Country.
VII/4: Ejército Del Norte. All the events that took place on may 13th of 1937.
VII/5: Informe Sobre Las Fuerzas Enemigas.A report of the enemy forces in Euskadi.
VII/6: Ramonita. Letter about the ship “Ramonita” it also includes a list of the passengers.
VII/7: Guns. An article in German, about different kinds of guns.
VIII/1: Información Sobre Evadidos. A list of evaders together with some information about each of them: Florencio Aldecoa Uriarte, Eleuterio Aldecoa Uriarte, José Echevarria Santamaria, Alejandro Uriarte y Amundarain, Eusebio Errasti, Justo Larrabide.
VIII/2: Durango, June 6th of 1937. Military background of Andrés Rotaeche Uriarte, Roman Jimeno Retuerto.
IX/1: Boletines de información. Different bulletins, about the situation of the war. They talk about their side and the enemy’s side (information coming from the North America)
IX/2: Asturias all kind of information about the battles taking place in Asturias, and the situation of Asturias after the “North army” (Ejército Del Norte) took over.
It includes several telegrams about the specific matter.
X/1: Brigada de Navarra. Another list of evaders, and all kinds of information about every single one of then Eulogio Arocena, Marcos Urquiza, Vicente Lasa, José Quintana, José Aguirre, Petra Ribacoba, Eusebio Trejo, Pedro Aguirre, Nicolas Cuadra.
X/2: Vuestro Comandante. A letter from a commander in chief letting people know that he will be in charge of the general artillery command .(October,1937).
X/3: Radio Clandestina. Information about the “Radio Clandestina” a “red” radio station located in the island of Mallorca.
X/4: Franco. Declarations from Franco about the war and the consequences of these declarations.
X/5: Mr. Courvoisier. A letter about the illness of Luis de Marichalar, and its consequences.
X/1: Auxilo Social. National syndicalistic book for the children and mother protections (it includes pictures)
X/2: Legión Cóndor. An article about the “Legión Cóndor” against the bolshevism in Spain.
X/3: Financia Chronicle. A rip-out page from an encyclopedia whit the following information: Spanish way, European amity, Peruvian debts, Palestine.
X/4: Menu. Menu offered to Galeazzo Ciano the 12th of July of 1939.
X/5: Documento. Carlist organization and the Spanish Falange in a village of Zumaya. Declarations of Pedro Uranga and Mariano Gurruchaga.
X/6: Gobierno General Del Estado Español. A book explaining everything about procombatent subsidy (1937) it also includes an article about this matter in the province of Vizcaya.
X/7: Drawing. A template with the insignia: ‘National Upraising for God and for Spain” July 18th 1936

BSQAP 0223 - BSQAP 0225 Old call number : Series II: Nationalist Forces Box IXA - Box IXC

