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About the Knowledge Center: Features and Services

A Dynamic Environment

At 295,000 square feet, this five-story classical brick building is nearly twice the size of the now retired 177,000 square foot Getchell library, built in 1962.

Main Points of Service

Library & Research Services Desk 
Recognizing the synergy between information and technology, the Knowledge Center has consolidated library services, research, and computing help into the second floor atrium. Directly facing the west main entrance, the Library & Research Services counter  pulls together reference, circulationelectronic reserves, and document delivery services.

Computing Help Desk
The first service desk encountered in the atrium, the Computing Help Desk staff tackles software and hardware problems, wireless access, and computing related questions generally.

@One Help Desk 
The circular @One desk sits in the middle of the @One level with both library and technical staff available to field any question that a computer lab user might have. It functions as a hub for poster printing and laminating, general software assistance, and DataWorks Lab support.

@One Digital Media Checkout
A variety of audio/video and computing equipment is available for checkout to UNR students, faculty , and staff in the @One Digital Media Checkout office. Digital video and still cameras, lighting kits, tripods, audio recorders, laptops, and digital projectors are only a few of the dozens of items available. Digital Media Services supports the Dynamic Media Lab and the videoconferencing room located in @One.

Multimedia Center
Located on the east wall of  @One, the Multimedia Center has a circulating collection of approximately 15,000 videos, as well as music CDs and audio-books.

Special Collections & Archives
Basque Studies & Library

Construction Milestones and Facts

Ceremonial groundbreaking: September 9, 2005

Start of construction: March 2006

Official opening: August 11, 2008

Creating the foundation for the Knowledge Center involved the largest continuous concrete pour in northern Nevada history, involving 12 million pounds of concrete, or 11 miles worth of four-foot-wide sidewalk. This amazing pour was necessary to support the weight of the automated storage and retrieval system. Construction workers mastered a 620-yard concrete pour from 60 feet in the air to construct the concrete beam bridging the massive entry columns. The complete beam is 150 feet long, 15 feet tall, and five feet, eight inches wide. From the center of the second floor of the Knowledge Center, you look up about 77 feet to find the ceiling. The atrium's volume is 442,800 cubic feet. The total structure incorporates 21,000 cubic yards of concrete. That represents 2,110 truckloads, all poured at night. The building, in total, used enough concrete to build a four-inch-deep, four-foot-wide sidewalk all the way to Lovelock! Other materials include 3,600 tons of steel and 65 miles of electrical conduit!