I: Information Regarding Different Radio Broadcasts about the War Situation in Spain
II/1: Letters and Documents sent to Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui
II/2: Letters and Documents written by Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui
III/1: Summary of the memorial from the Surgical Team of Dr. J. Rementeria, Madrid, (October 1939)
III/2: Information about Jose Maria Oxangoiti, Including Letters
IV/1: Basque Studies Society Letters Inviting Jose Maria de Huarte to Help with Matters Regarding Navarra, Pamplona, (May 21, 1935)
IV/2: Sociedad Bilbaina's Letter to Jaime de Jauregui about the Different Discussed Issues
IV/3: Letter to a member of the "Germany Friends Society," San Sebastian, (October 18, 1939)
V/1: Day Planner with Notes from September 16th through the 30th
V/2: Military Information from Santiago Navaz Riezo
V/3: Letter to Francisco Franco Listing Items Given to Him for Good Work, Burgos, (January 1939)
V/4: Little Kid's Letter to the Three Wise Men
V/5: Family Man's Letter Suing the Civil Governor of Guipuzcoa
V/6: Manuel de Abaitua's Response to Criticism from Don Guillermo Ulacia, (January 1, 1938)
V/7: Activities to Commemorate the Anniversary of the Glorious National Spanish Movement
V/8: Presidency Letter Regarding Money Jose Maria de Huarte Should Not Have Gotten for Rents
V/9: Application for the Safe-Conduct of Circulation at Vergara
V/10: "Hijos de Arruti" Letter Asking Conde de Vastomeroli about a Dining and Conde's Response
V/11: Personal Letter to Felisa Arruti, San Sebastian
V/12: Report on the Lack of Transportation for the Production of Apples in Guipuzcoa
V/13: "Napar Buru Batzarra" Thank You Letter to the Uharte Brothers for School Building Usage
V/14: Story of Dialog Between a Carlist and a Falanquist
V/15: Collection of Stamps
V/16: Alberto Huarte's Well-Wishing Card sent to Ignacio Liso
V/17: Julio Troncoso and Illegal Exportation
V/18: Map of Vergara, (December 23, 1936)
V/19: Missal, (1938)
V/20: List of 21 Arrested People
V/21: Isidro Manterola, a Missing Soldier
V/22: Report about the ship "Mirupanu"
V/22: Funeral Memorial Cards for D. Jose Maria Amilibia y Azpiazu and Alfonso Gaztelu y Elio
V/23: Bill from the Commander-in-Chief, Zarautz, (September 3, 1937)
V/24: Well-Wishing Letter Regarding the Dead
V/25: Information about Villages
V/26: Letters to Heli Rolando de Tella Regarding Rosario Agrela Bueno, Zarautz, (February 21, 1939)
V/27: Personal Cards
V/28: National Defense Information Regarding Dangerous Areas
V/29: Letter Addressed to Consuelo de Mora, Zarautz, (December 27, 1938)
V/30: Receipts
V/31: Letter from "Photogravure Crelios" Sent to Eizaguirre about Work to be Done
V/32: Well-Wishing Letter to D. Enrique Olivan, Zarautz, (December 27, 1938) and Condolence Letter to the Javier Ruiz Ojeda Family, Zarautz, (December 27, 1938)
V/33: Mail Certificate to the Military Command, Zarautz, (December 28. 1938)
V/34: Congratulations Letter to Don Matias Solchaga, Vitoria, (April 27, 1937)
V/35: Report of D. Jose Maria de Huarte
V/36: Family Tree starting with "Perez de Burdaspal"
V/37: Result of Vigilance, Suspects Jose Jauregui Plazaola and Juan Larranaga
V/38: Report about Karl Winter
V/39: Letter stating Vigilance is Required for Those Escaping to France, Zarautz, (August 31, 1937)
V/40: Three Different Letters about a Package of 15,000 Cigarretes Transported for Soldiers
V/41: Note Asking for Several Things, Report of the Organization from King Felipe III's House, and the Queen, Prince of Asturias and the Infantas
V/42: Letter Asking for Information and Some Other Reasons Regarding the Someone Slain by Communist Soldiers
V/43: Plutarch Quote "The Best City"
V/43: Report about G. Alvarez and the 1000 peseta Fine for Being a Nationalist
V/44: Information Regarding Ali Kun Rustu
V/45: Note of a Conversation Between a Lady and "Bar Chicote" at San Sebastian
V/46: Pictures of Franco and Jesucristo
V/47: Postcards
V/48: General Secretary of the Military Command of Zarautz's Farewell Letter, (September 19, 1939)
V/49: Menus, Invitations, and IDs of Zarautz, (1939)
V/50: List of Official Acts that will take place in Zarautz, (July 31, 1937)
V/51: Note Authorizing the Importation of Machinery from Germany
V/52: Letter to Pedro Aristi Beracierto Regarding a Car and the Owner
V/53: Note of Evacuation for Tomasa Ardanar Hois, Maria Ascension Ardanar Goicochea, and Rafael Ardanar Goicochea
V/54: Evacuation and Repatriation of the Sanctuary of Gorliz
V/55: Flyers Written by Franco stating that the National Army will Take Control of Bilbao
V/56: Receipts
V/57: Masonic Infiltrations
V/58: Information about Antonio Aldica
V/59: Rafaela Armendariz's Note Authorizing Maria Blanca to bring Josefina Larranaga to Pamplona
V/60: Soldiers' Thank You Letter to Carmen
V/61: Maria Blanca Paloma, A National Poem or Song Written by Soldiers
V/62: Rules for Military Promotions
V/63: Juan Honorato's Data Card
V/64: Washington Hotel Note that Sr. Marques does not need to return urgently
VI/1: Pedro Aguirrezabalaga Tricoyen's Declaration
VI/2: Reports with Information about Carmelo Unanue Trueba and Pedro Uranga Linacisoro
VI/3: Information about an Incident between Priest Henceslao Mayora and Ignacio Urteaga, Emilio Larranaga, Srs. Goicoechea, and Mr. Abaunz
VI/4: Cosme Iraundegui's Declaration about His Conflict with J.M. Huarte in Regards to the Amaya Hotel
VI/5: Status of the Sons of Councilmen
VI/6: Conflict between Jose Maria de Huarte and a Soldier's Mother
VI/7: Letters and Meeting Notes in Regards to the Resignation of Mayor of Zarautz Cosme Iraundegui
VI/8: Jose Arroyo Rico's Declaration and Other Declarations about Cosme Iraundegui
VI/9: Notes about the Death of Young Soldiers and a Break-in at a Warehouse
VI/10: Document Regarding the City Council of Zumaya and Its Members
VI/11: Document Claiming that Cosme Iraundegui forced a Worker to Break-into a Warehouse
VII: Information about the City Council of Zumaya

BSQAP 0226 Old call number : Series II: Nationalist Forces Box XA

I: Photographs of Ignacio Zuloaga
II: Jose de Ajuria Tauste's Report to the President of Regional Tribunal of Civil Responsibilities Regarding His Political Conduct
III: War Reports from Zarautz
III/1: Himno de la Columnar de S.S.
III/2: Notebook
III/3: Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte
III/4: Report Honoring Joaquin Beunra
III/5: Piece of Letter to Jorge de Satrustegui
III/6: "El Kaiser" Letter (In Italian)
III/7: Gran Hotel Advertisement
III/8: Note for Ms. Pelaez
III/9: Diego Serrano Guijosa's Note to be Moved to the Border's Battalion to Continue His Diet
III/10: Note Regarding Carlos Resch's Call
III/11: Note Regarding a Fired Worker from the Factory Pielhoff
III/12: Dionisio's Letter to Jose Maria Ostolaza
III/13: Translation of Dionisio's Letter
III/14: Military Hospital Letter to Miguel Perez, (July 29, 1938)
III/15: Notes
III/16: Order to Examine Rafaela Orbegozo's Correspondence
III/17: Antonio Mendez's Letter to Eugenia Piquer
III/18: Letter from Mr. Arizmendi to Mrs. Eliza Arizmendi, Madrid, (June 1, 1938)
III/19: Francisco Elustondo Uranga's Safe-Pass Request to Bilbao, Zarautz, (April 19, 1938)
III/20: Note
III/21: Envelope with Eustaqui Aranzabal (Getaria) on it
III/22: Handwritten Note
III/23: Postcard of Saint Therese's Image (Paris)
III/24: Photograph
III/25: Envelope with Estanislao de Echabe (Zumaya) on it
III/26: Notes
III/27: Letter from Gibraltar with Photograph
III/28: Note
III/29: Jose de Ajuria's Letter, Zumaya
III/30: Huarte's Note to Jose Maria Valencia
III/31: Jose Maria Valencia's Letter to Aunt Angeles Asking for a Document
III/32: Two Letters in Basque to Vicente Sorazu
III/33: Notes
III/34: Letter, Bayona, (March 25, 1938)
III/35: Note
III/36: Victor Benito's Letter to His Sister, San Sebastian, (May 24, 1938)
III/37: Josefa Agote's Letter to Her Son Cipriano Querejeta, (March 31, 1938)
III/38: Letter to and from Elena Arluciaga, (February 3, 1938)
III/39: Handwritten Note
III/40: Report Regarding Carlos Resch's Phone Call
III/41: P. Fuster's Report about Emilia Castrejana, Commander Rodriguez, Ballesta, and Pelotari Salegui, Zarautz, (August 1938)
IV/1: Cosme Iraundegui Aizpurra's Safe-Pass, (May 4, 1938)
IV/2: Letter to Ignacio Olague, Salamanca, (August 9, 1937)
IV/3: Cosme Iraundegui's Letter Regarding Mr. Huarte's Destitution and Substitution by Colonet Lieutenant Moreno Morato, (October 27, 1937)
IV/4: Carlos Campos Fernandez's Order to Mr. Iraundegui to permit any Insinuation or Attack Against Mr. Zulogag
V: Reports about Cosme Iraundegui
V/1: Request to Cosme Iraundegui Asking for His Renunciation, (July 28, 1936)
V/2: Letter Denouncing Cosme Iraundegui's Conduct, Zarautz, (July 27, 1937)
V/3: Another Report Regarding Cosme Iraundegui
V/4: Another Report Regarding Cosme Iraundegui
V/5: Carlos Unanue's Denunciation of C. Iraundegui's Conduct
V/6: Mr Iraundegui Aizpurra's Report, (November 1936)
V/7: Report to the Naval Commander of San Sebastian
V/8: Cosme Iraundegui Aizpurra's Report about His Performance in Operating the Gran Hotel and Amaya Theatre
V/9: Report with the Delegate of the Military Commander
V/10: Carmelo Unanue, Pedro Uraya, and Carlos Irigoyen's Report about the Constitution and Performance of Zumaya's Council, (January 15, 1937)
V/11: Gabriel Vallejo Berton, Cosme Iraundegui Aizpurra and Jose Maria Odriozola's Report Stressing the Patriotism and Courage as a Prisoner in San Anton Jail in Madrid, Zumaya,(July 18, 1937)
V/12: Document written by Jose Maria Olaizola Azcue and Pedro Aristi Beracierto, Zarautz, (July 21, 1937)
V/13: Report Denouncing Zumaya's Council Major's Performancy, (July 11, 1937)
V/14: Document Certifying that Gerardo Alvarez is not a Nationalist
V/15: Certificate that Cosme Iraundegui Aizpurra does not have a Criminal Record, Azpeitia, (July 23, 1937)
V/16: Tetstimony of Carlos Irigoyen Sorazu, Nicolas Olaizola and Luis Olaizola, Zarautz, (April 16, 1937)
V/17: Report Regarding Questions asked to Celedonio Iribar
V/18: Information about the Deatah of Francisco Urrestilla
V/19: Cosme Iraundegui's Letter Regarding the Critical Situation of the Gran Hotel and Amaya Theater, (November 5, 1931)
V/20: Martin Otermin, Juan Otermin and Jose Eizaguirre Requesting their Arrest be Moved, Zumaya, (August 5, 1937)
V/21: Document about a Meeting Celebrated in Zumaya's Town Council, (June 30, 1937)
V/22: Document Referring to the Constitution of Zumaya's Town Council and Major Pedro Uraya Linecisoro
V/23: Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte Regarding the Anniversary of the Glorious National Movement
V/24: Celebration of the Anniversary of the Glorious National Movement
V/25: Juan M Iraundegui's Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte about the Festivity of the "Virgen del Carmen," Zumaya, (July 18, 1937)
V/26: Report about Anastasio Yeregui Manterola stating His Membership in "Batzoki," Zumaya, (June 18, 1937)
VI/1: List of the "Junta Clasificadora Para Los Evacuados de la Zona Roja"
VI/2: Letter about Colonel Aizpurra's Phone Call, Zarautz, (February 27, 1939)
VI/3: Handwritten Note about Desiderio Erro
VI/4: Drawn Map
VI/5: Piece of a Note
VI/6: Festivity Program, Motrico, (August 15, 1937)
VI/7: Handwritten Note about Rafael Osacar's Phone Call
VI/8: List of Names
VI/9: Zarautz, (August 14th)
VI/10: Handwritten Notes
VI/11: Handwritten Notes
VI/12: Handwritten Notes
VI/13: Two Photographs
VI/14: Program of the Festivity Honoring Francisco Franco, Zarautz, (July 19, 1937)
VI/15: Report, (September 9, 1937)
VI/16: List of Names
VI/17: Proposition to Constitute the New Town Council of Orro
VI/18: "Comendencia de Obras y Fortificacion de la VI Region Military's" Letter to "Alberdi y Cia," (August 11, 1939)
VI/19: Handwritten Note
VI/20: Telegram sent by Head Colonel to the Manager of "Alberdi y Cia" About Bills, (Valladolid, (October 7, 1939)
VI/21: Handwritten Note
VI/22: Letter to General Arande Requesting Attention be paid to Antoni Peiro Pastor
VI/23: List of Names
VI/24: Handwritten Note
VI/25: Handwritten Poem
VI/26: Information about a Meeting in which Town Council Members Resigned, Zumaya, (June 30, 1937)
VI/27: General Chaplain of Zarautz's Bishopric Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte, Vitoria, (August 12, 1937)
VI/28: Pedro Aguirrezabalaga Irigoyen's Correspondence that he was Imprisoned for Spitting on Jose Manuel Gomez, Zumaya, (June 11, 1937)
VI/29: Handwritten Note
VI/30: Certificate of Azpeitia's Court stating that Luis Olaizola Azcue has not Criminal Record there, (July 23, 1937)
VI/31: Report about Mr Apestegui and Juan Mari Odriozola
VI/32: Information about Carmelo Unanue and Luis Olaizola Azcue, Zumaya, (March 2, 1937)
VI/33: Report that Luis Olaizola Azcue was Removed as Manager of the Hotel Amaya
VI/34: Information Referring to the Death of Francisco Urrestilla
VI/35: Report about Cosme Iraundegui and Mattresses, Zumaya, (November 20, 1936)
VI/36: Dr. A Simonena's Letter to Alberto Huarte, (March 23rd)
VI/37: Military Commander of Vergara's Letter to Carmen de Huarte
VI/38: Pedro Aristi Bercacierto's Letter to the Provincial Chief of Guipuzcoa Requesting Authorization to Open a new Factory of "Alpargatas" In Zarautz, (November 3, 1939)
VI/39: Document about the Creation of the General Inspection of Archives and Libraries in Spain
VI/40: Document stating that Jose Maia de Huarte y Jauregui has been named Inspector General
VI/41: Jose Maria de Huarte's Condolence Letter to Mr. Muncio, Zarautz, (1939)
VI/42: Jose Garcia's Note asking for Authorization to speak with Miride de Ebro's Center
VI/43: Request for a Safe-Pass for Higinio Resusta
VI/44: Wedding Invitation , Pamplona, (May 1937)
VI/45: Handwritten Note
VI/46: Invitation for a Celebration honoring Jesus Sacramentado
VI/47: Handwritten Note
VI/48: Jose Maria de Huarte's Letter Regarding the Centenary Anniversary of Coimbr's University in Portugal, Madrid, (November 3, 1939)
VI/49: Sign Drawing, Ruta No.3, Zarautz
VI/50: Cruz Gil y Alonzo's Letter to Justo Garran y Moso Requesting him being Recommended to the President of the University of Valladolid, Zarautz, (July 12, 1937)
VI/51: Report of the Memorial of Jose Antonio de Rivera's 2nd Anniversary
VI/52: Handwritten Note
VI/53: Handwritten Note
VI/54: Mariz de la Natividad's Letter to Luis Pagola Rejecting the Demand to Receive Nun Sor Maria Goigoechea in Her Community, Zarautz, (July 9, 1937)
VI/55: Report about Saturnine Orbegozo Eizaguirre
VI/56: Letter to the Marquise, San Sebastian, (April 24, 1939)
VI/57: Margarita's Handwritten Letter to the Nuns mercedarias Sisters de la Caridad
VI/58: Handwritten Note
VI/59: Requests by Josefa Martinez Zabalegui and Zumaya's Town Council
VI/60: Numbers of Automobile Plates
VI/61: Handwritten Note
VI/62: Rose de Orve de Padilla's Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte about her Serving in the Town Council, (October 20, 1939)
VI/63: Report about the Creation of the Cultural Affairs General Direction
VI/64: List of Names
VI/65: Handwritten Note of Aiselmo Campos Guernica
VI/66: Handwritten Note of P. Mendizabal Eguiguren
VI/67: Handwritten Note of Jose Maria Valpuerta
VI/68: Handwritten note of Paul Mugica
VI/69: Names of Barbers
VI/70: Note about Cesrano Imez and his Sons
VI/71: Birth Certificate Form
VI/72: Commander Martinez Campos' Warning Requesting the Lady from Durango not be Expelled from her Flat
VI/73: Eugenio Azcue Arruti's Note
VI/74: Note
VI/75: Card from Sebastian Osinega's Tailor Shop, Vergara
VI/76: Program of the Patriotic Acts in Honor of the National Flag, Zumaya, (July 6, 1937)
VI/77: Profits and Expenses of Jose Maria de Huarte, (July 25th to August 31st, 1937)
VI/78: Note with Names
VI/79: Note about Marquise de Caviedis's Call for Sr. Commander, (July 16, 1937)
VI/80: Ticket to get into Igueldo
VI/81: Rafael Velasco Crespo's Report that Ms. Rosario Agrela Y Buena went to Orgiva, (December 24, 1938)
VI/82: Rafael Velasco's Letter to German Beistegui, Burgos, (December 24, 1938)
VI/83: Handwritten Note
VI/84: Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte stating Ernesto Reiner does not make Combs, (November 17, 1938)
VI/85: Spanish Civil War Picture Cards (32)
VI/86: Handwritten Note about Duchess of Lerida's License
VI/87: Handwritten Note
VI/88: Note Regarding the Mass Honoring "Nuestra Senora de la Paz" in Zarautz
VI/89: Handwritten Note
VI/90: Notes
VI/91: Notes
VI/92: Request of a Collection of Projectiles for the War Museum
VI/93: Note Requesting Lighting for the Military Hospital in Cestona
VII: Handwritten Notes
VII/1: Handwritten Note
VII/2: Letter to Paterno, (January 9, 1939)
VII/3: Handwritten Letter Regarding 10,000 Pesetas for Distribution
VII/4: Notes
VII/5: Handwritten Letter to Francisco Franco, Burgos, (January 1938)
VII/6: Note from the War Secretariat
VII/7: Notes
VII/8: "Eusko Folklore," a Newsletter from "Eusko Ikaskuntza" No. XCI, Vitoria, (July 1928)
VII/9: Note, Francisco Iraola y Arruti
VII/10: Letter
VII/11: Envelope , "Marques de Paterno--Hotel Continental--San Sebastian"
VII/12: Mr. Alonso's Bill for Anselmo Maestro
VII/13: Handwritten Note
VII/14: Ignecra Illarramendi's Letter Denying Rumors about Zarautz, (May 21, 1937)
VII/15: Handwritten Note
VII/16: Handwritten Note
VII/17: Candide del Fresno's Letter to Julian Troncoso about Maria Teresa Garcia de la Noceda, Zarautz, (May 2, 1937)
VII/18: Gratitude Letter to Hilarro Etayo, Burgos, Zarautz, (June 1, 1938)
VII/19: Stamp from the Spanish Doctor's Federation of Syndicates, (1935)
VII/21: Letter to the Spanish Mariners
VIII/1: Handwritten Note
VIII/2: Piece of Official Telegram
VIII/3: Joaquin Sanz's Request to talk to Jose Maria de Huarte
VIII/4: Note
VIII/5: Note
VIII/6: Note
VIII/7: Note
VIII/8: Piece of a Note
VIII/9: Celestino Replaces Jose Maria Lopetegui and justo Laur and Ciriaco Lopetegui will quit working at the Factory, Zarautz
VIII/10: Note that "Jupiter" Has Just Passed from the Beach (4:45) and Aguirrezabalag has arrived (5:00)
VIII/11: Poem
VIII/12: Note
VIII/13: Someone Called from Burgos, Zarautz, (January 15, 1939)
VIII/14: A List
VIII/15: Roman Aguirre Azcerreta
VIII/16: Meira Josefa Salvador
VIII/17: Note
VIII/18: Delegate of Motrico
VIII/19: Envelope
VIII/20: Note
VIII/21: Note from Deba
VIII/22: Note about Getaria
VIII/23: Letter
VIII/24: Pieces of Letters
VIII/25: Notice to Bring a Lady
VIII/26: Notice to Captain Javier Marichalar that His Mother and Sisters Have Arrived
VIII/27: Fernando Uraga, Jose Arruti, Francisco Uribesalgo, and Ignacio Egana
VIII/28: Envelope to Hilario Cole
VIII/29: Note fro Orro
VIII/30: Rafael Garcia Munox de Arce
VIII/31: Piece of a Letter
VIII/32: Note
VIII/33: Notice to Bring a Gold Medal, Six Cups, and Sugar
VIII/34: Letter
VIII/35: Names
VIII/36: Half of a Letter
VIII/37: Request of Manuel Escalin to be Received by Jose Maria de Huarte
VIII/38: Note that Urquizu lives in the Hotel Amilibia
VIII/39: Note from Urdaneta from Aya
VIII/40: Notes

BSQAP 0227 Old call number : Series II: Nationalist Forces Box XB

I/1: Letters Written by Jose Maria de Huarte
I/2: Letters, etc., Addressed to Jose Maria de Huarte
I/3: Personal Cards
I/4: Article Regarding an Air Raid that Killed Fifty People in Barcelona
I/5: Program for a Theatrical Performancy
I/6: Calendar: March 1937
I/7: Parents' Letter Asking Jose Maria Huarte for a Car to Transport Clothing to Their Children, (September 17, 1937)
I/8: Holy (Medical) Cards Given to Injured Soldiers, (March 19, 1939)
I/9: Transcripts of Informational Radio Programs
I/10: Picture of Jose Maria de Huarte
I/11: Inake Martinez Biteri's Letters to Inasi, and Vice Versa
I/12: Solfeggio and Lyrics of Mass Songs and an Explanation of the "Corporative Melodic Mass"
I/13: Rules for the Use of the Military Command Building
I/14: List of Forfeiture Crimes and the Penalties
I/15: List of Articles from the Military Penal Code
I/16: List of People Caught Swimming in a Port, (September 29, 1937)
II/1: Information about Ignacio Zuloaga
II/2: List of People and Information about Them
III/1: Ignacio Zuloaga's Well-Wishing Letter
III/2: Report of Cosme Iraundegui's Life
IV/1: Twenty-five Page Report about Cosme Iraundegui
IV/2: Information about Vicente Sorasu, Jose Agustin Sorasu and Jose Pelayo Sorasu
IV/3: Investigation Report about Josefa Lizundia
IV/4: "La Marquesa de Ciadonchas's" Letter to D. Alberto de Huarte, (June 2, 1937)
IV/5: Song about the Spanish Flag
IV/6: Letters to Alberto de Huarte
IV/7: Jose Maria de Huarte's Letters to Jose Peonastin?

BSQAP 0228 Old call number : Series II: Nationalist Forces Box XI

I/1: Invitation to the Wedding of Juan Coll Boada and Concha Valdes Arroyo
I/2: Ernesto Arrighi's Card
I/3: Spanish General Society of Libraries Card
I/4: Judge's Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte
I/5: Nicola Arrizabalaga's Letter to the Director of the Jail "Tabacalera," Zarautz, (November 17, 1939)
I/6: Note, (June 3, 1937)
I/7: Map (September 4, 1939)
I/8: Handwritten Notes
I/9: Jose Maria de Huarte's "Curriculum," Zarautz, (December 6, 1938)
I/10: Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte to show the Narros Palace to Landro G. de Cadinanos, San Sebastian, (July 19, 1939)
I/11: Rosalia's Gratitude Message (Telegram) to Jose Maria de Huarte
I/12: Invitation Card to the Funeral to Honor the War Dead, Geidia, (July 30, 1939)
I/13: Rosario's letter to Jose Maria de Huarte, Paris, (August 30, 1939)
I/14: Proposed Promotion of Luis Valdes Cavanillas, No. 243, (November 1, 1927)
I/15: Luis Valdes Caranillas's Promotion to Brigade General
I/16: Presentation Cards
I/17: Jose Maria de Huarte's Letter
I/18: Ticket
I/19: Estanislao Arocena's Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte Requesting Permission to Inspect the "Caserio," Zarautz, (October 8, 1937)
I/20: Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte
I/21: Report about Karl Winter
I/22: Federico de Oliden's Document stating he Delivered the Telefunken Receptor, Guetaria, (December 8, 1939)
I/23: Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte, Vergara, (March 8, 1939)
I/24: Request for Information about Juan Modesto de Bengoechea y Arbaiza, Zarautz, (March 8, 1939)
I/25: Official Bulletin of the State, Nos. 87 and 168, December15, 1938 and March 28, 1939, Respectively)
I/26: Colonel Juan P Rivas's Greeting Note to Jose Maria de Huarte, San Sebastian, (August 7, 1939)
I/27: Hotel Bill from the Hotel Valmadesano
I/28: Manuel Gonzalez de Andia'a Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte about a Donated Convent, Paris, (July 11, 1939)
I/29: General Chief of the Army Corps in Granada's Letter about His Nephews and Nieces, (May 5, 1911)
I/30: Juan Zaraqueta's Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte about the Arrest of Jose Leon Goicoechea, (August 16, 1939)
I/31: Cristine's letter to Jose Maria de Huarte, (may 18, 1939)
I/32: Photograph of Julian Goimendi Albizu
I/33: Stamp
I/34: Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte, (September 18, 1939)
I/35: Letter to the Commander in Zarautz, (September 23, 1939)
I/36: Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte, Fuenterrabia, (September 22, 1939)
I/37: Modesto Ochoa's Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte, Zaragoza, (September 9, 1939)
I/38: Handwritten Notes about Calls and Visits
I/39: Jose Osuna Fajardo's Greeting Note to Jose Maria de Huarte, Zarautz, (September 29, 1939)
I/40: Jose Maria Rodriguez-Acosta's Note
I/41: Death Penalty Note
I/42: Poem?
I/43: Cards of Ricardo Schoeppen Born and Tomas Briera Bartolome
I/44: Letter to Commander Huarte, Corella, (August 5, 1939)
I/45: Juanita's Gratitude Letter, San Sebastian, (September 17, 1939)
I/46: Salvador Orlando's Request for an Account of Orio's Railroad, Proposition for Getaris's Town Council, and a Denouncement, Zarautz, (March 4, 1937)
I/47: Leon de Renteria's Treasury Document, Zarautz, (March 5, 1937)
I/48: Photograph Pascual's Shop and Flat Requisitioned by Lieutenant's Mr. Barrios's Order
I/49: Information about the Escape of Fructroso Plens y Sanz de Bremond
I/50: Military Command Report stating that Madrid was Occupied on September 20, 1936 and the Zarautz Command was Constituted under the Order of Antonio Perez Lazaro
I/51: Packet Calendars from 1964-1971
I/52: Ricardo San Miguel's Note about Pascual's Requisition, Zarautz, (March 5, 1937)
I/53: Instruction for the Vigilance Service
I/54: List of People for the Vigilance Service, Zarautz, (March 7, 1937)
I/55: Services of "Los Requetes Auxiliares de Zarautz"
I/56: Candido Arocena's Presentation Card
I/57: Francisco Gerzon, Zarautz, (March 6, 1937)
I/58: Carlos Pery Ortega
I/59: Pocket Calendars from the Carlist Party
I/60: Zarautz Town Council Document, (May 2, 1936)
II/1: Candido Arocena's Various Letter to Jose Maria Arocena
II/2: List of Names and Numbers
II/3: Report on the Communists and Nationalists
II/4: Part of a Handwritten Report
II/5: Estanislao Arocena's Letter Jose Maria de Huarte Requesting His Authorization to Extract Extra Money, (January 3, 1938)
II/6: Candido Arocena and Family's Congratulations Card to Jose Maria de Huarte, (March 19, 1937)
II/7: Envelope from Letter Sent to Jose Maria de Huarte
II/8: Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte about the Sale of Buildings, Durango, (March 9, 1939)
II/9: Letter from Vizcaya's Library and Archive to Jose Maria de Huarte about a Book, Bilbao, (March 9, 1939)
II/10: Handwritten Note Regarding the Filiation and Nobility of Antonio Bengoechea y Marcaide
II/11: Alfonso de Mariategui y Perez de Barradas's Letter to Dario de Areitio Requesting a Book, Zarautz, (March 8, 1939)
II/12: Getaria Military Delegate's Letter about the Correspondence of a Doctor of San Jose's Orphanage to Sweden, Guetaria, (July 9, 1938)
II/13: Handwritten Note
II/14: Zumaya's Council Mayor's Invitation Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte Regarding Festivities in Honor of the National Flag, (July 6, 1937)
II/15: Jesus Segura's Letter Asking a Lieutenant to Convince Mr. Carroquino Luma to not go to the Front, (September 27, 1938)
II/16: Handwritten Note
II/17: Pamphlet "Tragedies of the Constitutional King"
II/18: Manuel Maria Menchaca's Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte, San Sebastian, (October 28, 1937)
II/19: Handwritten Note
II/20: Note about Ricardo Goenaga Iruritagoyena
III/1: Information about Nicolas Balenciaga y Bengoechea
III/2: Newsletter, Burgos, (May 2, 1939)
III/3: Note
III/4: General Society of Libraries
III/5: Letter to Mr. Uranga
III/6: Envelope to the Military Command, Pamplona
III/7: Envelope to "Sr. Jefe en la Oficina de Informacion y Socorro de Guerra"
III/8: Note for Mr. Larrondo
III/9: Handwritten Note
III/10: Carolina de Somoza's Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte y de Jauregui
III/11: Photograph
III/12: Theater Announcement in Dera
III/13: Invitation Card, San Sebastian, (September 1938)
III/14: Note from Miguel Alvarez
III/15: Presentation Card from Josefina Alonso Goded to Jose Maria de Huarte
III/16: Address of Placido Mintegui Telleria
III/17: Note from Ms. Rodriguez to the Military Commander
III/18: Cancido Arocena's Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte about the Arrest of Simon Illarramendi, Zarautz, (July 13, 1937)
III/19: Candido Arocena's Letter to the Military Commander about Free Electrical Service
III/20: Envelope Containing a Photograph, Address Book, Notes from Luis Elorriaga and Felix Saraketa to Mr. Larrondo, Partially Burnt Notebook, and Passport
III/21: Document to Jude of "Juzgado Especial No. 3 de Incautacion de Bienes de Guipuzoca" about Don Joe Aguirre Lopez's Conduct
III/22: Proclamation about the Regulation of the Swimming Suit on Zarautz's Beach, (June 12, 1937)
III/23: Pedro Aristi's Invitation Letter to the Military Commander in Zarautz, (September 27, 1938)
III/24: Note about Jose Aguirre Lopez
III/25: Report about Jose Aguirre Lopez
III/26: Newspaper Article "Los Lienzos de la Predela de Nuestra Senora de Arrate, de Ignacio Zuloaga"
III/27: Newspaper Article "Multas-Delegacion de Orden Publico"
III/28: Newspaper "La Voz de Espana" about the First Anniversary of Vergara's Liberation
III/29: "La Voz de Espana"
III/30: Francisco Franco Balamonde's Welcoming Paper to Santiago de Compostela, (July 25, 1937)
III/31: Notebook
III/32: Jose Maria Troncoso Sagredo's Presentation Cards
III/33: Note by Luis de Ayestarau y Irazusta to the Commander
III/34: Condolence Note by Angel Curiet Montero to Jose Maria de Huarte
III/35: Military Commander's Letter to "Cabo de la Guardia Civil," Zarautz, (June 12, 1937)
III/36: Notes from Zarautz's Council
III/37: Candido Arocena's Letter to Jose Maria de Huarte
III/38: Handwritten Notes
III/39: Report about Column Composition
IV/1: "La Verdad" No. 10, Monthly Carlist Newspaper
IV/2: Dr. Jose Maria Albinana's Report, Burgos, (February 1936)
IV/3: Information about the Blessing of the Flag
IV/4: Bulletin from the "Antigua Communion Tradicionalista de Madrid"
IV/5: Carlos VIII's Letter to the Carlist Students of Madrid
IV/6: Mr. Goicoechea's Letter to the King's Majordomo, Madrid, (May 3, 1945)
IV/7: Attachment to Alfonso XIII
IV/8: Report Regarding the Onomastic Festivity of King Juan III
IV/9: King's Manifesto, Informative Papers No. 13, Spain, (April 12, 1945)
IV/10: Hoja Informativa, Spanish Union, (December 1960)
IV/11: Pamphlet about King Juan
IV/12: Circulo Espanol Program
IV/13: Carlist Bulletin No. 12, (August 15, 1944)
IV/14: Boletin de la Secretaria del Consejo Privado de S.A.R., No. 6-7, (1962)
IV/15: Mariano Laita de la Rico's Certificate, Bilbao, (March 22, 1938)
IV/16: National Wheat Service Regarding Supplies, (August 9, 1938)
IV/17: Paper Entitled "Los Pueblos Luchen Por Su Libertad"
IV/18: Pamphlets
IV/19: King Carlos VIII's Manifesto
IV/20: Juan Carlos VIII's Letter to the Carlist Students of Navarra
IV/21: Spanish King's Message to Navarra, (May 2, 1950)
IV/22: Pamphlets, Javier de Borbon Parma
IV/23: Sheet Music for "Himno a las Banderas de la Tradicion" by L. Taberna
IV/24: Report Regarding Mr. Fal Conde Political Mission
IV/25: Paper on the Project of Transition to a Regular and Stable Political Situation, (March 1961)
IV/26: Carlos' Political Will
IV/27: Paper Entitled "Por la Verdad y Por la Patria"
IV/28: King Carlos VIII"s Manifesto, Viareggio, (June 29, 1943)
IV/29: Cardinal Primado's Letter to the General Secretary Minister
IV/30: Don Juan de Borbon's Declaration to the Traditionalists
IV/31: Cesar Cadinanos Garcia's Proclamation about the Festivities in Honor of the Nationalist Army and Franco, (January 27, 1939)
IV/32: Carlists' Pamphlet
IV/33: Paper on Clerical Goods
IV/34: Victor Prader's Paper about Mr. Aranzadi and Altadil, San Sebastian, (January 29, 1921)
IV/35: Paper "El Defensa del 18 de Julio" Against the Coronation of Juan Carlos and In Favor of Don Javier de Borbon y Braganza, (April 1960)
IV/36: Francisco Salinas Quijada's Conference "Libertad de Testar en Navarra"
IV/37: Masoneria de Espana Document
IV/38: Attachment of the Carlist Veterans
IV/39: "Irurak Bat" Newsletter, (January 7, 1873)
IV/40: Support for King Carlos VIII and Against Carlos de Habsburgo
IV/41: Paper Directed to the Cerliuts from Aragon Against Juan de Borbon, Zaragoza, (Marcy 1947)
IV/42: Response to ABC, A Critique of the Newspaper, Madrid, (February 10, 1964)
IV/43: Fal Conde's letter to Jose Maria Arauz de Robles, Seville, (January 3, 1958)
IV/44: Pamphlets in Favor of Carlos VIII
IV/45: Photograph of Carlos VIII
IV/46: Critique of "Con La Vida Hicieron Fuego"
IV/47: Book about King Alfonso XIII by Ignacio Ortiz de Urbina
V/1: Homage to Carlos VIII, Yecla, (November 4, 1947)
V/2: Pamphlet Directed to the Navarre Carlists
V/3: Paper Entitled "en Alto Las Boinas!" by Spanish Traditionalists
V/4: Paper
V/5: Paper to "Juventudes Monarquicas" Regarding Succession law, (August 1947)
V/6: Provincial Diputacion of Navarre's Paper Regarding the Poverty of the Navarre Mountains
V/7: "Adoracion Nocturna Espanola" Newsletter No. 491, (August 1944)
V/8: Angel de Gortazar's Dedication in Honor of don Pascual perea y Aguirre
V/9: Pamphlet Invitation for a Demonstration in Favor of Navarre "Fueros", Pamplona, (May 27, 1945)
V/10: Note to the Delegation of Spain in Berna and Manifesto of the Spanish King, (March 19, 1945)
V/11: Bulletin of the "Secretaria del Consejo Privado de S.A.R." No. 7, (August 1962)
V/12: Union Espanola Newsletter about the November 27th Elections, (1960)
V/13: Paper about the King's Manifesto, No. 13, (April 12, 1945)
V/14: "Junta de Reorganizacion Legitimista" Paper Proving Alfonso XIII's Right to the Throne, Barcelona, (may 1922)
V/15: Paper in Favor of Juan III
V/16: Paper Entitled "Por la Verdad y Por la Patria"
V/17: Newsletter to Guipuzcoan Carlists Regarding the Festivity of San Carlos Borromeo, San Sebastian, (November 4, 1945)
V/18: Newsletter No.2, Montejurra, (May 1971)
V/19: Paper Entitled "Searching for Peace", (October 1945)
V/20: Paper Regarding the Succession Line to the Spanish Kingdom
V/21: Invitation Card for the Mass in Honor of Jaime III de Borbon, (July 25, 1945)
V/22: Sheet Music for "Himno a las Banderas de la Tradicion" and "el Valiente Requite"
V/23: "Communion Catolica Monarquica"
V/24: Bulletin of the "Congregacion de la Inmeculada y de San Ignacio de Loyola"
V/25: Paper
V/26: Invitation letter to the Regional Chief of Vizcaya, Madrid, (September 26, 1956)
V/27: Paper about the Succession law to the Spanish Kingdom, (August 1947)
V/28: Manifesto of the National Carlist Front, (March 8, 1952)
V/29: Paper by Traditionalist Carlists
V/30: Medina de Power, Report Regarding the Agreement Between the Accron Popular, Monarchies, and Agrarian Candidates
V/31: Right-Liberal Republican Committee Paper, (October 30)
V/32: Poster of the "Dia Missional Mundial"
V/33: Paper, (January 1, 1930)
V/34: List of the Candidates of the "Frente Nacional Contrarevolucionario de Union de Derechos"
V/35: Paper Entitled "The Basque Problem: The Alternative" by the Basque Nationalist Party "Eusko Gaztedi"
V/36: Hymn to San Ignacio de Loyola
V/37: Paper about the Forest of Irati
V/38: Report Regarding the Trees Which were sold by the Valley of Salaz to the Irati, Madrid, (November 20, 1862)
V/39: Supplement of the "Gaceta Oficial," (May 27, 1836)
V/40: Manifesto of the King D. Javier de Borbon, Botz, (April 3, 1954)
V/41: Note to the Monseigneur by the Titular Archbishop of Lero
V/42: La Junta Carlista de Defensa de Castilla la Nueva" Paper, Madrid, (November 25, 1973)
V/43: La Regencia Nacional y Carlista de Estella Paper, (May 12, 1974)
V/44: Txapelgorri Newsletter, (October and December 1973 and January 1974)
V/45: Carlists Paper
V/46: Hermandad del Maestrazgo Paper by Ramon Forcedell Prts, Maestrazgo, (September 1971)
V/47: Another Hermandad del Maestrazgo Paper
V/48: Translation of an Article Published in the English Newspaper Catholic Herald, (January 12, 1951)
V/49: Spanish Gentleman's Letter to Giral
V/50: Pamphlet in Favor of Carlos VIII
V/51: Prayer and Vow
V/52: Traditionalist Monarchy Paper, (October 1945)
V/53: Declaration of the Successory Law Proposed by Franco
V/54: Carlist Paper
V/55: Paper Entitled "Viva la Monarquica Tradicional!"
V/56: Paper by Veteran Carlists
V/57: Pamphlet in Favor of Franco and Carlos VIII
V/58: Newsletter, Line of Succession
V/59: Letter to Javier Astrain, Bost-Besson, (January 28, 1958)
V/60: Pamphlet in Favor of Carlos VIII
V/61: Paper In Favor of CEDA
V/62: Document about Carlos VIII
V/63: Paper Favoring Carlos VIII and Against a Liberal Monarchy and Don Juan's Family
V/64: Municipal Administracion of Pamplona, (October 22, 1904)
V/65: Carlist Paper
V/66: Cartel of "Orden del Toison de Oro de Espana" Admission of Don Francisco, Jose Carlos Habsburgo, and Lorena Borbon in the Organization
VI/1: Note to Pedro Maria Gaviria Regarding the Remittance of the Complete Text of Guernica's Vow, Madrid, (June 9, 1954)
VI/2: Juan Saenz-Diez Garcia's Letter to Pedro Maria Gaviria, Madrid, (September 13, 1956)
VI/3: Letter to Vicente Alegria Sagasti, Durango, (June 25, 1956)
VI/4: Letter, Baracaldo, (July 3, 1958)
VI/5: Agueda Gimenez's Letter to Pedro Maria Gaviria
VI/6: Minister of Justice's Letter to Pedro Gaviria Informing Him that Pilar Perez Urrepla's Transfer can not be Stopped, Madrid, (December 5, 1951)
VI/7: National Education Minister's Letter to the Justice Minister that Teachers can only be Transferred by Contest, Madrid, (November 28, 1951)
VI/8: Justice Ministry Letter Regarding Andres Mota Suso, Madrid, (January 30, 1952)
VI/9: Justice Minister Report about Andres Mota Suso, Madrid, (October 9, 1952)
VI/10: Letter to Vicente de Pinies Regarding Not Voting in the Upcoming Election, Madrid, (December 15, 1973)

BSQAP 0229 Old call number : Series III:Books 3

"Euskal Erria." Publicacion Defensora Propagadora de las Libertades Vascas, 1931-1932. Bilbao: Editorial Vasco, S.L.

BSQAP 0230 Old call number : Series III:Books 4

Two Volumes of A.I.E. (Agence D'Information Franco-Espagnole), Volumes I (December 22, 1937 to April 22, 1938) and II (April 23, 1938 to September 9, 1938)

BSQAP 0231 Old call number : Series III:Books 5

Two Volumes of A.I.E. (Agence D'Information Franco-Espagnole), Volumes III (September 10, 1938 to January 5, 1939) and Volume IV (January 6, 1939 to August 28, 1939)

BSQAP 0232 Old call number : Series III:Books 6

Two Volumes of Bulletin D'Information Espagnole, Volumes I (April 28, 1937 to June 26, 1937) and II (June 28, 1937 to August 25, 1937)

BSQAP 0233 Old call number : Series III:Books 7

BSQAP 0234 Old call number : Series III:Books 8

BSQAP 0235 - BSQAP 0236 Old call number : Blue 1a - Blue 2a

Documentation without description

Katalogatu gabeko dokumentazioa

BSQAP 0237

-A flag from UGT trade union (Unión General de Trabajadores)
-A Basque flag (ikurriña)

UGT-ko bandera bat eta ikurriña bat

BSQAP 0238

-A Basque flag (ikurriña)
-A Spanish Republic flag
Ikurriña eta Errepublikako bandera
Received As Purchase